See the APRALO- ICANN APAC HUB PILOT FRAMEWORK (Presentation slides, as presented at ICANN 52, Singapore, in Feb 2015) 



Common Focus AreasActionsElaborationTarget StakeholdersSuggested Timeline and targetActors
(FY15 onwards)
Focus Area 1: Language Localization as supported by communitya) ICANN APAC Hub to develop and share localization toolkit.Development of presentations based on topical issues such as IDN, WHOIS, etc. Various local Internet Communities depending on subject matterToolkit ready for translationICANN
b) APRALO/ICANN to get help in translating and use.Spreading awareness to ALSes, etc, and getting their help with translations and outreach.On-goingAPRALO / ICANN
Focus Area 2: Leveraging APAC for Capacity & Capability Buildinga) APRALO and ICANN to work on an At-Large End Users presentation customised for APAC Slide deck can be used during APAC regional events Internet End UserTimeline for discussionICANN / APRALO
b) APRALO and ICANN to take part in joint capacity building workshops and/or webinars for end usersJoint capacity building webinar series for end users and for ALSes.                      On-going (See link)APRALO
Focus Area 3 : Supporting APAC outreach to raise awareness & increase stakeholder participationa) Reaching out to underserved regions or regions not represented at APRALOThrough collaboration on CROPP, ICANN APAC hub works with APRALO leadership, ALSes to help raise awareness in key regional events and underserved regions.Internet Community at LargeOn-goingAPRALO / ICANN
b) Conduct outreach on APRALO, objectives and activities during ICANN APAC regional outreach events APRALO and APAC Hub cooperates on outreach and capacity building events (speaker exchange, support) such as: such as APrIGF, APRICOT, APIGA, inSIG and academia outreach at ICANN meetings etc.On-goingICANN


Copy of Draft APRALO-ICANN APAC Pilot Framework Sep 2014 (4).xlsx -


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See old DRAFT (PPT document)  HERE !