2013 Open Positions:

APRALO Chair : Currently held by Holly Raiche. Current term ends on 30  June 2013. New term starts 1 July 2013 and ends 30 June 2015.

APRALO Vice Chair: Currently held by YJ Park. Current term ends on 30 June 2013. New term starts 1 July  2013 and ends 30 June 2015. (Note: The Vice Chair position held by Fouad Bajwa  term ends on 30th July, 2014, so this position is not up for election in 2013)

2013-2015 APRALO ALAC Representative Selection Workspace - Please note a different selection schedule.

Please note: APRALO Secretariat: Currently held by the Internet Society - Hong Kong (Edmon Chung and Pavan Budhrani).  According to the APRALO Organizing Documents, the Secretariat position is “appointed”. Current term end on 30 June 2013. Re-affirmation of appointment to occur prior to 30 June 2013.

2013 Election Schedule:

April 9th  - At Large Staff  and current Chair  announce elections and call for nominations, during APRALO's GA in Beijing.

April 9th - May 3 - Nomination period (nominations accepted for 4 weeks).

May 10 - Deadline for nomination acceptances (nominees must accept nominations no later than seven days after the nomination period ends on 3 May).

May 17 - June 7 - Elections (If required, elections will begin no later than one week after the deadline for nomination acceptances and end no later than two weeks after that deadline).

July 1- Newly elected APRALO leaders  takes their seats.



Self-nominations are welcome. When received and posted, self-nominations will be deemed to also act as formal acceptance of 'nomination'.

Nominations for APRALO Chair Position

Nominations for APRALO Chair

Please click the member's name
for a copy of the member's SOI

Nominated By

Supported By

Date Nominee Accepted

Role Previously Held By (Reelection Possible)Results

Holly Raiche

  • Cheryl Langdon-Orr - ISOC - AU
  • Karaitiana Taiuru - New Zealand Maori Internet Society
  • Rinalia Abdul Rahim - ISOC Malaysia
  • Suhadi B Hassan
  • Ali AlMeshal

April 29th, 2013

Holly Raiche (Yes)Holly Raiche (re-selected by acclamation)

Nominations for APRALO Vice-Chair Position

Nominations for APRALO Vice-Chair 

Nominated By

Supported By

Date Nominee Accepted

Role Previously Held By (Reelection Possible) 

YJ Park - Open Standards and Internet Association, South Korea

  • Cheryl Langdon-Orr - ISOC - AU
  • Karaitiana Taiuru - New Zealand Maori Internet Society
  • Rinalia Abdul Rahim - ISOC Malaysia
  • Ali AlMeshal - Bahrain Internet Society

01 May 2013 YJ Park (Yes) 

Siranush Vardanyan - Armenian Association for the Disabled

  • Satish Babu - Computer Society of India
  • Rinalia Abdul Rahim - ISOC Malaysia
  • Samvel Martirosyan - Media Education Center
  • Liana Galstyan - ISOC AM
  • Emani Fakaotimanava-Lui - Internet Niue
  • Ali AlMeshal - Bahrain Internet Society


02 May 2013YJ Park (Yes)

Siranush Vardanyan was selected





Maureen Hilyard

(PICISOC, Cook Islands)

  • Satish Babu - Computer Society of India
  • Rinalia Abdul Rahim - ISOC Malaysia
  • Suhadi B Hassan - ISOC Malaysia
  • Maureen Hilyard - (PICISOC, Cook Islands)
  • Ali AlMeshal - Bahrain Internet Society


30 April 2013

Withdrew 5 May 2013


Satish Babu- Computer Society of India


  • Rinalia Abdul Rahim - ISOC Malaysia
  • Ali AlMeshal -Bahrain Internet Society
5 May 2013YJ Park (Yes) 

APRALO Secretariat Position is appointed (APRALO Operating Principles) 

Nominations for APRALO Secretariat Appointment

Please click the member's name
for a copy of the member's SOI

Nominated By

Supported By

Date Nominee Accepted


Pavan Budhrani and Edmon Chung - (ISOC HK)

  • Rinalia Abdul Rahim - ISOC Malaysia
  • Karaitiana Taiuru - New Zealand Maori Internet Society

Regional Leaders through June 2013






Holly Raiche


18 October 2012 through 30 June 2013 (finishing term of Charles Mok)


Fouad Bajwa

Pakistan ICT Policy Monitor

Re-elected Vice Chair from 30 June to serve 2012-2014 term. 


YJ Park

Open Standards and Internet Association (OSIA)

18 October 2012 through 30 June 2013 (finishing Holly Raiche's Term)



ISOC-HK: Edmon Chung and Pavan Budhrani (.ASIA)

2009 through 30 June 2011 and new term of 01 July 2011 through 30 June 2013



Holly Raiche was re-selected by acclamation as Chair

Siranush Vardanyan was selected as Vice Chair

The current Secretariat (Edmon Chung and Pavan) was re-appointed.





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  1. Comment posted on Behalf of YJ Park

    First, I would like to congratulate Holly on continuing her APRALO chairship.
    Second, as current vice chair of APRALO filling her previous remaining term, let me share my thoughts on why I stand for this after my six month test drive.

    My test drive with APRALO has not been smooth one but quite positive at the end. Still learning the norms and culture here cultivated for the last ten years.

    I, on the other hand, have been associated with civil society working on Internet Governance issues, which I believe can be helpful to APRALO. Starting with NCDNHC/DNSO council member (1999~2002), I have travelled with various constituencies in ICANN including from ccTLD constituency to ccNSO (FYI. My first professional job in this community was APTLD secretariat), UN WSIS CS Internet Governance Caucus (2003~ ), UN IGF MAG (2008~2012), and chair of Local program committee of 2013 APrIGF in Korea (2013).

    I also serve on the various local committees related with ISOC-KR rejuvenation coordinator, 2013 WTPF preparatory one, 2013 Cyber Space Conference planning one, and 2014 ITU plennipotentiary meeting planning etc.

    Based on my IG experiences and responsibilites at Korea Internet Governance community, I will be happy to bridge APRALO and Korea Internet community down the road including the upcoming APrIGF in Korea.

    I understand we have excellent vice chair candidates for this round, which is quite exciting development itself for APRALO. Taking this opportunity, let me also support their candidature.

    Hope we can have a great journey with all together!

    Youn Jung Park (a.k.a. YJ Park)

  2. Comment by Siranush Vardanyan

    As I said earlier, I would like to speak out again (because of the new dates and rules), that I support Maureen's and Fouad's (which is expected to come soon as he mentioned) self-nominations for ALAC representative.

    Dear Maureen, great explanation and understanding of this role, posted in Wiki. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

    What related to Vice Chairing nominations, first of all I would like to thank all people who nominated me and supported my candidacy. I also would like to join in congratulations to Holly for being reelected with acclamation for a Chair position. You are a great leader and facilitator, who makes this diversified group unified one.

    I also would like to congratulate all nominees for Vice Chairing position, including myself :) and share my agreement with YJ, that this is a real development for APRALO region.

    And here a brief statement from my side about my development story with ICANN and why I want to step into this important role:

    Since 2007 I has been actively involved in Internet Governance issues. I am a Diplo Foundation Alumni, being a part of on Capacity Building Program on Internet Governance in 2007, participated in the First European Summer School on Internet Governance.

    In 2008 I was one the members of Internet Governance Caucus (IGC) Nomination Committee for Multistakeholder Advisory Committee (MAG). I am involved in ICANN activities since 2008, when I received my first ICANN fellowship for ICANN New Delhi meeting. After that I participated in ICANN Paris meeting (on my own) and then received three more fellowships for ICANN Cairo, Sydney and Singapore meetings. Being already an ICANN Fellowship program Alumnus, I am currently mentoring the newcomers, I was also one of the presenters to the fellows during Sydney meeting.

    Being an ISOC Global member I was a part of IGF 2010 as ISOC Ambassador for IGF 2010 and IGF 2011 as ISOC Returning Ambassador. In February 2013 I was elected to serve in ISOC Armenia Board member. I also was the remote panelist during IGF 2012 in Baku, where I presented ICANN Fellowship program.In 2011-2012 I was nominated to be the At-Large Delegate for ICANN Nomination Committee member nominated from Asia Pacific and Australia region. And I was re-nominated for this position for current year (2012-2013), which was a real chance to learn more about ICANN from inside.

    My situation within ICANN somehow differs from many of you. During all those years I was involved as an individual member, due to the geographic challenges which Armenia has as a country within ICANN structure. I am so called "intermediary" between Europe and Asia, which while being from one hand challenging, on the other hand a learning process and enriched my knowledge on both regions' activities. And in many cases my fluency in English and Russian languages helped me to serve as "intermediary". Since November 2012 I am officially representing Armenian Association for the Disabled Pyunic as a certified ALS in APRALO region, while continuing to participate in some EURALO activities, such as monthly calls, discussions on Individual members ALS, as well as participating in EuroDIG activities, by organizing Armenian hub and ensure participation of my country representatives there.

    I am a part of several working groups in ICANN At-Large, such as WG on geographic regions, WG on ICANN Academy, WG on Capacity Building, as well as ATLASII committee member. 

    Having said all this, I would like to highlight one point, that I am still in a learning process, I continue to learn every day. There is so rapid development not only in Internet in general, but in day-to-day discussions within ALAC and At-Large community, including discussions on the level of regions, ALSs and working groups.

    And finally, I would like to highlight the most important point here, that all the work within At-Large is a joint efforts, and if I am elected for the Vice Chair position, I will continue learning from all of you and will for sure need your support and joint efforts to achieve the goals of internet users all over the world to have safer Internet for all of us.


  3. Biodata of Satish Babu

    Candidate for APRALO Vice-Chair Position

    May 2013


    1. Immediate Past President of Computer Society of India (CSI), the national society founded in 1965, with a current membership of 104,000 (31 March 2013). CSI became an ALS during my term as President.

    2. Attended IGFs in 2009, 2011, 2012. Presented at workshops in 2011 & 2012. Lead Discussant of main session on "Access & Diversity" in 2012

    3. Member of BASIS representing CSI since 2009

    4. Euro SSIG Fellow (2012)

    5. Multiple International Positions in IEEE & IEEE Computer Society

    ◦   Member, Member and Geographical Activities Board (MGAB), IEEE Computer Society (2013)

    ◦   Member, NomCom (2012), IEEE CS

    ◦   Regional Co-ordinator for Chapter Activities (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013), IEEE CS

    ◦   Chair, Distinguished Visitor Program (2012, 2013), IEEE CS

    ◦   First Chair of IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technologies (SIGHT) (2012-13)

    6. President, South East Asia Regional Computer Confederation (SEARCC) for 2012

    7. Programmer, consultant, software architect & trainer for over 30 years; Entrepreneur from 1999, promoting an Indo-US software company

    8. Spent the first 16 years of career working for a co-operative of small fishermen in South India, involved in technology development, organizational development and business activities for small fishers

    9. Currently Director of the International Centre for Free and Open Source Software (ICFOSS, http://icfoss.in), an autonomous organization mandated with promotion of open source