Claudia Ruiz: (1/9/2019 09:36) Welcome to the AFRALO Monthly Teleconference Call on Wednesday, 09 January 2019 18:30 UTC

  Claudia Ruiz: (09:36)

  Mohamed El Bashir: (10:08) Hi Glaudia

  Mohamed El Bashir: (10:09) I Logged on earlier

  Claudia Ruiz: (10:09) Hello Mohamed, welcome!

  Claudia Ruiz: (10:20) Hello eveyone, friendly reminder that AC is in EN, if you need FR please dial in and use #1838 or I can arrange for the operator to dial out to you. Thank you!

  Heidi Ullrich: (10:26) Welcome, All!

  Mohamed El Bashir: (10:27) Hello Heidi

  Yaovi Atohoun: (10:27) Hello everyone

  Mohamed El Bashir: (10:27) Hello Tijani, Sarah, Yaovi, Dave, Bram

  Sarah Kiden: (10:27) Hello all, Bonjour!

  Dave Kissoondoyal 2: (10:27) Hi all

  Silvia Vivanco: (10:27) Hello all

  Mohamed El Bashir: (10:27) Happy New year to you and your families

  Dave Kissoondoyal 2: (10:28) Hello Mohamed.. best wishes for this year (2019)

  Silvia Vivanco: (10:29) Happy New Year all !

  Heidi Ullrich: (10:31) Six months until ICANN65 in Marrackech!

  Isaac Maposa: (10:33) Hi everyone.

  Sarah Kiden: (10:33) Looking forward to ICANN65!

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (10:34) Hi everyone

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (10:36) happy new year to you too Mohamed

  Bram Fudzulani: (10:36) Hi everyone and happy new year to you all

  Dave Kissoondoyal 2: (10:36) Thanks Mohamed and your wishes are reciprocated

  Omar Shuran: (10:37) Hello everyone

  Gabdibé GAB-HINGONNE 2: (10:37) Bonjour tout le monde! Meilleurs voeux ce l'année 2019!!

  Silvia Vivanco: (10:37) ALAC Public comments page:

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (10:38) Thanks @Silvia for sharing

  Claudia Ruiz: (10:38) Welcome Aziz Hilali

  Aziz HILALI: (10:38) Thank you Claudia

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (10:42) Welcome Aziz

  Claudia Ruiz: (10:43) Welcome Chokri Ben Romdhane

  Aziz HILALI: (10:43) hello remmy

  Chokri Ben Romdhane: (10:43) hi cl

  Mohamed El Bashir: (10:44) Hello Aziz, Remmy, Chokri

  Chokri Ben Romdhane: (10:44) hi claudia thank you

  Gabdibé GAB-HINGONNE 2: (10:44) Hello Claudia. I would like dial out: +23566249556

  Aziz HILALI: (10:44) hello Chair

  Gabdibé GAB-HINGONNE 2: (10:45) Meilleurs voeux, M. Aziz!

  Claudia Ruiz: (10:45) AGabdibe we will dial out to you, thank you.

  Heidi Ullrich: (10:46) The Board is scheduled to review the At-Large Review Implementation Plan during their January Meeting.

  Silvia Vivanco: (10:47) Hot Topics WG:

  Aziz HILALI: (10:47) Merci Gabdibé Bonne et Heureuse Année

  Silvia Vivanco: (10:50) New gTLD procedures WG track 5:

  Mohamed El Bashir: (10:50) Then Sarah

  Sarah Kiden: (10:51) @Staff, Seun is requesting a dial-out

  Claudia Ruiz: (10:52) @ sarah, thank you.

  Claudia Ruiz: (10:54) Welcome Otune Otueneh

  Dave Kissoondoyal 2: (10:54) If there are no volunteers for the new gTLDs subsequent procedures working group 5, I would like to volunteer

  Otunte Otueneh: (10:54) Hello all

  Mohamed El Bashir: (10:54) If anyone is interested in actively participating and have time committment to do work on the new gTLDs subsequent procedures working group 5,

  Silvia Vivanco: (10:54) Thank you Abulkarim and all for your participation and report on AFRINIC 29

  Silvia Vivanco: (10:54) the report is linked to the Agenda

  Abdulkarim Oloyede: (10:56) Thank you Silvia

  Yaovi Atohoun: (10:57) I represented ICANN ans spoke during the workshop on IPv6

  Yaovi Atohoun: (10:58) by FMAI in Tunis

  Omar Shuran: (10:58) Tijani you were a star in Afrinic29

  Mohamed El Bashir: (10:58) Aziz > Bram

  Abdulkarim Oloyede: (10:59) Thank you Tijani, I have filled in the CROP forms after the meeting before the deadline

  Sarah Kiden: (11:00) That's a nice picture of the NomCom members

  Claudia Ruiz: (11:01) Welcome Katambi Joan

  Claudia Ruiz: (11:03) Welcome Christiane Anaky

  Sarah Kiden: (11:04) Thank you for this presentation, Aziz!

  Aziz HILALI: (11:05) thanks

  Dave Kissoondoyal 2: (11:05) thanks a lot Aziz.. let us outreach to our region to ask potential candidates to apply

  Katambi Joan: (11:05) thanks Claudia

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (11:05) weldone Aziz on the presentation

  Mohamed El Bashir: (11:05) Seun > Tijani

  Abdulkarim Oloyede: (11:05) can we have a link to the presentation

  Mohamed El Bashir: (11:06) lets takes Aziz questions & comments then proceed to the remianing ALS Activities update

  Aziz HILALI: (11:07)

  Silvia Vivanco: (11:07) the presentation will be linked to the Agenda soon

  Silvia Vivanco: (11:07) Thanks Aziz

  Christiane Anaky: (11:07) Thanks Claudia Ruiz

  Silvia Vivanco: (11:07) we will also link it to the Agenda

  Yazid  AKANHO: (11:08) Thanks Aziz and Silvia

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (11:08) Is anyone talking?

  Sarah Kiden: (11:11) Yes, Remmy!

  Claudia Ruiz: (11:12) Welcome Hadia Elminiawi

  Sarah Kiden: (11:13) Great initiative, Bram! Would be nice for other ALSes to do the same!

  Mohamed El Bashir: (11:13) Next Speaker > Remmy

  Claudia Ruiz: (11:13) Welcome back Aziz

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (11:14) Ok it seems you can't hear me.

  Bram Fudzulani: (11:14) Thank you Sarah, it was a good learning point for us.

  Yazid  AKANHO: (11:14) audio unstable on my side.

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (11:15) Anyways at DigitalSENSE Africa we had our annual DigitalSENSE Forum on Internet Governance for Development with the regulator attending and we hope to hold same this year by june

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (11:15) That is our ALS update @Mohammed

  Mohamed El Bashir: (11:16)

  Heidi Ullrich: (11:16) Staff have just approved another request for $500 to DigitalSENSE.

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (11:16) Oh, thanks @Heidi for letting us know.

  Silvia Vivanco: (11:17) We are glad to see AFRALO has found this resource useful

  Mohamed El Bashir: (11:17) Aziz next speaker

  Silvia Vivanco: (11:17) 1,000 $ remain available

  Mohamed El Bashir: (11:18) Thanks @silvia for the update on the available remaining budget

  Leon Sanchez: (11:18) Hello everyone. My apologies for lateness. I had this meeting scheduled at a different hour and just realized I was already late

  Sarah Kiden: (11:18) Great!

  Leon Sanchez: (11:18) Happy new year to all!

  Leon Sanchez: (11:18) Bonne Année"

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (11:19) Thanks @Heidi, we shall keep staff office with reports

  Mohamed El Bashir: (11:19) Thanks @Leon for joinin our RALO Call

  Heidi Ullrich: (11:19) The request form is on the workpace that Mohamed has posted above.

  Heidi Ullrich: (11:19) Welcome, Leon!

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (11:19) keep up

  Leon Sanchez: (11:19) Thank you Mohamed. My apologies for lateness

  Leon Sanchez: (11:19) Thanks Heidi!

  Mohamed El Bashir: (11:23) No worries @Leon, Happy new year, Would you like to provide any Baord Update to AfRALO

  Christiane Anaky: (11:23) there is noise cant hear anything

  Leon Sanchez: (11:24) Yes. Let me dial-in

  Claudia Ruiz: (11:24) @Christiane it was silent for a moment, do you have audio now?

  Sarah Kiden: (11:25) We have 2 applications from Cherkaoui LEGHRIS (Morocco) and Adisa Timileyin Joshua (Student in Rwanda, from Nigeria). If you have any comments or questions, we will welcome them

  Leon Sanchez: (11:26) Ready when you are Mohamed

  Christiane Anaky: (11:26) @Claudia it is better now. thanks

  Silvia Vivanco: (11:26) Rules on individual members:

  Sarah Kiden: (11:26) The rules of procedure were silent about that issue

  Sarah Kiden: (11:27) Maybe we can add it as an AI and follow up

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (11:28) I also second @Seun position on individual membership update

  Silvia Vivanco: (11:28) I have added that AI

  Sarah Kiden: (11:29) Thank you, @Silvia

  Sarah Kiden: (11:29) @Seun, Remmy, suggestion has been noted

  Silvia Vivanco: (11:29) FY20 AFRALO Additional Budget request:

  Aziz HILALI: (11:30) I ask for the floor

  Barrack Otieno: (11:30) I salute you all colleagues.

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (11:30) Welcome Barrack

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (11:30) Congratulations @Mohamed on the domain name

  Barrack Otieno: (11:31) Thanks been on the phone

  Barrack Otieno: (11:31) Congratulations Daniel

  Sarah Kiden: (11:31) Congratulations, Daniel!

  Dave Kissoondoyal 2: (11:31) Congrats Daniel and thanks to Tijani for the outgoing chair of the Capacity Building WG

  Silvia Vivanco: (11:32) Welcome Leon!

  Christiane Anaky: (11:32) Congrats Daniel

  Sarah Kiden: (11:32) Welcome, Leon!

  Isaac Maposa: (11:32) Having our domain name is quite cool. Thanks.

  Isaac Maposa: (11:32) Congrats Daniel

  Chokri Ben Romdhane: (11:33) during the afrinic29 the tunisia isoc chapter a session about how to improve collaboration between african chapter this the output of this session

  Mohamed El Bashir: (11:33) @Yaovi, Please provide us with an update on ICANN Africa Activities, from the next meeting we can have your update as a standard report ( if you don't mind )

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (11:33) Congrats Daniel

  hadia Elminiawi: (11:36) Thank you Leon

  Isaac Maposa: (11:36) Thanks Leon

  Mohamed El Bashir: (11:36) Thanks @Leon

  Dave Kissoondoyal 2: (11:37) Thanks a lot Leon

  Claudia Ruiz: (11:37) Welcome Mary Uduma

  Mary Uduma: (11:37) i am very sorry for joinig late. Just gotten connctiion

  Mohamed El Bashir: (11:38) Please mute your line when you are not speaking to have a better voice quality

  Mohamed El Bashir: (11:39) Sorry for that @Mary, Welcome, Happy new year

  Sarah Kiden: (11:40) Thank you for the update, Yaovi!

  Silvia Vivanco: (11:40) Thank you Yaovi!

  hadia Elminiawi: (11:40) thank you Yaovi

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (11:40) Thanks @Yaovi for the update

  Christiane Anaky: (11:40) thanks Yaovi

  Yaovi Atohoun: (11:40) A pleasure for our team.

  Mary Uduma: (11:40) Thank you Yaovi

  Dave Kissoondoyal 2: (11:41) Thanks Yaovi

  Barrack Otieno: (11:41) Thanks for the update

  Barrack Otieno: (11:41) @Yaovi

  Abdulkarim Oloyede: (11:41) Thanks Yaovi,

  Sarah Kiden: (11:41) I think Aziz wanted to speak?

  Mary Uduma: (11:41) I will read the summary .

  Silvia Vivanco: (11:41) Thank you all ! Have a good evening

  Yaovi Atohoun: (11:41) bye

  Chokri Ben Romdhane: (11:41) thank you all

  Isaac Maposa: (11:41) Thanks everyone. Bye

  Sarah Kiden: (11:41) Thank you all! Merci!

  hadia Elminiawi: (11:41) bye all thank you

  remmy nweke [DigitalSENSE]: (11:42) good night everyone

  Barrack Otieno: (11:42) Thank you Chair, goodnight everyone

  Mohamed El Bashir: (11:42) Thank you all, Good night

  Omar Shuran: (11:42) thank you all

  Dave Kissoondoyal 2: (11:42) Thanks Mohamed and all.. Good night

  Mary Uduma: (11:42) Bye All

  Christiane Anaky: (11:42) thank you all and bye

  Dave Kissoondoyal 2: (11:42) bye all

  Abdulkarim Oloyede: (11:42) bye

  Chokri Ben Romdhane: (11:42) merci sa ete mon premier afralo call

  Omar Shuran: (11:42) thank you all


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