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The Seat No.15 of the ICANN Board of Directors is dedicated to a member selected by the At-Large Community. In September 2016, the At-Large Community began its process for selecting the next Board Director who will assume a 3-year term at the end of ICANN60 (2017 AGM). This process takes place on this wiki workspace where prospective Candidates will find the official Candidate Requirements as well as Instructions for applying for the ICANN Board Director position selected by the At-Large Community. Once a request for an Expression of Interest (EoI) Form has been received and processed by the authorized Program Admin Staff, the remainder of the process occurs within a RESTRICTED space on the wiki. Each Candidate will complete a single EoI Form containing Profile Sections and an Application Section.



At-Large Privacy Policy

All participants in the At-Large Board Member Selection process, without exception, are expected to safeguard and protect Candidates' identities, profiles, EoIs, and References following the confidentiality procedures described in the BCEC Operating Procedures and Guidelines - 2017.

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