This page includes important instructions for requesting and completing the Expression of Interest (EoI) Form to be considered for the At-Large Board Member Position (2017 Cycle). Deadline for EoI Form submission is Friday, 18 November 2016 at 23:59 UTC.


Background of the At-Large Board Member Selection

The Seat No.15 of the ICANN Board of Directors is dedicated to a member selected by the At-Large Community. This seat is currently occupied by Rinalia Abdul Rahim, who assumed the position at the end of ICANN51 (2014 AGM). Her 3-year term will be completed at the closing of ICANN60 (2017 AGM).

Pursuant to Section 19 of the At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) Rules of Procedure (version adopted on 20 September 2016), the At-Large Community process for selecting the next Board Director began in September 2016, with the appointment of the Chairs and Members of Board Candidate Evaluation Committee (BCEC) and the Board Member Selection Process Committee (BMSPC).

The BCEC is responsible for delineating Candidate requirements and expectations, calling for, identifying, and evaluating applications, and compiling the initial slate of Candidates for the Board Director position. The BMSPC oversees the entire selection process for the At-Large Board Member, including the development of the selection timeline and the election culminating the process. Both groups have regionally balanced membership and operate in accordance with a strict code of conduct and high confidentiality. To learn more information, please visit their workspace.

This selection process is planned be completed by Friday, 21 April 2017, with the announcement of the winner on that date. See detailed timeline here.  

How to Request an Expression of Interest (EoI) Form

If you are interested in applying for the At-Large Board Member Position, please follow the instructions below to request an Expression of Interest (EoI) Form which is located on this Wiki.


Step 1: Review the At-Large Board Member Candidate Requirements - 2017. Specifically, ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements detailed under “Additional Bylaws Qualifications” on the At-Large Board Member Candidate Requirements - 2017.

Step 2: Review the reference materials that you will need to complete this process contained on the At-Large Board Member Candidate Requirements Reference Links & Resources - 2017 page.

Step 3: Email the Program Admin Staff at and briefly indicate your interest.

Step 4: Once your email is received, Program Admin Staff will follow up by sending you an email providing you access to an Expression of Interest (EoI) Form located on this wiki for you to submit your application.

How to Complete an Expression of Interest (EoI) Form

If you have received an email from the Program Admin Staff providing you access to an Expression of Interest (EoI) Form contained in this Wiki, please follow the instructions below to complete your EoI Form.

Please Start Early!

Please start your EoI Form early to ensure your timely completion. Specifically, you are requested provide the names of no less than three (3) and no more than four (4) people who know you in a professional capacity and are willing to provide you a written Reference for your candidacy at short notice. All forms will be closed to further editing effective 23:59 UTC on Friday, 18 November 2016.

As soon as possible thereafter, the BCEC and its Program Admin Staff will contact each of the people you name as a Referee directly to request their written References to be submitted by 23:59 UTC on Friday, 2 December 2016.

See a blank sample EoI Form to understand the details


Step 1: A blank EoI Form has been created and is titled according to the unique randomly generated 5-character Candidate Name (or Code) (e.g., C1234) sent you by Program Admin Staff via a separate Email. It should be the only page visible under the Expression of Interest (EoI) Forms - 2017 (see left navigation menu). Click that page link and proceed to Step 2

  • You must login to this Wiki to access your EoI Form. If you are unsure about your UserID and Password, please send an Email to requesting that information.
  • Your individual EoI Form has been RESTRICTED so that it can be edited only by you and viewed by the BCEC Members and authorized Program Admin Staff in ICANN. No one else will be able to view or access the contents of your EoI Form. This level of confidentiality will remain if you are NOT selected as one of the final slate of Candidates (see IMPORTANT in Step 4 for details).

  • IMPORTANT: DO NOT change that page title for any reason.

Step 2
: Once you have opened your specific EoI Form in Step 1, click <Edit Contents> on the top of menu bar, then answer each of the questions in the blank column to the far right.  

  • Certain fields accept plain text and you may enter the data directly into the cell. Note that the field will auto-expand and auto-wrap as you type text.
  • Other fields permit rich-text and, when you click in the cell, a window will open which will offer additional editing features (see top menu) such as bold, italics, bullets, and more.
  • Note that some fields contain menu selections which will pop-up once you click anywhere in the cell. 
  • The EoI Form contains Profile Sections (A-C) and a separate Application Section (D). EoIs will not be considered unless ALL applicable information has been provided.

  • Be concise while still being comprehensive in completing the EoI Form. There are no enforced limits on content length; however, extensive, redundant, or superfluous descriptions are not favorably perceived.

  • IMPORTANT: This form must be completed in English. Please set your browser in the English language setting in order to avoid auto-translation of the EoI Form by your browser to other languages.

Step 3
You are able to edit and save your progress until the final submission. Remember to <Save> all changes before exiting your session (saving does not occur automatically). The <Save> button is located at the bottom right of your EoI Form.

  •  IMPORTANT: We recommend that you NOT click the <Save Draft> button because its operation is not intuitive, you may lose your work.

Step 4: Once you select "Yes - Agree and Submit" and complete the date field in the “Consent and Authorization” area at the bottom, and click the <Save> button at the bottom right of the Form, you signify to the Program Admin Staff that this is your final submission. As soon as realistically possible, Program Admin Staff will validate the final submission for completeness and subsequently restrict your EoI Form from further editing. 

  • IMPORTANT: The BCEC will make publicly available a list of the names and domiciles of all Candidates, who have completed and submitted their EoI Forms by the deadline.
  • IMPORTANT: After the final slate of Candidates has been announced, the BCEC will make publicly available the EoI Forms, without disclosing any personal/private information, of the final slate of Candidates, including any additional Candidates who are successfully petitioned by the Regional At-Large Organizations (RALOs) to be added to the final slate. The EoI Forms of Candidates who have not been selected in the final slate will continue to be treated as confidential.

Additional Tips

How to Find Your EoI Form Links: Both standard and tiny links (URL) are available to your EoI Form in this Wiki. The tiny link is useful because it will always point to the correct location (permalink) even if the page is subsequently moved within the Wiki. To access the links, simply press the keyboard shortcut letter "k" to show both standard and tiny URLs, either of which may be copied and pasted.

How to Edit Later: After saving the content you entered on your EoI Form, you may return at any time to amend the content. Simply click on your individual page and then click <Edit Contents> on the top menu bar and continue completing the form. Don’t forget to <Save> any changes you make.

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