The Work Track 5 leadership team is helping to connect WT5 members who are new to the PDP process and/or WT5 subject matter with more experienced colleagues in WT5. This is an informal opportunity for peer learning between community members to help ensure all members can participate fully in Work Track 5. 

Are you are experienced with the PDP process and/or WT5 subject matter and willing to serve as an informal mentor to a WT5 member? Please email

Are you a newcomer who would like to have an informal mentor in connection with WT5? Please review the Statements of Interest (SOI) for the individuals below and decide which buddy/mentor is right for you. Send an email to and request contact information for that individual.

Once connected, buddy pairs can decide for themselves how, when, and for how long they stay in touch.

Questions? Please email

Individuals who have volunteered to serve as buddies/informal mentors

Renata Aquino Ribeiro (SOI)

Wafa Dahmani (SOI)

Heather Forrest (SOI)

Carlos Raul Gutierrez (SOI)

Maureen Hilyard (SOI)

Barrack Otieno (SOI)

Vanda Scartezini (SOI)

Kris Seeburn (SOI)

Greg Shatan (SOI)

Martin Sutton (SOI)

Liz Williams (SOI)

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