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December 2016

EURALO Individuals Association presented its activities.

Despite not having any workshop funded by ICANN additional funding, EURALO participates in several workshops at the At-Large Activities at the IGF in Guadalajara, Mexico - 6-9 December 2016.

Launch of At-Large FY18 Budget Development Workspace.- EURALO to submit two requests: (1) An IGF session on the Public Interest and (2) Financing to attend ICANN Studienkreis

Discussion of EURALO participation in the ICANN Academy Leadership Program

November 2016

Review of EURALO Task Force on At-Large Structure (ALS) engagement responses to the survey sent out. Analysis to be performed by the task force.

EURALO support for the At-Large Public Interest Working Group

Documents developed in the previous months, including EURALO Outreach Strategic Plan, EURALO HOT TOPICS 2016 are finalised.

EURALO members to open a discussion on IoT (Internet of Things).

October 2016

EURALO Bylaws work continues.  EURALO Task Force on At-Large Structure (ALS) engagement also continues its work.

EURALO Outreach Strategic Plan being developed as an input document for CROPP.

September 2016

CROPP was discussed again. EURALO.

EURALO HOT TOPICS 2016 was finalised and presented to Board member Rinalia Abdul Rahim.

ICANN Legal support requested to help with EURALO Bylaws Working Group: Task Force on review and revision of the EURALO By-Laws

August 2016

EURALO discussed the CROPP as described on Community Regional Outreach Pilot Program (CROPP)-FY16 Home.

See: Past CROPP reports:




It then discussed the EURALO Board 2015-2017 Workspace. Indeed some members replaced those who have stood down due to other commitments. Wale Bakare replaces Jordi Iparraguirre; Erich Schweighofer replaces Mikhail Medrish. (replacements taking place over the summer all until September)

EURALO call conferencing times were studied and it was found that the current time was the most popular.

BMSPC and BCEC committees to selection shortlist for ALAC selected Board member were populated by EURALO members.

ALS Engagement Task Force drafted a letter to be sent to all ALSes to ask for their core competencies.

July 2016

EURALO's monthly conference call, after the Helsinki conference, focussed on the EURALO input to the At-Large Review. Representatives from the Contractor were meeting with EURALO ALSes at EuroDIG in Brussels in June.

The EURALO ALS engagement task force started its work: EURALO Task Force on At-Large Structure (ALS) engagement.

Julia Velkova, Yrjö Länsipuro, Olivier Crepin-Leblond (Observer),  Bastiaan Goslings (Observer) were selected to be on the ICANN Community Document Development and Drafting Resource Pilot Program - DP

June 2016

EURALO organised several activities at the ICANN 56 meeting in Helsinki:

A meeting of members of the EURALO Task Force on ALS engagement decided to ask for external counsel and help on re-drafting bylaws. The decision was made to re-start drafting a new set of bylaws based on a Swiss form of bylaws, which allows for a much simpler document that aligns better with the mission and form of a Regional At-Large Organisation (RALO).

May 2016

EURALO’s main activities in May concentrated on the selection of its next ALAC member starting at the ICANN meeting in autumn. As there were two candidates nominated by the community, Veronica Cretu (Individual member) and Bastiaan Goslings (ISOC Netherlands), we had to conduct an Online voting with support of At-Large Staff in May. Both candidates submitted prior statements on the respective workspace and questions of gender and regional balance were equally considered. In the final vote Veronica Cretu was selected with a majority of 19 votes against 10 votes for Bastiaan Goslings for a two-years-term. During our monthly call we continued our preparations for the next General Assembly (GA) inline with the next ICANN Helsinki meeting by drafting an Agenda and preparing our Annual Report 2015-16. This year again EURALO selected five of its members under the CROPP program to attend the next EuroDIG on 9-10 June in Brussels – an annual key opportunity for outreach.

April 2016

After ICANN’s Marrakech meeting in March EURALO concentrated its efforts on regular activities like its monthly call and almost weekly calls of its Task Force on the revision of the current bylaws.

After long discussions when some members asked for a review of our Bylaws some time ago already, we created a Task Force on this challenging issue after the Dublin GA. Meanwhile this TF has started its intensive work at the beginning of 2016 with regular to weekly calls to review our Bylaws and to adapt the bulky current version to EURALO’s actual functioning over the past years. It’s a time-taking work in progress and the TF members are keen to present a reviewed version to all members by the end of year.

In the second half of April, EURALO started its preparations for selecting our next ALAC member to replace Sandra Hoferichter who has served for six years at ALAC and wants to continue her engagement as EURALO’s next delegate to the NomCom by the end of year. Furthermore, the leaderships started first preparations for EURALO’s next General Assembly (GA) inline with the next ICANN Helsinki meeting which can be a virtual meeting only (not funded by ICANN).

March 2016

As ICANN held its next international meeting in Marrakech, Morocco, at the beginning of March, EURALO concentrated its activities on preparation and inputs for this meeting. As usual, three regional ALAC representatives besides the two regional officers and the NomCom delegate participated in Marrakech. The highlight from this meeting was the adoption of WG proposals for the IANA transition by the whole community and ICANN constituencies.

In the second half of March, EURALO conducted its regular call with a briefing of its members on the recent meeting and concentrating on the ongoing work of the Task Forces besides an update of the EURALO flyer for outreach activities.

February 2016

EURALO continued its current tasks and planning for the year 2016 by pushing the creation of the thematic Task Forces. The Board held its next regular call the day prior to our regular monthly call. Main topics were a briefing on current ALAC consultations, updates on the complex IANA transition and related WGs besides discussions on the creation of a Public Interest WG as well as preparing our next special budget requests for the fiscal year 2017. 

January 2016

The year started with the creation of two specific EURALO Task Forces (TF) on

a) ALS engagement (how to get our members better involved in current affairs) and

b) Review and potential revision of EURALO’s Bylaws

according to our planning.

Main activities were: a second call of the recently elected EURALO Board besides our regular monthly call. Among the main topics were updates on the ongoing CWG IANA / CCWG Accountability discussions, the creation of a Public Interest WG (Follow-up from the Dublin GA) besides preparing our next special budget requests for the fiscal year 2017 (starting in July 16).

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