April 2017 – SSAC Liaison Report

(as at 24 April 17)


1. SSAC MEETINGS.  Since ICANN58 in Copenhagen, the SSAC has held two meetings on 29 March and 13 April, both of which I attended.  At the 13 April Meeting, Lisa Gurnick gave a briefing on the process for the SSAC Organizational Review, currently scheduled to commence in 2017. The SSAC has decided not to delay this review but to proceed as scheduled. 

2. SSAC WORK PARTIES.  I am currently serving on three Work Parties:

  • 2017 SSAC Membership Committee – This Committee reviews SSAC members who are approaching the end of their 3-year appointments and assesses potential new members. I attended 3 meetings on 3, 10, and 17 April.
  • IDN Harmonization WP – I joined this Work Party belatedly after better understanding the scope of its work during ICANN58 in Copenhagen.  This Work Party has already released SACs 084, 088 and 089 regarding the EPSRP process and is currently working on a report on emojis.  I attended meetings of this Work Party on 5 and19 April.
  • ICANN59 Planning WP – This work party is yet to meet. 

3. SSAC REPORTS. There have been no SSAC Reports issued since ICANN58 in Copenhagen. 

4. SSAC REPRESENTATION ON CCWG ACCOUNTABILITY. I attended 2 CCWG Meetings on 29 March and 13 April as well as all 5 meetings of the Diversity Sub-Group Meeting (on which I am a Participant) on 23 and 31 March,  6, 13 and 20 April.  I have also spent some considerable effort during that period working on the draft Diversity Report.

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