• APRALO-APAC Hub Webinar 

    In collaboration with the APRALO Capacity Building Webinar Series

Date: Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Time: 05:00 - 06:00 UTC (for the time in various timezones click here)

Meeting Number: AL.AP/CC.0316/1


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EN: Sonam Keba,Don Hollarnder, Marvin Woo, Holly Raiche, Yolanda, Satish Babu, Jade Aw, Nobuyuki, Bikram Shrestha, Asha Hemrajani, Michael Flemming, Maureen Hilyard, Siranush Vardanyan, Edmon Chung, Rui Zhong, Amrita Choudhury, Nikki Hu

Apologies: Ali Almeshal

Staff: Silvia Vivanco,  Philadel Yeo, Mike Brennan,  Kelvin Wong, Terri Agnew

Call management: Terri Agnew

Webinar Information:  

This is the sixth Webinar of a series of bi-monthly webinars.This webinar will provide an update of Universal Acceptance, its importance, an introduction to UASG and its work its key challenges. 

Invited Speakers:

  • Don Hollander, Universal Acceptance Initiative Manager, ICANN
  • Marvin Woo, VP of Coremail



  1. Welcome and Introduction to the webinar -Kelvin Wong - Head, Outreach & Public Responsibility, APAC, GSE - Asia (3 mins
  2. Housekeeping Items - Kelvin Wong (2 mins)
  3. Don Hollander (20 mins) - Presentation: UASG - An introduction to APRALO
    1. What is Universal Acceptance and why is this important?
    2. Introduction to Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) and its work    
    3. Key challenges - Changing mindsets and systems
    4. Pop Quiz
  4. Marvin Wu (20 mins) - Presentation - EAI Challenges & Actions from Coremail
    1. Community perspective and sharing. Specific examples on challenges, solutions e.g. Challenges of EAI.
    2. Call for Action: What can Internet end-users do in promoting, advancing UA?   
    3. Pop Quiz 
  5. Q&A - All (15 mins)
  6. Webinar Survey - Terri Agnew (5 mins)



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