ICANN Meeting 54 Dublin October 2015 – SSAC Liaison Report

(as at 23Oct15)


1. SSAC MEETING WITH ALAC.   The briefing provided by Patrik Fältström, the SSAC Chair, on Sunday 18 October gave a summary of the most recently released SSAC Report, available on the SSAC Reports and Advisories Webpage: 

  • SAC073:  SSAC Comments on ICANN Root Zone Key Signing Key Rollover Plan dated 5 October 2015

SAC073 provides a Public Comment on the Root Zone KSK Rollover Plan and refers the Design Team to an earlier Report SAC063 SSAC Advisory on DNSSEC Key Rollover in the Root Zone.  In November 2013, SAC063 provided 5 recommendations for ICANN and the Root Zone Management Partners. In October 2015, SAC073 notes that there is not a comprehensive correlation of the recommendations in SAC063 with material presented in the ICANN KSK Rollover Plan and requests that the final report respond directly to each of the recommendations. 

Patrik also advised of the other current active Working Parties within SSAC:

  • New gTLDs: Mid-course correction, Collisions, Timing of next round
  • Registrant Protection/Credential Management 

Both of these Work Parties are covering topics that are of interest to the ALAC.  The ALAC in particular expressed the desire to assist in publicising the Registrant Protection/Credential Management Report when issued. 

2. SSAC INVOLVEMENT IN CCWG ON ACCOUNTABILITY.   A great deal of time throughout the course of ICANN54 was devoted to the work of the CCWG Accountability, resulting in significant progress.  As one of the two SSAC Representatives on the CCWG, I attended all scheduled sessions as detailed below.  

CCWG Accountability Meetings 

Friday 16 October

1400-1830:  CCWG Accountability Working Session

(The meeting actually started at 0830, but I did not arrive in Dublin till 1200)

Saturday 17 October

0830-1200: CCWG Accountability Break-out Session

Monday 19 October

1015-1200: CCWG Accountability Engagement Session

1400-1830: CCWG Accountability Working Session

Wednesday 21 October

1700-1900: CCWG Accountability Engagement Session

Thursday 22 October

0800-1030: CCWG Accountability Working Session 

During the final session, I advised the CCWG that the SSAC had determined during its deliberations in Dublin that it does not wish to take on any role in exercising community powers, but will continue to provide its input on security and stability aspects in a purely advisory capacity. This may take the form of providing such advice in the Community Forum, with the objective that the community be able to judge that advice on its merits and take it into consideration in its decision making.


3. MEETINGS ATTENDED IN DUBLIN.  In addition to the CCWG Accountability Meetings, I attended the following ALAC, SSAC and other general meetings: 

SSAC Meetings

Sunday 18 October

1430-1500: SSAC Briefing to GNSO

1515-1545: SSAC Briefing to ALAC

Tuesday 20 October

0800-1800: SSAC Private Meetings

1815-1915: SSAC Meeting with the ICANN Board

Wednesday 21 October

0900-1515: DNSSEC Workshop

Thursday 22 October

0800-0900: SSAC Public Meeting 

ALAC Meetings

Saturday 17 October

0700-0830: ALT Meeting

1200-1730: ALAC and Regional Leadership Working Session

1730-1900: At-Large Ad-hoc Working Group on IANA Transition & ICANN Accountability

1930-2230: ALT and RALO Chairs Dinner

Sunday 18 October

0900-1800: ALAC and Regional Leadership Working Session

1830-2030: ALAC and Board Cocktail Party

Thursday 22 October

1030-1230: ALAC and Regional Leadership Wrap-up Meeting

Friday 23 October

0800-1000: ALAC Leadership Team Meeting

1000-1700: ALAC Development Session


Other Sessions and Meetings

Monday 19 October

0700-0830: DNS Women’s Breakfast

0830-1000: Welcome Ceremony

1230-1400: ccTLD Board Function

1900-2100: Gala Function

Tuesday 20 October

1915-2100: ccNSO Cocktail Party

Wednesday 21 October

1530-1700: CCWG Accountability Working Meeting

Thursday 22 October

1330-1400: Community Recognition Program

1400-1730: Public Forum

1730-1900: ICANN Public Board Meeting

1900-2000: Farewell Cocktail Party

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