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At-Large Briefing call: Post-IGF Briefing Call - Date/Time TBC


At-Large Community Members Participating in the IGF in João Pessoa

AFRALOAziz Hilali 
AFRALOTijani Ben Jemaa 
APRALOSatish Babu 
APRALOSiranush Vardanyan


APRALOSivasubramanian Muthusamy 
EURALOOlivier Crepin-Leblond 
EURALOBill Drake 
EURALOWolf Ludwig 
LACRALOLeon Sanchez 
LACRALOVanda Scartezini 
EURALOOlivier Crepin-Leblond 
NARALO/ALAC ChairAlan Greenberg 
NARALOJudith Hellerstein 

LACRALO                           Carlton Samuels

ICANN/At-Large Organized Events 


Date         TimeVenueEvent      Title                                Organizer       Recommended by
9 November10:30-12:00Workshop Room 7


ICANN Accountability and Global Governance DiscourseICANN 
11 November9:00-10:00  ICANN Open ForumICANN 
11 November19:30Paço dos LeõesReception

I* Reception


The venue is 8 minutes from the Tropical Tambau: here is a link to the venue location: https://goo.gl/maps/1f7DKdhfthG2
To view the venue website, click here:

To register to attend the reception, please click here: Contact us to register (ISOC)

A limited Transport service based on a first come first served basis shall be provided at pre arranged locations throughout Joao Pessoa with further information being sent to registered attendees soon.

Important information:

1. Participation is limited to 500 people so please register soon.

2. When attending the event, please keep your IGF badge with you at all times.

3. Please bring an electronic copy of the invitation with you.


Events Organized or Recommended by ICANN Community Members Recommended by
10 November9:00-10:30Workshop Room 13PanelKeeping Your Credentials Secure Online: A Roundtable  
10 November11:00-12:30Workshop Room 114PanelImplementing Core Principles in the Digital Age  
10 November11:00-12:30Workshop Room 118PanelHow communities restore trust in the digital environment  
11 November9:30-10:30Workshop Room 10PanelExpanding Inclusion for Persons w/ DisabilitiesJudith Hellerstein 
11 November11:00-12:30Workshop Room 10PanelCan Civil Society Impact Global Internet Governance

Rafik Dammak

11 November14:00-15:30Workshop Room 3PanelCore Internet Values as a Reference Standard for Global Internet PolicySivasubramanian Muthusamy 
11 November14:00-15:30Workshop Room 52PanelThe Global “Public Interest” in Critical Internet Resources  

11 November


16:00-17:30Workshop Room 194PanelIPv6 Transition up to date  
12 November9:00-10:30Workshop Room 139PanelEnabling the Next Billion Users through Universal Acceptance  
12 November9:00 - 10:30Workshop Room 4PanelSIDS Roundtable: The "Free Internet" - Bane or Boon?Tracey Hackshaw 
12 November11:00-12:30Workshop Room 150PanelIGF initiatives MasterChef  
12 November11:00-12:30Workshop Room 163PanelMulti-stakeholder Internet Governance -IANA Stewardship 
12 November14:00-15:30Workshop Room 50PanelWGIG +10  
12 November14:00-15:30Workshop Room 78PanelEquity and the developing world in internet governance  
13 November9:00-10:30Workshop Room 72PanelIANA functions transition: A New Era in Internet Governance?  
13 November9:00-10:30Workshop Room 82PanelIGF beyond 2015: Extend mandate, strengthen institution  
13 November9:00-10:30Workshop Room 135PanelNational and Transnational Internet Governance: Jurisdiction  
13 November11:00-12:30Workshop Room 119PanelDemocracy 3.0: Representation & the Multistakeholder Model  
13 November11:00-12:30Workshop Room 136PanelThrough the Looking Glass: enhanced cooperation in LAC  
13 November14:00-15:30Workshop Room 80PanelBottom-up Meets Top-down: When Governance Systems Intersect  




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