Please note that this workspace will be used to gather the At-Large's questions for the ICANN Board during the Beijing Meeting.

Please submit any comments on the workspace using the comments function by 15 Mar at 23:59 UTC.

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  1. Thanks everyone – this is what I have been able to compile from private emails & skype chats I have received in the past couple of weeks.



    Questions to the Board


    1. What is the Board's view on the current situation with regards to trademarks in general.

    On the one side, pressure from the GAC is strong

    On the other side, the GNSO is uncharacteristically united in its opposition to Staff taking policy into its own hands.

    Yet, the Trademark Clearinghouse plus 50 variations has been implemented by staff against the consensus that this is policy and should be subject to a PDP?

    Not to mention the RAA negotiations which include a staff request to have a Unilateral Right to Amend?


    2. What is the Board's view on the Public Interest Commitments (PIC) for the new gTLDs. How can the PICs be enforced?


    3. How do you reconcile the top-down nature of Board or Staff-led issue-based cross-community working groups with the bottom-up nature of GNSO PDPs?


    4. How can the ALAC grow its mission to "represent Internet Users"? Is this a mission that it is guaranteed to fail? What support should the ALAC be given to achieve its goal in support of its public interest mission?