Date: Thursday, 05 March 2020

Time: 19:00 - 20:00 UTC (for the time in various time zones click here)

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EN:  Maureen Hilyard, Cheryl Langdon-Orr, Olivier Crépin-Leblond, Holly Raiche, Tijani Ben Jemaa, Barrack Otieno, Yrjo Lansipuro, Erich Schweighofer, Joanna Kulesza, Sebastien Bachollet, Sylvia Herlein, Ricardo Holmquist, Carlos Gutierrez, Javier Rua-Jovet, Justine Chew, Andrey Kolesnikov, Harold Arcos, Jonathan Zuck, 


Staff: Heidi Ullrich, Evin Erdogdu, Silvia Vivanco, Gisella Gruber, Yesim Nazlar, Claudia Ruiz, Michelle DeSmyter

Call Management: Michelle DeSmyter


  1. Welcome and Roll Call - Staff (2 minutes)

  2. Aim of Meeting and Review of Agenda - Maureen Hilyard (3 minutes)

  3. Main At-Large Policy Topics for ICANN67  and Review of Talking Points - Maureen Hilyard and Jonathan Zuck (ICANN67 Slides ppt)(15 minutes)

    1. DNS Abuse + Compliance (Monday)
    2. Doh/DOT (Tuesday)
    3. Cybersecurity (Wednesday)
    4. Introductory Session (Monday
      1. At-Large Talking Points - Review and discussion 

      2. Policy Platform
  4. Preparation for Meetings with the Board, GAC and CEO/Chairman of the Board - Maureen Hilyard, Jonathan Zuck and Yrjo Lansipuro (30 minutes) 

    1. Board Meeting
      1. Topics and Questions - Maureen and Jonathan
      2. Logistical Issues - Maureen
    2. GAC Topics - Yrjo Lansipuro
    3. Topics for Discussion with Göran Marby, ICANN CEO and Maarten Botterman, Chairman of the Board, ICANN 
  5. Initial Review of the Draft At-Large Communications Strategy - Maureen Hilyard (5 minutes)

    1. See: At-Large Communications Strategy - Draft - March 2020 .docx
  6. Next Steps - Maureen Hilyard (3 minutes)

  7. AoB - Maureen Hilyard (2 minutes)

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