Hong Kong Internet Forum

Paul Chow

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Hong Kong Internet Forum

HKIF has the following objectives:

  1. To foster the increasing awareness and knowledge of individual Internet users in Hong Kong on use of Internet and its applications to enhance the life of individual users, social ethics and social harmony;
  2. To provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and views on the development of Internet policies, infrastructure, technologies, standards and applications among Internet users, and provide effective channels for the dissemination of such information;
  3. To represent the views and needs of Hong Kong Internet users in policy development and development of standards, technical infrastructure and its administration by ICANN and other bodies related to the Internet;
  4. To provide a forum and promote and encourage Hong Kong Internet users?participation and involvement in ICANN and other bodies related to the Internet in an open and transparent manner;
  5. To cooperate with other Internet institutions to promote the healthy development of the Internet, global collaboration to achieve such and in particular the establishment and operation of APRALO;
  6. To act as an impartial advisor to the government(s), related Internet institutions, and the public on matters of significant interest to Hong Kong people in relation to the development of Internet policies, international cooperation, technical infrastructure and its administration;


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