Arab Knowledge Management Society

Mahmoud Lattouf

921100 Amman 11192 Jordan

Arab Knowledge and Management Society (AKMS)

To deepen knowledge communication and promote exchange of expertise, knowledge and skills in the fields of management and knowledge between individuals and organizations in the Arab world through implementing a package of specialized programs and activities that open up international horizons for those individuals and organizations towards knowledge, administrative and technical development and progress.

The Society aims to:
• Provide high-quality training and education which meet the needs of our clients and their employees.
• Develop and enhance research which has acknowledged standards of excellence.
• Shape policy and practice within our chosen areas of expertise.
• Make a significant contribution to the Arab world economies.
• Increase the international scope and reputation of the AKMS.
• Develop the AKMS through growth and strategic alliances with international reputable institutions.
• Concentrate on all managerial concepts, which highlight the role of the manager in the organization especially the Arab world to utilize the resource in optimal ways.
• Develop the managerial skills for AKMS members, and state their role in the process of management development.

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