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  • In the chair's Blog: The Los Angeles Workshop Recap: Cherine Chalaby mentions that the Board discussed the challenges they are facing around deciding if something is in the global public interest. Could the Board provide the ALAC with more details about the topic and discuss the findings?
  • Budgets are clearly going to be a subject of must conversation going forward in ICANN. Do Board Members have any thoughts on opportunities to increase revenue, and any thoughts or concerns on how budget reductions might endanger the multistakeholder model?
  • We understand that SSAC has advised the Board on issues related to the KSK Rollover with SAC063 (11/7/13) and SAC073 (9/30/15). In both cases, the Board instructed to implement SSAC's recommendations but the results of these instructions are unknown. What has been done? . Can the Board comment on implementation of that advice. Furthermore, can the Board please comment on the effect of the KSK rollover on end users as SSAC recent research has focused on resolvers and not the end user experience.

Board Questions to the SO/ACs: