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Notes/ Action Items

Action Items:

Action Item: Staff to ask for comments on the list by Friday, 18 November on 1) Arinola Akinyemi as volunteer for Chair; and 2) volunteer for Vice-Chair or on Alan Woods as volunteer for Vice-Chair if there are no volunteers. [DONE]


  1. Welcome and SOI Updates

2. Member Introductions

3. Brief Overview of the SSC

Presentation from staff:

Charter: Mission and Scope

The GNSO Standing Selection Committee (SSC) is tasked, as requested by the GNSO Council, to

1) where applicable, prepare and issue calls for applications related to the selection or nomination of candidates for ICANN structures,

2) review and evaluate all relevant applicants/candidates,

3) rank candidates and make selection/appointment recommendations for review and approval by Council, and

4) communicate selections to all interested parties.

Charter: Composition

  • One member appointed by each Stakeholder Group of the Contracted Party House;
  • One member appointed respectively by each of the Business Constituency, the Intellectual Property Constituency, and the Internet Service Providers and Connectivity Providers Constituency;
  • Three members appointed by the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group; and,
  • One member from one of the three Nominating-Committee appointees to the GNSO Council.

In addition, the GNSO Chair or one of the Council Vice-Chairs will serve as an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the SSC to ensure that there is always a direct link between the SSC and the GNSO Council.

Charter: Absence and Recusal

If a member is not able to participate in a selection process, that member will be responsible, in accordance with the processes of the appropriate SG/C, to identify an alternate who is expected to participate in the SSC deliberations in case of absence of the member or in cases where a member maybe conflicted (e.g. in case the member is one of the candidates to be reviewed by the SSC). Members or alternates do not need to be Council members but they do need to be appointed and/or reconfirmed by the leadership of the appointing SG and/or C.

Charter: Decision-Making Methodology

The Chair will be responsible for designating the position as having the following designation: Full consensus: when no one in the group speaks against the recommendation in its last readings. This is also sometimes referred to as Unanimous Consensus.

Charter: Transparency

Unless otherwise directed by the GNSO Council, the names of all applicants and all documents received during the selection process shall be considered public and published on the GNSO web-site or other ICANN web-site as standard practice. To facilitate its deliberations, the SSC may decide to conduct some or all of its deliberations in private, but if so, it is expected to provide a rationale with its recommendations. If the SSC determines that it needs to keep certain application materials private, for example to protect personal information provided by applicants, it is also expected to provide a rationale for doing so. Note: SSC meeting recordings, meeting notes, and mailing list archives are also public by default.

Standard Selection Process in Brief

  • Council typically designs and launches the Expressions of Interest process, assigning the selection to the SSC.
  • An SSC wiki page provides all relevant materials to support the SSC’s process, including list of candidates and EOI materials. Staff confirms affiliation stated by candidates, if applicable.
  • SSC meets to review the assignment, evaluation criteria.
  • SSC members fill out poll individually to organize thoughts on candidates.
  • SSC meets to review poll results, deliberate on candidates and come to preliminary agreement of ranking of candidates.
  • Consensus call is held by non-objection on the mailing list after meeting.
  • SSC submits recommendation to GNSO Council for its consideration.

4. Selection of SSC Leadership Team for the 2022-2023 Term

  • Leadership also participates.
  • Arinola has volunteered to return as Chair – that can be put to the full group on the list.
  • We need a Vice-Chair.  Asking for volunteers.  Take this to the list.  Alan Woods volunteers if there are no others.

ACTION ITEM: Staff to ask for comments on the list by Friday, 18 November on 1) Arinola Akinyemi as volunteer for Chair; and 2) volunteer for Vice-Chair or on Alan Woods as volunteer for Vice-Chair if there are no volunteers. [DONE]

5. AOB: Possible selection assignment for the GNSO Nominated Fellowship Program Mentor and Fellowship Selection Committee Member to be provided by the GNSO Council if decision is made at the meeting on Thursday, 17 November. SSC to be updated accordingly.