The SSC shall consist of a total of 9 members (not including the ex-officio members), appointed as follows:

  • One member appointed by each Stakeholder Group of the Contracted Party House;
  • One member appointed respectively from each of the Business Constituency, the Intellectual Property Constituency, and the Internet Service Providers and Connectivity Providers Constituency;
  • Three members appointed by the Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group; and,
  • One member from one of the three Nominating-Committee appointees to the GNSO Council.

NOTE: Per the SSC charter, "The term for an SSC member is 1 year. Members may not serve for more than two consecutive terms, with the exception of the GNSO Chair and/or Council Vice-Chairs."

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NameAppointed bySOIMember/Alternate Since:Status

Karen Day (Chair)

RySGKaren Day SOIJanuary 2024Confirmed
Jothan FrakesRrSGJothan Frakes SOIJanuary 2024Confirmed

Segunfunmi Olajide (Vice-Chair)

BCSegunfunmi Olajide SOIJanuary 2024Confirmed

Marie Pattullo

BC AlternateMarie Pattullo SOIJanuary 2024Confirmed

Christian Dawson

ISPCPChristian Dawson SOIOctober 2022Confirmed
Mike RodenbaughIPCMike Rodenbaugh SOIFebruary 2024Confirmed
Remmy NwekeNCSGRemmy Nweke SOIFebruary 2024Confirmed
Arsene TungaliNCSGArsene Tungali SOIDecember 2022Confirmed

Bruna Martins dos Santos


Bruna Martins dos Santos SOI

February 2024Confirmed
Desiree Miloshevic EvansNomComDesiree Miloshevic Evans SOIFebruary 2024Confirmed
Tomslin Samme-NlarEx-Officio Member Representing GNSO Council LeadershipTomslin Samme-Nlar SOIEx-Officio Member Representing GNSO Council Leadership Since January 2024Confirmed 
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