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6.   EPDP - Next Steps - Alan Greenberg and Hadia Abdelsalam Mokhtar EL miniawi (15 minutes)

7.   ATRT3 - Introduction by At-Large Representatives


- Sebastien Bachollet, Cheryl Langdon-Orr,


Daniel Nanghaka and Vanda Scartezini (10 minutes)

8.   Update and Discussion with Leon Sanchez, Board Director Selected by At-Large (10 minutes)

9.   Next Steps on ATLAS III - Maureen Hilyard, Olivier Crepin-Leblond and Eduardo Diaz (5 minutes)






a. Review of outstanding Action Items from ICANN63 requiring ALAC involvement 

b. Follow Up Actions 


Initial discussion of ICANN64 - Maureen Hilyard and Gisella Gruber (15 minutes)

See: At-Large at ICANN64 Workspace

a. Travel Policy Update and Discussion with Constituency Travel (7 minutes)

b. Follow up of suggestions for ICANN64 from ICANN63 Development Session 

i. Staff to prepare a policy brief before each ICANN Public Meeting with the aim of identifying the key policy items (paragraph /up to one page) and At-Large message on these issues

ii. At-Large public meetings to be 80:20 (issues : administration) to prioritize substantive issues going forward.

iii. Staff to ensure titles of At-Large sessions to include the substantive topic being discussed (Not just "At-Large Leadership Session #1")

iv. Staff to ensure individual name tags should have an end stripe (RALO colors?) to make them more visible when people want to speak.

v. Staff to ensure an annual CPWG workshop to be held at an ICANN Public meeting. Interested members of At-Large as well as Fellows and NextGen to be invited. (Which Meeting: Community Forum, Policy Forum or AGM?)


At-Large Sessions Overview, including SO/ACs meetings

b. Leadership Skills Strategy

c. Social Events

11. Any Other Business - Maureen Hilyard (5 minutes)