Saturday, October 20 

ALAC and Regional Leaders Working Session Part 1 and 2 

  • Gisella Gruber to follow up with ICANN security on the requirement to show personal ID to access the ICANN venue.
  • Gisella Gruber  to follow up with ICANN Constituency Travel on Travel Plans to accommodate any meetings outside of the ICANN Public meeting schedule.

ALAC & Regional Leaders Working Session Part 3 (Meeting of the ALAC Sub-Committee on Outreach and Engagement)

  • Daniel Khauka Nanghaka requests suggestions from the O&E for metrics of engagement in preparation for ATLAS III.

  • Yesim Nazlar to send Doodle to schedule next O&E call on 20th of November.

Regional Leadership Meeting

  • Regional Leaders to complete a new round of consultations for Hot Topics by end of the year. ALAC members to be involved.
  • Once all RALOs have their hot policy topics completed, Regional leaders to identify common Cross-RALO topics.
  • Heidi Ullrich and Silvia Vivanco to finalize draft RALO discretionary funding criteria  and send to Regional Leaders for final review

ALAC & Regional Leaders Working Session part 4

Capacity Building WG 

  • The WG to consider shorter webinars following the model of the NARALO Snipet Webinars. 

Discussion with Sally Costerton

  • At-Large to contribute to the 2 year operating plan ALAC, Regions and SC on O/E, the Public Comment is coming up in November
  • Heidi Ullrich to arrange for training on how to prepare the operating plan and budget for ALAC/At-Large leaders.
  • At-Large/GSE  to work in a concerted effort for closer relations.

Sunday, October 21

ALAC and Regional Leadership Working Session 5

ALAC and Regional Leadership Working Session 6 

  • Yesim Nazlar to create an ALAC (15  member only) mailing list. 

ALAC & Regional Leaders Working Session Part 8

  • ALAC Members to follow up on GDPR issues related to publication of #15 EOIs.

Tuesday October 23 

ALAC & Regional Leaders Working Session Part 10

Preparation for ALAC meeting with GAC

  • The follow up on the Joint ALAC-GAC Statement from ICANN 60 will be on the Agenda for approval

ATLAS III Planning 

  • ATLAS III criteria to be developed at 63 and then discussed in a ATLAS III criteria sub-group.
  • Eduardo Diaz will produce the timeline for ATLAS III.

ALAC & Regional Leaders Working Session 11

ALAC Meeting with NCSG Open Session

Joint Meeting: ICANN Board and ALAC

  • Ron da Silva to take issue of incremental costs of next round of new gTLDs to BFC.  

Development Meeting

  • Yesim Nazlar / Gisella Gruber  to ensure all ALAC members are subscribed to the ALAC lists and their respective RALO lists
  • Evin Erdogdu to prepare a policy brief before each ICANN Public Meeting with the aim of identifying the key policy items (paragraph /up to one page) and At-Large message on these issues.
  • Evin Erdogdu / SMWG Leads to prepare global content to be prepared for newsletters (and placed in RALO newsletters. Work toward a global newsletter to be produced quarterly focused on policy issues for end users and be translated into FR/ES.
  • Jonathan Zuck / Olivier Crepin-Leblond / Evin Erdogdu to produce regular brief podcasts/videos on policy by CPWG co-chairs. Posted on At-Large Youtube and ICANN Learn.
  • Evin Erdogdu to send note on how to set up an individual page (as CLO presented)
  • Heidi Ullrich / Evin Erdogdu to add to ARIWG Issue 3 the request for a one FTE equivalent to work on ALS Engagement and individuals.
  • At-Large public meetings to be 80:20 (issues : administration) to prioritize substantive issues going forward.
  • Gisella Gruber / Heidi Ullrich to ensure titles of At-Large sessions to include the substantive topic being discussed (Not just "At-Large Leadership Session #1")
  • Yesim Nazlar to ensure individual name tags should have an end stripe (RALO colors?) to make them more visible when people want to speak.
  • Evin Erdogdu / Heidi Ullrich to ensure an annual CPWG workshop to be held at an ICANN Public meeting. Interested members of At-Large as well as Fellows and NextGen to be invited.
  • John Laprise to issue call for authors for blogs to be sent by staff. (Volunteers: Marita,    ) Topics to be on current substantive issues.
  • ARIWG calls to be weekly until Board report is completed.
  • ALAC timings – Current timings of 4;00 UTC,  12:00 UTC; 21:00 UTC. November 27th at 4:00 UTC
  • Yesim Nazlar, Andrea Glandon , Claudia Ruiz (Support Staff) to send call invitations with timing and AC link.
  • Yesim Nazlar to establish time for ALT – Plus through a Doodle.
  • Yesim Nazlar / Heidi Ullrich to organize a call with Maureen and the RALO Chairs. (as agreed on the staff/chair call held on 06 November, this item is combined with ALT-PLUS Call as RALO Leaders are joining as well)
  • Maureen Hilyard to send note to ALT-Plus informing them that to keep in-line with the At-Large Leadership Plus structure, Jonathan and Daniel are to receive two slots for travel.

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