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About Me in ICANN...  

I currently have the honour of serving as the ALAC Liaison to the GNSO and have been reconfirmed in preparation for the ICANN#69 virtual meeting to continue in this Appointment by the ALAC for the 2020-21 term.  

In June 2015 I was humbled and very proud to be awarded the second ICANN Multistakeholder Ethos Award along with  Nii Quaynor. This award first established in 2014, "... was created to recognize those ICANN participants who have deeply invested in consensus-based solutions and the importance of ICANN’s multistakeholder model to Internet Governance." 

Previously I had been appointed for three terms (2007-10) as the ALAC Chair, then a Vice Chair of the ICANN At-Large Advisory Committee (ALAC) 2010-2011). I followed that role by my appointment to the ccNSO Council as the Liaison from the ALAC (2010 -2013)  until I joined the Nominating Committee Leadership Team in 2013 as the 'Chair-Elect'. 

My term as the Chair of the 2014 ICANN Nominating Committee  was completed with the closing of the ICANN Public Meeting #51 in Los Angeles mid-Oct 2014.8  Up until end October 2015, at the ICANN 54 meeting in Dublin I served as the Associate Chair of the 2015 ICANN Nominating Committee, I have recently served as the Vice Chair of the Nominating Committee Review Working Party, and as the Vice Chair of the NomCom Review Implementation Working Group.

Within ICANN's At-Large Community I represents Internet Australia's (ISOC-AU) as an ICANN accredited At-Large Structure (ALS) in ICANN's Asia Pacific Regional At-Large Organisation (APRALO) and also as an APRALO representative to the ALAC, (2007 - 2011). As Chair of the ALAC, I was appointed to serve on the 1st Affirmation of Commitments Review Team for ICANN looking at Accountability and Transparency.;  At the end of 2018 after following the process and progress of the 2nd ATRT and other ICANN Specific and Organisational Reviews extremely closely, I was pleased to be appointed to also serve on behalf of the ALAC/At-Large in the 2019  3rd Accountability and Transparency Review Team ATRT3.  I am also an Individual member of the GNSO's Non-Commercial Stakeholder Group (NCSG). In the ICANN Community and has also served on a numerous Working Groups, Work Teams and Task Forces (mostly listed and linked below).  ALAC / At-Large Statement of Interest (SOI) is found here Cheryl Langdon-Orr SOI  and GNSO Statement of Interest (SOI) found  here  Cheryl Langdon-Orr GNSO - SOI

ICANN SO, AC and Cross Community Chartered Work Groups, Work Teams, Task Forces etc.,


CCWG WS2 Accountability  and ATRT3 Implementation of Recommendation(s)  Teams 

Nominating Committee Review Implementation Working Group - Vice Chair

GNSO New gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP WG (Co-Chair of the PDP-WG and active member of all 5 WTs  previous Co-Rapporteur for WT4, current co-Lead for Sub Group C.)

ALAC Outreach Sub Committee (Chair to June 2013; Member to Current)

ALAC Consolidated Policy Working Group (CPWG)

ALAC Budget and Finance Committee (Chair from 2007-2010; APRALO Rep 2006 to 2016 - Member 2016-2018: Participant 2019) 

ICANN Meetings Program Organising Committees (Currently ICANN #70)

ALAC  At-Large Metrics  Sub-Committee (AM-SC)  Chair/Convenor (noting this WG is recently re-activated)

Recent / PAST:

Accountability and Transparency Review Team - ATRT 3 - Co-Chair

ALAC Review Implementation Working Group - ARIWG  (Ex-Officio)

ATLAS III Planning Committee (Advisory/ ExOfficio)

Nominating Committee Review Working Party - Vice Chair

2nd ALAC/ At-Large Review Working Party - Co-Chair

Community Outreach Program (CROP) Community Regional Outreach Program  (APRegional Member)

ALAC Review Team for projects relating to the Community Outreach Program (CROP) Community Regional Outreach Program  (APRegional Member)

Cross Community WG  - CCWG on ICANN Accountability Work Stream 2 (ALAC Member for APRegional and Rapporteur for WPs and  WTs as well as an active member of all WTs)

ALAC ICANN Evolution  (Member and rapporteur reporting to the SC from WS2- Accountability and GNSO new gTLDs Subsequent Procedures WTs)

Cross Community Committee on Accessibility (Moderator)

Cross Community WG  -  Use of Country and Territory Names as TLDs   

Cross Community WG  -  Geographic Regions Review (Member until  2013 then Chair)  

Cross Community WG  - CWG on IANA Stewardship (ALAC Member for AP-Regional and Rapporteur for WPs and WTs)

Cross Community WG  - CCWG on ICANN Accountability Work Stream 1  (ALAC Member for APRegional and Rapporteur for WPs and  WTs as well as an active member of all WTs)

Cross-Community Working Group on a Framework of Principles for Future CWGs -  (Cwg-framework-principles)

ALAC Ad Hoc Accessibility Task Force (Chair)

GNSO Policy and Implementation Work Group 

GNSO non-PDP Data & Metrics for Policy Making Working Group  (Co-Chair)  (DMPM-WG)

ALAC Ad Hoc WG on IANA Stewardship Transition

ATLAS II Implementation Taskforce Workspace (ATLAS II IT).

  • ALAC ATLAS II  Return on Investment WG
  • ALAC ATLAS II Reporting Sub Committee

Cross Community WG  -  Implementation Advisory Group for Competition, Consumer Trust & Consumer Choice (IAG-CCT)

ccNSO/GAC Framework of Interpretation (FOI-WG)

APRALO Rules of Procedure Review (Chair)

Cross Community  SO/AC WG on DNS Security and Stability Analysis (DSSA-WG)

GNSO Policy and Implementation Work Group Charter Drafting Team

GNSO Metrics and Reporting Work Group Charter (metrep-wg) Drafting Team

ccNSO/GAC Study Group on Use of Territory and Country Names (NTC-SG ) 

ALAC Technology Task Force (Founding Co-Chair)

ALAC Improvements Implementation Task Force (AII-TF) - Chair

ALAC ATLAS II  Organising Committee (and moderator of Topic Task Force on ICANN Globalisation) 

ALAC Rules of Procedure Review (ROPR-WG) - Chair


GNSO (Charter endorsed by and representation from ALAC) Consumer Metrics Project (ConsumerCCI-WG)

Joint SO/AC WG on New gTLD Applicant Support (JAS-WG)

ccNSO Cross Community SO/AC WG on IDNccTLD Fast-track

GNSO Policy Process Steering Committee (PPSC) (ALAC liaison alternate) 

GNSO Policy Process Steering Committee Policy Development Process Work Team (PDP-WT)

GNSO Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery PDP Working Group (PEDNR)

GNSO Registrar Accreditation Agreement Working Group (RAA) (Group a & Group b)

GNSO Vertical Integration Working Group (VI-WG)

Please also see my online Bio pages   and

I am an active participant in the following current Internet related 'policy' activities the W3C Credible Web Community Group  and the IEEE Working Group P7011 News Site Trustworthiness Working Group

In 2017 I was reappointed as a Director of Internet Australia (IA) (previously known a the Internet Society of Australia, ISOC-AU) an accredited ICANN At-Large Structure (ALS) since March 2005, having served in this capacity since 2001, I am also currently serving as Vice Chair (International) of Internet Australia, and their representative on the ISOC Chapters Advisory Council.

I was a founding member of the APrIGF Multistakholder Group (MSG) pre 2005 and continue to serve there. 

I also was a founder in and currently serve on the Australian Internet Governance Local initiative called 'NetThing' leading on from my previous activities with the prior event known as auIGF when serving on the auDA Board.

For ten (10) years( 2004 to 27 Oct 2014) I was a elected Demand Class Director (2002-14) of the .au Domain Name Administrator (auDA) for Country Code TLD .au (which was a Founding Member of the ICANN ccNSO), serving in a number of Board WG's and activities most recently in the Board Finance and Budget Sub Committee, and Chairing the Board Governance and Remuneration Sub Committee. After recent Review and renewal of the .au Domain Administration entity a new single Class of Membership has been created and I am now an Associate Member of auDA under this new model.

I continue to serve as a consumer advocate representative to the Australian Communications Compliance (CommCom) Advisory Committee an independent code monitoring (and reporting) body, that is to ensure that Carriage Service Providers (CSPs)  in Australia are compliant with the Telecommunications Consumer Protection (TCP) Code, since appointment there in late 2012

About me:- In 1983, I left my Post-Grad research and academic career as a tutor in physiology (continuing as Teaching Associate at the Asia Pacific Research Institute of Macquarie University during the early 2000 years) to operate our family owned micro-enterprise, Hovtek Pty. Limited.

I was (and still am) am a telecommuter, (so all set when COVID-19 movement restrictions came in) and licensee of domain names in .au as well as in the global DNS, but most importantly, I am an avid end-user of the Internet for work and recreation. 

From 1981 to 2018 I served as a working Director in our Family owned business Hovtek Pty., Ltd. activities of Hovtek included turnkey Analytical and Quality Assurance Laboratories and associated medical and laboratory products, training and TQM services, in 1999 we started a spin-off project called BuildersNet which was developed for the Building Construction and Demolition Industry from some of the TQM (ISO-9002 etc.,) activities; 4 years later this became a stand-alone Australian Company, (Pty. Ltd.,) and relied wholly on the Internet to facilitate its operation.

Our clients in Australia were Micro Businesses and SMEs - and internationally mainly SMEs and Government or Aid Funded bodies; We serviced and communicated with them almost exclusively online and the majority of our importation of raw materials and products as well as export documentation bookings etc. was handled that way. I was also a Founding Director in several Associations and a Not For Profit company interested in Global Trade and SME growth, facilitated by Internet use, under the auspices of UNCTAD.

I believe the Internet should be seen as a public asset and needs to be developed and maintained as a cost-effective and accessible resource for communication, education, community, social and business opportunities by the Australian and wider global community; my work within ICANN with its remit as the coordinator of  the unique identifiers (addressing) across i.e. in the Naming, Numbering and Nomenclature within the Internet Ecosystem with its commitment to a multi-stakeholder, bottom-up consensus-driven policy development model is an essential part of this aim.

My focus and ongoing interests are not specifically technical but rather more consumer and end-user focused. Until May 2009 when the Council was dissolved I represent ISOC-AU in the Australian Communication Alliance Consumer Advisory Council) See with a keen interest in Policy Development, Access, Outreach and Regulatory issues.

I was an Individual Member (prior to the formation of our Chapter) of ISOC and am a Director of ISOC-AU See since being elected in 2001 serving as Hon Treasurer from 2003, and currently serve as the Hon. Company Secretary on the executive... For more about my role and about the other Directors of ISOC-AU see

I am a Member of auDA, and was a Board Member from 2002 to 2014, having previously worked on several auDA Policy Advisory Panels between 2000 and 2004, and as the Chair of the Domain Name Industry Code of Practice Committee.

In 2008 and 2009 in addition to my work within APRALO and ALAC and specifically within the arena of communications consumer advocacy in Australia I was instrumental in the formation of a new National peak body to act as a co-ordinated voice of communications consumers Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) See 

I am involved in the Regional IGF Initiative for APAC APrIGF having served on its Multistakeholder Steering Group (MSG) since it was founded (and earlier in the Australian National Initiative auIGF from inception until it ceased) and since 2017 I am engaged in the current Committee exploring a new National Initiative for a Community Led Conversation around Internet Governance in Australia. 

I am also a member of several organisations and associations including  Women On Boards and ; Women in the Boardroom ;  the TED community and the International Sustainable Development Resource Centre, Geneva; and as an individual and corporate representative in ACCAN  additionally I have had active roles and engagement in Australian Government Policy Development includes active participation in Govt 2.0 ; Public Sphere activities specifically in Australia (Archived);

In addition to being:-

  • a supporter and an active member of a number of STEM and STEAM initiatives.
  • still excited about capacity building and training opportunities (leading or engaging in them (wink))
  • a hands-on grandmother of three (14 y,12y and 5y) making as sure as I can, that they grow up bold, brave and capable in the real and virtual worlds they will need to live in.
  • a huge fan of anything to do with dragons.

Email: * cheryl at & langdonorr at
Skype: cheryl.langdon.orr
Twitter: @clo3

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