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Trip Assessment Form


1) Describe the Trip in sufficient detail
that an interested reader could understand Who,
What, When, Where, and Why concerning this
funded CROP activity (please be as expansive
as possible):  

Members of the BC, including most of the BC’s Excomm met 3/10/18 with the leadership of the Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce, as well as ICANN VP Chris Mondini; and ICANN Outreach lead for Brazil, Daniel Fink. 


The meeting included an in-depth briefing by Javier Rua, who detailed the condition of Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria and the challenges the territory faces as it works to rebuild key infrastructure, including key technology infrastructure.  President and Chair of the Chamber Board Alicia Lamboy-Mombille and Chamber Executive Director Miguel Vargas Jimenez both detailed the challenges the Chamber has faced and talked about the way forward for Puerto Rican businesses – including discussion of the country’s business environment both before and after the hurricane, the impact of the debt situation, changes in the country’s employment landscape as a result of changes in US legislation, and other key issues.  Pablo Rodriguez, President of the Telecommunications and Technology Committee of the Chamber (and ICANN 61 host) also spoke.


The BC team, led by Chair Claudia Selli and Outreach Lead Andrew Mack talked about the BC’s work at ICANN, and some of the key issues/priorities of the business community in the ICANN ecosystem.  The BC attendees asked a series of questions about the Chamber’s membership and answered questions about the BC’s role within the ICANN ecosystem.  The groups held a lively give and take for over an hour and a half, covering a number of key topics. 


As in most CROP events, the Puerto Rico Chamber Reps were keen to hear from BC members about their motivations for participation – why they participated as members of the BC, how they first got involved, and “value proposition” for a business from participation (literally, what’s in it for us as a participant).  BC members explained the three most typical drivers for most participants – the importance of creating a business-friendly policy environment for the internet space, the ability to influence policy – especially for SMEs, and the meaningful international networks that they had established through their participation in ICANN as part of the BC.



2) Explain the extent to which the Proposed
Goals and Outcomes were accomplished
(see above LINK to review the original Proposal):  

The program was originally planned as a larger event to be held at the Chamber with 20 Chamber members.  On 2/28 Chamber leadership informed the BC that it would be necessary to scale back the program.  They cited a number of factors all related to the hurricane.  The Chamber building was severely damaged (and couldn’t been fixed in time for an event).  Telecommunications and logistical difficulties facing Chamber members – including power outages and spotty cell service to many parts of the San Juan area where Chamber members live – were still limiting the ability of the Chamber to communicate with members.  Many members were still working overtime as a result of ongoing disruptions to power and supply chain.  This was the reality in post-hurricane Puerto Rico. 


In the end, it was agreed to focus on discussions with the leadership, enabling the BC to show its support for the Puerto Rican Chamber (which is full of potential BC members) at a time when this support would be meaningful.  Key Chamber leaders understand the role of the BC and promised to carry our messages forward.  And our ties with the island’s apex organization for private sector engagement is strengthened.

3) Additional information pertaining
to this outreach Trip (optional):
4) Please fill out the date when you have completed this form:21-Mar-2018
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CROP Trip Assessment Template (May 2017)

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