Instructions to Complete a Trip Proposal Form

Below you will find a set of written Instructions that will guide you in creating a Trip Proposal. You may want to print or copy these instructions to a notepad application or open in a new window/tab so that you can refer to them as you complete the steps.

Step 1: Find the appropriate ICANN Organization/Structure under the Forms section which is grouped by At-Large RALOs and GNSO Structures

Step 2: A Trip Proposal page template has already been generated for the five (5) trips allocated to each ICANN Organization/Structure. Please use the next available Trip Proposal that is shown as UNUSED on the Organization/Structure header page. 

Step 3: To complete the form please use the leftmost <Edit Contents> menu option, which appears on the same line as your name (top right).

If you see the following error in any of the cells, please ignore it.
Once you click <Edit Contents>, complete the required fields,
and <Save> the form, those warnings will disappear.
Error rendering macro 'text-data' : null

Step 4: Answer each of the questions in the blank column to the far right of the form: 

  • The text fields open a window which will auto-expand and auto-wrap as you type content. You also have editing features (see top menu) available such as bold, italics, bullets, and more.
  • Note that some fields contain menu selections which will pop-up once you click anywhere in the cell. 
  • Date fields will produce a calendar from which you may select the day, month, and year appropriate to the question. 

Step 5When you are finished answering ALL of the questions, remember to <Save> the page (bottom of the screen).

You will not be able to <Save> the form unless ALL of the required fields are completed. If you do not know a particular answer or are unsure and want to come back to it later, enter something that will tell the Program Administrators that you intend to amend the contents subsequently. All fields must be completed in order to <Save> the page.

Additional Tips:

  • How to Edit Later: If you need to amend any information/contents subsequently, you simply click on the appropriate Travel Proposal page and then click <Edit Contents> on the top menu bar. Don’t forget to <Save> any changes you make. All prior versions are automatically archived.
  • How to Link to This Page: Both standard and tiny links (URL) are available to your Trip Proposal page. The tiny link is useful because it will always point to the correct location (permalink) even if the page is subsequently moved within the Wiki. To access the tiny link, go to the Tools menu and click "Link to this page..." or, simply, press the keyboard shortcut letter "k" to show both standard and tiny URLs, either of which may be copied and pasted to another Wiki or website.
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