The Portfolio Management Tool (PMT) is an effort by GNSO support staff to compile those activities that are acknowledged to be within the GNSO Council's scope of work as it relates to the FY21-FY25 Strategic Plan. The tool covers the GNSO Council's projects and ongoing activities, categorized by similar project related topics or policy issues and is updated monthly. The tasks within each project are listed at a very high-level and largely depend on more specific plans made at the project level as inputs to better inform the program. This tool is a primary input to the Council's Action Decision Radar (ADR). Both are intended to provide the Council with data and forecasts to allow the Council to manage the GNSO's policy work and its planning and prioritization activities more effectively. 


  • The PMT does not presuppose outcomes or decisions, but it does assume the greatest (optimal) amount of possible activity. For example, if a PDP is launched, the PMT will log the duration of the working group, time for Council to adopt, time for the Board to adopt, and an Implementation Review team.
  • Projected timelines, duration and completion dates are based on prior or analogous experience; they do not necessarily reflect all dependencies that may be identified throughout a project lifecycle and cannot be read as commitments to specific timelines or delivery time frames.   
  • The PMT does not account for unplanned activities, externalities or other circumstances that may require rescheduling or other reactive project-related decisions.
  • Project tasks and duration within each project or ongoing activity are considered in isolation.
  • The PMT is generated based on current available information, to the maximum extent feasible; it is not a comprehensive record of all information relating to a specific project or activity.  
  • The PMT is not a prioritization tool.
  • It is also not a resource and capacity planning tool.
Council Year 2020-2021
27 Oct 2021GNSO_Council_Portfolio_Management_Tool_FY21-FY25_20211027.pdf
23 Sep 2021GNSO_Council_Portfolio_Management_Tool_FY21-FY25_20210923.pdf
19 Aug 2021GNSO_Council_Portfolio_Management_Tool_FY21-FY25_20210819.pdf
22 Jul 2021GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20210616.pdf
16 Jun 2021GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20210520.pdf
20 May 2021

PDF: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20210422.pdf

MPP: Sunset - now using Smartsheets

22 Apr 2021

PDF: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20210422.pdf

MPP: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20210422.mpp

24 Mar 2021

PDF: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20210324.pdf

MPP: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20210324.mpp

18 Feb 2021

PDF: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20210218.pdf

MPP: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20210218.mpp

21 Jan 2021

PDF: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20210121.pdf

MPP: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20210121.mpp

17 Dec 2020

PDF: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20201217.pdf

MPP: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20201217.mpp

19 Nov 2020

PDF: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20201119.pdf

MPP: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20201119.mpp

21 Oct 2020

PDF: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20201021.pdf

MPP: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20201021.mpp

24 Sep 2020

PDF: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20200924.pdf

MPP: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20200924.mpp

20 Aug 2020

PDF: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20200820.pdf

MPP: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20200820.mpp

23 July 2020

PDF: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20200723.pdf

MPP: GNSO_Council_Program_Management_Tool_20200723.mpp

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