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Meeting Dates and Notes 

24 January 2022Latin GP 20220124.m4a
17 January 2022Latin GP 20220117.m4aLatin GP 20220117.pdf
10 January 2022Latin GP 20220110.m4aLatin GP 20220110.pdf
3 January 2022Latin GP 20220103.m4aLatin GP 20220103.pdf
20 December 2021Latin GP 20211220.m4aLatin GP 20211220.pdf
13 December 2021Latin GP 20121213.m4aLatin GP 20211213.pdf
6 December 2021Latin GP 20211206.m4aLatin GP 20211206.pdf
1 December 2021Latin GP 20211201.m4aLatin GP 20211201.pdf
25 November 2021Latin GP 20211125.m4aLatin GP 20211125.pdf
12 August 2021Latin GP 20210812.m4a
5 August 2021Latin GP 20210805.m4a
29 July 2021Latin GP 20210729.m4a
15 July 2021Latin GP 20210715.m4aLatin GP 20210715-2.pdf
8 July 2021Latin GP 20210708.m4a
24 june 2021Latin GP 20210624.m4a
10 June 2021Latin GP 20210610.m4a
29 April 2021Latin GP 20210429.m4aLatin GP 20210429.pdf
22 April 2021Latin GP 20210422.m4aLatin GP 20210422.pdf
15 April 2021Latin GP 20210415.m4aLatin GP 20210415.pdf
8 April 2021Latin GP 20210408.m4a
1 April 2021Latin GP 20210401.m4a
25 March 2021Latin GP 20210325.m4a
4 March 2021Latin GP 20210304.m4a
18 February 2021Latin GP 20200218.m4a
11 February 2021Latin GP 20200211.m4a
4 February 2021Latin GP 20210204.m4aLatin GP 20210204.pdf
28 January 2021Latin GP 20210128.m4a
21 January 2021Latin GP 20210121.m4areflexive-mapping.pdf
14 January 2021Latin GP 20210114.m4a
7 January 2021Latin GP 20210107.m4a
10 December 2020Not availableLatin GP 20201210.pdf
12 November 2020Latin GP 20201112.m4aLatin GP 20201112.pdf
5 November 2020Latin GP 20201105.m4aLatin GP 20201105.pdf
8 October 2020Latin GP 20201008.m4a
1 October 2020Latin GP 20201001.m4aLatin GP 20201001.pdf
24 September 2020Latin GP 20200924.m4a
17 September 2020

Latin GP 20200917-1.m4a

Latin GP 20200917-2.m4a

High level note: GP reviewed proposal section 6 - inscript variant #3 and started on the cross-script.
10 September 2020Latin GP 20200910.m4aHigh level note: GP reviewed proposal section 6 - inscript variant #2
3 September 2020Latin GP 20200903.m4aHigh level note: GP reviewed proposal section 6 - inscript variant #1
27 August 2020Latin GP 20200827.m4aHigh level note: GP reviewed proposal section 1-5
20 August 2020Latin GP 20200820.m4aHigh level note: The timeline for the next submission and confusable.
6 August 2020Latin GP 20200806.m4aHigh level note: The GP discussed the underlining draft and the confusable. 
30 July 2020Latin GP 20200730.m4aLatin GP 20200730.pdf
23 July 2020Latin GP 20200723.m4aHigh level note: The GP discussed the underlining draft and the confusable.
16 July 2020Latin GP 20200716.m4aLatin GP 20200716.pdf
9 July 2020Latin GP 20200709.m4aLatin GP 20200709.pdf
2 July 2020Latin GP 20200702.m4a

Latin GP 20200702.pdf


18 June 2020Latin GP 20200618.m4aHigh level note: The GP meet with Turkish expert #2
4 June 2020Latin GP 20200604.m4aLatin GP 20200604.pdf
28 May 2020Latin GP 20200528.m4aLatin GP 20200528.pdf
21 May 2020Latin GP 20200521.m4aLatin GP 20200521-v2.pdf
14 May 2020Latin GP 20200514.m4aLatin GP 20200514.pdf
7 May 2020Latin GP 20200507.m4aLatin GP 20200507.pdf
30 April 2020Latin GP 20200430.m4aLatin GP 20200430.pdf
23 April 2020Latin GP 20200423.m4aLatin GP 20200423.pdf
16 April 2020Latin GP 20200416.m4aLatin GP 20200416.pdf
9 April 2020Latin GP 20200409.m4aLatin GP 20200409.pdf
2 April 2020Latin GP 20200402.m4aLatin GP 20200402-v2.pdf
26 March 2020Latin GP 20200326.m4aLatin GP 20200326.pdf
19 March 2020Latin GP 20200319.m4aLatin GP 20200326.pdf
5 March 2020Latin GP 20200305.m4aLatin GP 20200305.pdf
27 February 2020Latin GP 20200227.m4aLatin GP 20200227.pdf
20 February 2020Latin GP 20200220.m4aLatin GP 20200220.pdf
13 February 2020Latin GP 20200213.m4aLatin GP 20200213.pdf
16 January 2020Latin GP 20200116.m4aLatin GP 20200116.pdf
9 January 2020Latin GP 20200109.m4aLatin GP 20200109.pdf
2 January 2020Latin GP 20200102.m4aLatin GP 20200102.pdf
19 December 2019Latin GP 20191219.m4aLatin GP 20191219.pdf
12 December 2019Latin GP 20191212.m4aLatin GP 20191212.pdf
5 December 2019Latin GP 20191205.m4aLatin GP 20191205.pdf
28 November 2019Latin GP 20191128.m4a
21 November 2019Latin GP 20191121.m4aLatin GP 20191121.pdf
14 November 2019Latin GP 20191114.m4aLatin GP 20191114.pdf
4 November 2019
Latin GP and IP session during ICANN 66

24 October 2019Latin GP 20191024.m4aLatin GP 20191024.pdf
17 October 2019Latin GP 20191017.m4aLatin GP 20191017.pdf
10 October 2019Latin GP 20191010.m4aLatin GP 20191010.pdf
3 October 2019Latin GP 20191003.m4aLatin GP 20191003.pdf
26 September 2019Latin GP 20190926.m4aLatin GP 20190926.pdf
19 September 2019Latin GP 20190919.m4aLatin GP 20190919.pdf
12 September 2019Latin GP 20190912.m4a
5 September 2019Latin GP 20190905.m4aLatin GP 20190905.pdf
29 August 2019Latin GP 20190829.m4aLatin GP 20190829.pdf
22 August 2019Latin GP 20190822.m4aLatin GP 20190822.pdf
15 August 2019Latin GP 20190815.m4aLatin GP 20190815.pdf
8 August 2019Latin GP 20190808.m4a
1 August 2019Latin GP 20190801.m4a
25 July 2019Latin GP 20190725.m4aLatin GP 20190725.pdf
18 July 2019Latin GP 20190718.m4aLatin GP 20190718.pdf
11 July 2019Latin GP 20190711.m4aLatin GP 20190711.pdf
4 July 2019Latin GP 20190704.m4aLatin GP 20190704.pdf
20 June 2019Latin GP 20190620.m4aLatin GP 20190620.pdf
13 June 2019Latin GP 20190613.m4a
6 June 2019Latin GP 20190606.m4a
30 May 2019Latin GP 20190530.m4a
23 May 2019Latin GP 20190523.m4aLatin GP Meeting Note - 20190523.pdf
16 May 2019Latin GP 20190516.m4a
9 May 2019Latin GP 20190509.m4a
2 May 2019Latin GP 20190502.m4a
25 April 2019Latin GP 20190425.m4a
11 April 2019Latin GP 20190411.mp3
4 April 2019Latin GP 20190404.mp3
28 March 2019Latin GP 20190328.mp3Latin GP Meeting Note - 20190328.pdf
21 March 2019Latin GP 20190321.mp3Latin GP Meeting Note - 20190321.pdf
21 February 2019

5 February 2019Latin GP 20190205 with IP.mp3
24 January 2019Latin GP 20190124.mp3
17 January 2019Latin GP 20190117.mp3Latin GP Meeting Note - 20190117.pdf
10 January 2019Latin GP 20190110.mp3Latin-GP-Meeting-Note-20190110-2.pdf
20 December 2018Latin GP 20181220.mp3Latin GP Meeting Note - 20181220.pdf
13 December 2018Latin GP 20181213.mp3
6 December 2018Latin GP 20181206.mp3
16 November 2018Latin GP 20181116.mp3
1 November 2018Latin GP 20181101.mp3

1-3 October 2018

Face to Face Meeting

1 October 2018 - part 1.mp3

1 October 2018 - part 2.mp3

1 October 2018 - part 3.mp3

2 October 2018 - part 1.mp3

2 October 2018 - part 2.mp3

2 October 2018 - part 3 - with IP.mp3

3 October 2018 - part 1.mp3

3 October 2018 - part 2.mp3

3 October 2018 - part 3.mp3

20 September 2018Latin GP 20180920.mp3Latin-GP-20180920.pdf
6 September 2018Latin GP 20180906.mp3Latin-GP-20180906.pdf
30 August 2018Latin GP 20180830.mp3Latin-GP-Meeting-20180830.pdf
23 August 2018Latin GP 20180823.mp3Latin-GP-Meeting-20180823-v2.pdf
16 August 2018Latin GP 20180816.mp3Latin GP - Meeting 20180816-2.pdf
2 August 2018Latin GP 20180802.mp3
19 July 2018Latin GP 20180719.mp3
5 July 2018Latin GP 20180705.mp3Latin GP - Meeting 20180705.pdf
14 June 2018Latin GP 20180614.mp3
31 May 2018

17 May 2018Latin GP - Meeting 20180517.m4aLatin GP - Meeting 20180517-2.pdf
3 May 2018Latin GP Meeting 20180503.m4aLatin GP - Meeting 20180504.pdf
19 April 2018Latin GP - Meeting 20180419.m4aLatin GP - Meeting 20180419.pdf
5 April 2018Latin GP - Meeting 20180405.mp3Latin GP - Meeting 20180405.pdf
22 March 2018LatinGP-20180322.mp3Latin GP - Meeting 20180322.pdf
1 March 2018
Latin GP - Meeting 20180301-2.pdf
15 February 2018Latin GP 20180215.mp3Latin GP - Meeting 20180215.pdf

29-31 January 2018

Face to Face Meeting

Latin Variant Notes.pdf
23 January 2018
Latin GP - Meeting 20180123.pdf
9 January 2018Latin GP 20180109.mp3Latin GP - Meeting 20180109-2.pdf
12 December 2017Latin GP Repertoire WG 20171212.mp3Latin GP - Meeting 20171212.pdf
5 December 2017Latin GP Repertoire WG 20171205.mp3Latin GP - Repretoire WG - Meeting 20171205.pdf
30 November 2017Latin GP Drafting WG 20171130.mp3Latin GP - Draft WG - Meeting 20171130.pdf
21 November 2017Latin GP Repertoire WG 20171121.mp3Latin GP - Repertorie WG - Meeting 20171121.pdf
14 November 2017Latin GP 20171114.mp3Latin GP - Meeting 20171114.pdf
7 November 2017Latin GP Repertoire WG 20171107.mp3Latin GP - Repertorie WG - Meeting 20171107.pdf

31 October 2017

ICANN 60 Session

Adobe Connect Multimedia Session Recording

English Audio Session Recording

24 October 2017Latin GP Repertoire WG 20171024.mp3
10 October 2017Latin GP Repertoire WG 20171010.mp3Latin GP Repertoire Meeting 20171010.pdf
5 October 2017
Latin GP Variant Meeting 20171005.pdf
3 October 2017Latin GP 20171003.mp3Latin GP Meeting 20171003.pdf
26 September 2017Latin GP Repertoire WG 20170926.mp3Latin GP Repertoire Meeting 20170926.pdf
19 September 2017Latin GP 20170919.mp3Latin GP Meeting 20170919.pdf
12 September 2017Latin GP Repertoire WG 20170912.mp3Latin GP Repertoire Meeting 20170912.pdf
5 September 2017Latin GP 20170905.mp3Latin GP Meeting 20170905.pdf
29 August 2017Latin GP Repertoire WG 20170829.mp3Latin GP Repertoire Meeting 20170829.pdf
15 August 2017Latin GP Repertoire WG 20170815.mp3
8 August 2017Latin GP 20170808.mp3
1 August 2017Latin GP Repertoire WG 20170801.mp3
25 July 2017Latin GP 20170725.mp3Latin GP 20170725 Summary.pdf
18 July 2017Latin GP Repertoire WG 20170718.mp3Latin GP 20170718 Repertoire WG Summary.pdf
11 July 2017Latin GP WG 20170711.mp32017-07-11-GP-Minutes.pdf
4 July 2017Latin GP Rep. WG 20170704.mp3Latin GP 20170704 Summary.pdf
22-23 June
Face to Face Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey
13 June 2017Latin GP WG 20170613.mp3
6 June 2017Latin GP Rep. WG 20170606.mp3
30 May 2017

16 May 2017

Latin GP 20170516.mp3
2 May 2017

25 April 2017Latin GP 20170425.mp3
11 April 2017

28 March 2017

23 February 2017

9 February 2017

26 January 2017

12 January 2017

19 October 2016

Notes of meeting

28 July 2016

14 July 2016LatinGP 20160714.mp3LatinGP Meeting Notes 20160714.pdf
26 April 2016

22 March 2016

6 March 2016 
 Face-to-face in Marrakech
9 February 2016

26 January 2016

8 December 2015

24 November 2015

10 November 2015

ICANN Dublin October 2015

22 September 2015

Latin GP Public Comment 1

Integration Panel Response to Public Comment on Principles

The Latin GP request comments from the community on the following documents on guiding principles for its work.  Please email comments to by 23 October 2017.

Links to Documents

Here are the links to the documents being discussed:

Work Status Information 

Suggested Timeline with Significant Milestones: the Generation Panel intends to divide the work on LGR for the Root zone in four stages. These are organized as follows:

Preparation for establishment of LGP 
Call for participation*

Application for establishment of LGP 

LatinGP- Formation Proposal - 20170511.docx

Development of Latin LGR

Latin coordination committee meetings

Collecting community opinion and remarks

Submit draft Latin LGR to ICANN

  • Panel Status Information

Script/Generation PanelStatus


  • Announcement on 15 May 2017

  • Panel membership





Language Expertise
ObserverTunde AdegbolaAfrican Languages Technology InitiativeNigeria
MemberSarat AssirouInstitute COADYIvory CoastDioula
ObserverDwayne AfricaAfrikaans, Northern Sotho, Venda, Tswana and Southern Sotho
ObserverFahd BataynehICANNJordanArabic, English
ObserverMatthias BrenzingerUniversity of Cape TownSouth Africa
ObserverEric Brunner-WilliamsCOREUSEnglish


Chris DillonUniversity College LondonUKEnglish, German, Spanish
MemberScott Emblen-JarrettFreelance TranslatorUK

English, Dutch, Spanish, French, Catalan, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Galician, Italian, German, Danish, Swedish, Occitan, Romanian and others

ObserverYashar HajiyevInformation Policy Analytical CenterAzerbaijanAzerbaijani, English
MemberHazem HezzahLeague of Arab StatesEgypt

Use of Latin script for African languages

MemberPaul HoffmanICANNUSEnglish
MemberAhmed Bakht MasoodPakistan Telecom AuthorityPakistanUrdu, English
ObserverTarik MerghaniAfTLDSudan
MemberMeikal MuminUniversity of CologneGermany

German, English, Use of

Latin script for African languages

MemberAbdeslam NasriATOSAlgiersArabic, French
MemberNgô Thanh NhànNew York UniversityUSVietnamese
ObserverDaniel OmondiInternet SocietyKenya
ObserverOscar Gabriel Ledesma PiñeiroAlfa-REDIArgentinaSpanish, English
ObserverGideon Kiprono RopDotConnectAfricaKenya
ObserverDušan StojičevićRNIDSSerbiaSerbian, English

Jean-Jacques Subrenat

NCUC; Individual Users; NMI/CC; ICGFranceFrench, English

Mirjana Tasić

National Internet Domain Names of Serbia (RNIDS)

SerbiaSerbian, English

Aysegul Tekce

MemberVladimir VisnjicTemple UniversityUSEnglish, German, Serbian, Croatian, Greek
MemberBonface WitabaCentre for Youth Empowerment & Leadership, KenyaKenyaSwahili
ObserverJiankang YaoComputer Network Information Center (CNIC, CAS)ChinaMandarin Chinese, Pinyin and English
MemberSeun Ojedeji 

AFRINIC and Federal University Oye-Ekiti,

MemberMichael BaulandKnipp  Medien und Kommunikation GmbHGermanyGerman
MemberMats DufbergIISSwedenSwedish
MemberDennis T. TanakaVerisignUSSpanish, English
MemberTran Canh ToanDeputy Director of Technical Department, VNNICVietnamVietnamese, English
MemberBill JourisInside ProductsUSEnglish, German, Japanese 
ObserverViolet Rose Ningakun

Papua New Guinea

MemberFiammetta CaccavaleUniversity of CopenhagenDenmark/ ItalyItaian, English
MemberElvin Prasad
FijiFijian, English

Bakiau Takentebwebwe

Communications Commission of KiribatiKiribati

Gilbertese, English

MemberOusmane Moussa Tessa

Chief Executive Officer of NigerREN & Member of the Board of Directors of WACREN


Zarma, Hausa, French, English


Jean Paul Nkurunziza

ISOC BURUNDI, Réseau des Télécentres Communautaires du Burundi

BurundiKirundi, Swahili, French, English
MemberAmadou LY Board Authority Telecommunication and Post Republique of SenegalSenegalPulaar, Wolof, French

Anna Denis Sangeu

University of Dar-es-salaam TanzaniaKswahili, English
  • Contact and Additional Information

  • Contact the Latin Generation Panel at: Email recipients are panel members as listed in above. Public archive of exchanges taking place on this mailing list are available at:
  • Integration, existing and prospective Generation Panel members will be subscribed to the following mailing list to facilitate communications on matters related to LGR work and submissions of LGR proposals. Public archive of exchanges taking place on this mailing list are available at:

 How to submit LGR proposals?



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