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About the Generation Panels

The purpose of a Generation Panel is to create a proposed set of Label Generation Rules (LGR) for a given script or writing system used by a community of Internet users. The LGR proposed by the Generation Panel defines how the script can be supported in the Root Zone and will be reviewed by the Integration Panel for possible integration into the Root Zone LGR. Forming a Generation Panel is thus the crucial first step in the development of the Label Generation Rules (LGR) for IDNA labels for the Root Zone. 

In developing and maintaining the Root Zone LGR, this project follows the  Procedure to Develop and Maintain the Label Generation Rules for the Root Zone in Respect of IDNA Labels that relies on the interaction between one or more generation panels and one integration panel.

Generation panels are formed within the respective communities and are composed of volunteer members with deep experience or interest in the given script, or writing system. Some communities have existing working groups on IDNs and Variant IDNs. A group like that would make an excellent seed for a Generation Panel. Seventeen scripts have been identified for which establishing Generation panels is particularly desirable in the initial phase of developing a Root Zone LGR. For more information on forming or joining a Generation Panel see below. As Generation Panels are established and approved by ICANN, they will be posted on this website and accessible via the Contents on the right.

The Generation Panel workflow

The following diagram illustrates in a very schematic fashion, the process each panel follows to arrive at an approved LGR that is ultimately incorporated by the Integration Panel into the unified LGR.

Once composition and work plan are approved by the Integration Panel, the Generation Panel can begin work on the label generation rules. Panels will meet at regular intervals and communicate with the Integration Panel and external expert advisors as needed. Because many scripts are used by more than one language or writing system, the Panel will be expected to identify the relevant writing systems covered by the script and consult with the relevant user communities. The Panel will submit a proposed LGR to the Integration Panel for review as well as for public comment.

If the review is positive, and no further changes arise out of the public comments, the submission of the Generation Panel will be integrated in a release of the integrated LGR for the Root Zone. At this point the work of the Generation Panel is done, except that it may be reconvened if changes to the Root Zone LGR, affecting the script area for the Generation Panel are needed, whether because the Unicode Standard has added new characters for that script or for any other reason.

How to form or join a Generation Panel

For more details on forming a generation panel, see the Call for Generation Panels to develop Root Zone Label Generation Rules.

To submit expressions of interest or if you have additional questions, please contact ICANN at

The following document, titled Setting up and Running a Generation Panel, was prepared by ICANN project team to augment the Procedure by providing an overview of the tasks of a Generation Panel, information about a suggested composition and some notes on how to set up and organize a Generation Panel for a given script for the first time. In the event of any discrepancy between the information presented in this document and the Procedure, the Procedure shall prevail.


How to submit Generation Panel and LGR proposals?

Stay Informed

  • Integration, existing and prospective Generation Panel members will be subscribed to the following mailing list to facilitate communications on matters related to LGR work and submissions of LGR proposals. Public archive of exchanges taking place on this mailing list are available at:
  • Contact the Integration Panel members directly at:
  • Use email address to contact ICANN staff on general matters related to the project, to submit statements of interest, Generation Panel proposals, work reports, updates, etc. 
  • Subscribe to the public mailing list for discussions on issues related to IDN Variant TLDs and the LGR by completing the form at Public archive of exchanges taking place on this mailing list are available at:

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