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Trip Assessment Form

1) Describe how the original Purpose and Goals were accomplished:

  1. Substantial comments made on Day 1 to the drafting of the document titled A Caribbean Internet Governance Policy Framework - Toward a Regional Information Society ( in which definition and recognition of civil society was raised to be a primary gap in the draft as well as the lack of organisational structure of the Caribbean IG Multistakeholder process.
  2. Represented not for profits and civil society at the Caribbean IGF during the Caribbean IGF together with another member from the Internet Governance Caucus from St. Lucia. All other participants were from the business, Government and ccTLD sectors.
  3. Promoted participation in NPOC and ICANN (activities, membership and generally) on Day 2 together with Albert Daniels (ICANN Caribbean Regional Manager), Carlton Samuels and Jacqueline Morris.  
  4. Solicited information from the Caribbean IGF  into the IGF Istanbul (particularly since this is the UN focused year for Small Island Developing States was able to speak to Dr. Cletus Bertin on the St. Lucia Government Open Data Portal and obtain some information for Workshop 171 Connecting Small Island States through Access to Data).

2) Describe how the original Outcomes were achieved:


1. Currently the revised version of the document titled A Caribbean Internet Governance Policy Framework - Toward a Regional Information Society ( is still being drafted. Expect to be sent the revised version soon.

2. Since there were only two participants from Civil Society (myself and another) our representation of not for profits and civil society at the Caribbean IGF gave validity as a multi stakeholder forum approach and some idea on the civil society perspective to other participants.

3. Increased awareness of NPOC and ICANN with hopeful alignment of activities and membership applications from NGO and similarly aligned stakeholders. There were many ccTLD holders at the meeting and many were encouraged to join ICANN. Also shared NPOC brochure with Internet Governance Caucus member for forwarding to that list.

4. Chanelling Small Island Developing State (SIDS) and Regional issue information upward from the Caribbean IGF into the IGF Istanbul through workshops 68 SIDS Roundtable, 114 Developing Countries participation in IGF and 171 Connecting Small Island States through Access to Data.

3) Date Completed:05-Sep-2014
4) Additional information pertaining to this outreach event (optional):
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