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Trip Assessment Form

1) Describe how the original Purpose and Goals were accomplished:

The original purpose and goal of the trip read: "EuroDIG is a significant annual event attended by an average 6-800 stakeholders–hence it represents a strategic outreach opportunity for NCUC. It is a unique opportunity for networking and recruitment, which is one of my main tasks as representative for Europe in the NCUC Executive Committee." This was my first EURODIG, and it indeed emerged as a key event in the European debate on IG. I had the chance to talk to many people, present NCUC work and agenda, distribute NCUC flyers. It was particularly important for its location, in Bulgaria, which means the participation of many local, national and regional newcomers, not yet familiar with ICANN or NCUC. At least half a dozen new individual members have joined/are about to join following those conversations; a new organizational member is discussing internally the option to join.

2) Describe how the original Outcomes were achieved:


I had originally set five main objectives for this trip. In what follow I explain what has been achieved:

1- European-focused outreach and recruitment of new members. At EURODIG I have had the change to engage in outreach especially among younger people. I had had several conversations on their potential role within NCUC as well as about the benefit at large of joining NCUC. In particular, I have had an extensive conversation with the leadership of the biggest European student union, which runs a internet governance training program and saw in NCUC a possibility of further engagement of their members in the IG policy debate.

2- Awareness-raising concerning the opportunities to participate in the work of NCUC/NCSG/GNSO/ICANN. See above. In addition, thanks to the high presence of participants from the Balkans and Eastern European countries, I had the chance to engage with individuals and groups from a European region where I had not the chance to do much as of yet, in my capacity of NCUC EC representative for Europe.

3- Enhancing the presence of ICANN-related civil society and non-commercial users beyond ICANN itself. I participated in several workshops and made interventions using the NCUC affiliation, and taking every opportunity to explain what NCUC does. 

4- Learning and familiarization with the main concerns of European internet users and other stakeholders. The many conversations resulted in several pages of notes useful to think through the NCUC agenda and priorities from a European (and Central-Eastern European) perspective.

5- Attend the side events, including the session organized by the Dynamic Coalition on the Internet of Things (June 5); Co-designing the Global Internet Policy Observatory (June 4), and Netmundial (June 4). I attended both events as planned.


3) Date Completed:09-Oct-2015
4) Additional information pertaining to this outreach event (optional):I am an Italian national, although living abroad. I organized, together with an ICANN staff member, an informal get-together with Italian participants to EURODIG, in view of discussing the present and future of the Italian IGF (the last two editions did not take place, and the process was stalled). At EURODIG we kick-started a process that is hopefully contributing to change the Italian IGF towards more multistakeholder participation. The IGF Italia 2015 is taking place on October 12, and that group that coalesced around EURODIG is part of the organizing committee.
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