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1) Describe how the original Purpose and Goals were accomplished:

Report on Outreach at the IAD Summit in Zimbabwe

by Waudo Singanga and Joseph Ambali

Convening in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, 14-16 April, 2015, the Innovation Africa Digital (IAD) Summit aimed to provide essential support services to Policy Makers, Regulators, Service Providers, Major End Users and Solution Providers in the African Telecom and ICT ecosystem so as to achieve industry development, business development, leadership development and trade facilitation across the sector with a focus on affordability and accessibility of technology innovation in Africa for national development.

The Summit which was themed "Affordable Access" attracted more than 300 local and regional delegates from 36 countries, 24 from Africa and across the world with key discussion sessions on Zimbabwe Investment Opportunities, Investing in Fibre, Digital Inclusion Initiatives and Infrastructure Outsourcing Policy.

The day one of the summit featured several keynote addresses on digital inclusion initiatives, growth and investment along with workshop programmes. Day 2 continued with keynotes on Broadband in National Development and Internet for Development alongside workshop programmes.


GKPF/NPOC represented by Mr Klaus Stoll shared a slot to on Internet for Development with AfICTA owing to the MoU between AfICTA & GKPF.

BC-ICANN/AfICTA presentation was delivered by Joseph Ambali. The presentation underscored the importance of the Internet to the Digital Ecosystem and the important role ICANN is playing to ensure the Internet remains open, resilient, secure and reliable. Furthermore, he emphasized the need for business and commercial users of the Internet to join and engage in ICANN policy development processes via BC ICANN in order to build a more representative and inclusive participation in crucial policy development processes in ICANN.  He said “The voice of business from developing countries especially Africa is largely missing in these processes. To encourage business stakeholders in Africa to play active role is in line with AfICTA's mission to promote ICT stakeholders and Industry Players in Africa to have input in local and continental advocacy on multi-stakeholder based internet governance and policy development processes. The 3rd AfICTA Summit 2015 was announced during the presentation as an avenue to connect ICT industry players, discuss and engage ICT stakeholders on the opportunities in DNS industry. The event was graced with the presence of the Vice-President of Zimbabwe Hon E.D Mnangagwa and the Minister of ICTPCS, Hon Supa Mandiwanzira

The Summit was brought to an end on day 3 with keynotes on Social Media and OTT Services, along with workshop programmes and advisory clinics. ICANN Manager (Stakeholder Engagement, Africa) Bob Ochieng gave a presentation on Global Interoperable Internet and the IANA transition. The event finished with a farewell speech by the Minister of ICTPCS, Hon Supa Mandiwanzira. 

2) Describe how the original Outcomes were achieved:


BC-ICANN roll-up banner was on display, newsletter brochures, complimentary cards and one on one networking were also used during the IAD Summit to engage participants further.

It was observed that most of the participants have very little knowledge about ICANN and as such require follow-up webinars to be organized by BC-ICANN/ AfICTA to further sensitize participants who have shown interest in knowing more about the functions of ICANN as a global multi-stakeholders corporation and the role of BC-ICANN as related to Business and Commercial users of the Internet.

About 20 contacts were collected of individuals and organizations interested in follow-up activity such as a webinar on the activities of the BC and ICANN.

3) Date Completed:09-May-2015
4) Additional information pertaining to this outreach event (optional):
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