Members:  Katrina Sataki, Sean Copeland (audio only), Jian Zhang, Olusegun Akano, David McAuley, Mamothokoane Tlali, Stephen Deerhake

Staff:  Bart Boswinkel, Kimberly Carlson

Apologies:  Mirjana Tasić,, Martin Boyle


1.Welcome & roll call
2.Work plan GRC (see included document)
3.General Selection procedure: latest Google doc ( to be circulated Monday morning UTC)
4.Travel funding guideline, latest see Google doc email
5.WS 2 assessment,
  a)confirmation of groups,  
  b)chair Doc 1
  c)next steps WS 2
6.Repository Bylaw changes, see included document
7.Approval action guideline: what needs to be done, latest version
9.Next meeting


Recordings:  AC

Chat Transcript:

Kimberly Carlson:Hello all, welcome to today's GRC call on 4 February at 13:00 UTC
Joke Braeken:hello everyone.
Kimberly Carlson:Please remember to mute your speakers, and mics when not speaking
jian zhang:Today is lunar New Year!
Joke Braeken:Happy New Year Jian!
David McAuley:Sorry to be late
Joke Braeken:glad you could make it David, we just started.
Kimberly Carlson:Hi David, we are on item 2 of the agenda - welcome
David McAuley:Thank you both
Olusegun Akano:Nice being online with you all
jian zhang:Bart’s volume is very low, is that only me?
Kimberly Carlson:I think its you - I hear him fine
Katrina:Ihear him pretty well
jian zhang:ok
jian zhang:not stable, up and down
Bart Boswinkel:I was unmute
Bart Boswinkel:dial back in again
Joke Braeken:go to to consult the latest version
David McAuley:agree with Katrina on that
Bart Boswinkel:Should intitalslate be appointed staggered?
Bart Boswinkel:to allow for continuity
Bart Boswinkel:also tricky taking into acount
Bart Boswinkel:the teem of appointment of Councillors
jian zhang:should allow continuity
Mamothokoane:Any specific reason why the new appointment cannot start thier own 3 year period independently?
David McAuley:Joke, my idea for notes would be eligible to serve another period if their serive as replacement was less than 'X' - with X being maybe 2 years, maybe 18 months, whatever we think is proper
jian zhang:agree
Olusegun Akano:it is important to know when a tenure expires actually
David McAuley:thanks
Joke Braeken:thank you David. I adjusted the notes
David McAuley:great, thanks Joke
David McAuley:I think 'yes' as well
David McAuley:on Alejanda's point
David McAuley:Alejandra
Bart Boswinkel:I think changing the question 21
David McAuley:good suggestion Bart
David McAuley:sounds good, Katrina
Joke Braeken:"contribute" can mean different things
Joke Braeken:Could even be supporting the secretariat in writing newsletter articles
Olusegun Akano:20 and 21 are clear and not the same
David McAuley:not here
Bart Boswinkel:comment was only shared witht he chair
Katrina:Cōmment: the applicant produce a brief report of the meeting, and authorizes the sharing of the document among the community
Kimberly Carlson:Welcome Stephen, we're on item 4 of the agenda
Stephen Deerhake:Sorry I'm late.
Bart Boswinkel:Think through the practical implications please
Bart Boswinkel:Especially if fundied trvellers ar esupposed to make a contribution
Bart Boswinkel: any way to eb eligible
Joke Braeken:I think those kind of applications ar efiltered out with the new slection criteria
David McAuley:ok, thanks Joke
Stephen Deerhake:Good point Joke.
Bart Boswinkel:report every 2 years awith suggestions for changes
David McAuley:That could work too, Katrina. Bart made good poijnts about practicalities
Bart Boswinkel:Change it a general review of the travel funding guideline every 3 years ( so by each new Committee) and suggest changes for improvement
Kimberly Carlson:Doc 1, Recommendations to increase SO/AC accountability:
David McAuley:Better to volunteer than be voluntold
Kimberly Carlson:Doc 2, Improve diversity:
Stephen Deerhake:on my list for this week.
Kimberly Carlson:First doc was 3
Kimberly Carlson:Doc 2
Stephen Deerhake:How did we drop the ball on this one? ;-)
Bart Boswinkel:we need to synch langauge between the two
Bart Boswinkel:+ structure
Stephen Deerhake:Inour defence we have only had one approval action since the transitition...
Bart Boswinkel:If you want t make change to IFR appointment you need Approval ACTION
David McAuley:ok
Bart Boswinkel:It is a fundamental guideline
Stephen Deerhake:Sounds good.
Bart Boswinkel:bylaw Imeant
Bart Boswinkel:the IFR
Bart Boswinkel:and SIFR
David McAuley:none here
Stephen Deerhake:All good.
jian zhang:no
Olusegun Akano:none
Sean Copeland:all good
Kimberly Carlson:25th @13:00 UTC
Bart Boswinkel:+ agenda f-2-f
Olusegun Akano:fine
Kimberly Carlson:Thank you all, bye
Bart Boswinkel:Bye all
Stephen Deerhake:Bye all.
jian zhang:bye
Mamothokoane:Thank you, bye
David McAuley:Thanks Katrina, Bart, Joke and Kim - good bye all

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