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Public Forum

Time: 0800 - 1200
Location: Crystal (L2)
Author: Dave

.prePhilip Okundi,Chairman of the board of Kenya Comms. Commission: "The upcoming ICANN Meeting in Kenya..marks a new beginning.."

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Internet Governance Workshop

Time: 1300 - 1430
Location: Crystal (L2)
Author: Gareth, Wolf, Darlene, Dave, Vivek, Andrés

vivek:Indian representative spoke about the challenges of internet penetration and digital divide from Indian context. He also briefed about the increasing mobile penetration to use it for internet penetration .More clear mechanisms of regional focus was the crux of the presentation of the African representative.IGF to deliver inspiration to regional and national level and should facilitate for critical assessment of ICANN which will benefit it.Access , Diversity issues of IGF experience to be brought to the community. Mapping the issues prior to the IGF can benefit the attendanc .Davos forum has a global impact and one need to make them believe that they need to participate in ICANN has to be attempted. Another view is that Davos lacks civil society participatio. The Donor programme has company donations and also government funding. There is a need for a diverse funding model. IGF –dynamic coalitions model need to be enlarged and consolidated.

Russia is going to hold its first Internet Governance Forum next Spring


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IANA IPv6 Showcase

Time: 1500 - 1630
Location: Sapphire 4 (L3)
Author: Olivier, Dave

Because IPv6 deployment is costly, it can be deployed gradually. As from now, when you go for IT equipment procurement, make sure that the equipment is IPv6 enabled.There is no transition date to go to IPv6 and there is no transition date to stop supporting IPv6.
There is clearly a lack of registrars which support IPv6


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DNS Abuse Forum

Time: 1500 - 1700
Location: Crystal (L2)

Vivek:DNS Abuse- Session 1
Session 1- Key Points – Korean Internet & Security Agency Representative- Monitoring site for abuse will download contents for abuse identification. 1 million sites operating black hole systems. Most Korean users are not allowed t o connect to the Foreign sites operating malware campaigns
Mark Monitoring Systems-
Domain tasting or credential tasting – there is no rules – 8 % slice – Gaming world phishing- .Key logging – for other purposes. E-commerce sites – social networks – increasingly moving from the ip to domain names. Jobsites have a large amount of personal data. They re DNS attacking Registrar constituency . Chat in the middle Man in the browser . They reside in the machine intercept the communication.
Latest is boiling to credential theft. Click fraud redirecting you to the fraud sites. Now they block IP and targeted.
Better procedures in handling phishing. Accelerate the domain name shelter. Stronger verification and authentication.
Fast flux pdp point of view –the group established in Jan 2008 gave its report in august 2009. FF data reporting system to track incidents to build the repository.. The conclusions have been approved by the council.
Dave ICANN- report called ‘Measures to protect Domain registration services against exploitation and misuse’ during Sydney meet. Attackers steal password by guesswork or mailing as registrar or social engineer inside an organization. SQL and format of data injection. It is hard for law enforcers to take down on legitimate sites. Spot the DNS configuration. Attacks will last till the required information of the attacker happens,
Dot Asia- on phishing and copyright infringement takedown policies to be launched. The issue of false positive a problem for registrars where reaching too far because of ungrounded complainants for suspension of a domain. Happy about URS on one hand but also worried about the resources and processes required by the registrars and wait for ICANN decision. A particular clause for RSP and have engaged with APCERT

Session II

Rosemary Sinclair : Important to take it out of policy document and put them in practice. To see the Non Commercial Stakeholders Perspectives- One third households are connect to the net- 1.9 billion people are impacted by Net. The biggest growth is Asia, latin America and Eastern Europe. On the concerns the Australian study there is decline in confidence of economic activity. 50% have anti-virus and only 20% have firwall. The questions are how ICANN can support the concerns of thers 2. how eneterprises and good practices can help this concern 3. How ICANN can help other

Hong Xue: ICANN can help the users by enforcing the contractual agreements with the registrants and registries. Introduction of a third party beneficiary clasue in the delegation or accredition agreements. The problem is implementation in a world which has two legal systems of civil and common law base. The second solution is to have a post delegate route. Can ICANN received complaints and take up with the registrars and registrants. If intentional abuse is proved again registry or registrar ICANN should take action. If there is no intention involved but by gross negligence – ICANN should discipline them. Also different policies of registry and registrars have to be revamped as a single good practice policy for the registrars especially with the new gTDL to be operational.

Michele -Blackknight – concerns on the legal issue vs business practice. Not to confuse Trade mark with other type of abuses. Registrars are rational enough to take action based on simple complaints .

Paus : Serious organized crime agency UK

No more amateur but professional criminals. Local protection is possible but outside attacks does not allow legal action . this requires a global law and UN involvement which is a moot point . Submitted amendments in RIAA for a framework by ICANN. Early sharing of intelligence or complaints are crucial. Issues of accuracy of WHO IS . Also it is better to have industry self regulation than of the Government enforced one.

Adrians- Swiss Cybercrime Unit- spoke about the differences between the Internet community and the National Legal regime foundations as challenges to the tackling of DNS abuse

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