01:09:23 Vanda Scartezini: hi everyone good day from Brazil
01:10:08 Herb Waye: Greetings from the Office of the Ombudsman. The Ombuds team is hosting a virtual drop-in office for ICANN69. Details are posted in the “Conversation” forum on the meeting home page. Stay safe and be kind.
01:10:14 Jonathan Zuck: https://twitter.com/Jvzuck/status/1319209114883420161
01:10:41 hadia Elminiawi: Hello from Egypt
01:10:42 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: I am chat and listen mode as. I am attending the GNSO wrap up meeting at the same time
01:10:44 Yesim Nazlar - ICANN Org.: Hello, my name is Yesim Nazlar and I will be monitoring this chat room. In this role, I am the voice for the remote participants. Please note that I will only be able to read your comment/question within the time set by the Chair of this session. When submitting a question or comment that you want me to read out loud on the mic, please type your question or comment in English and start with a <QUESTION> and end with a “</QUESTION>” or <COMMENT> </COMMENT>. Text outside these quotes will be considered as part of “chat” and will not be read out loud on the microphone. Please note that chat sessions are being archived and follow the ICANN Expected Standards of Behavior: http://www.icann.org/en/news/in-focus/accountability/expected-standards
01:10:53 Yesim Nazlar - ICANN Org.: This session also includes interpretation.
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01:10:55 Vanda Scartezini: hi again Herb!
01:11:46 Amrita Choudhury: Hello All
01:11:47 Herb Waye: Hi Vanda… hugs to Jorge
01:12:00 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Hi @all!
01:12:10 Sergio Salinas Porto LACRALO: Hi all!
01:12:22 Holly Raiche: Hello everyone
01:12:58 Satish Babu: Hi everyone!
01:14:18 Adrian Carballo - LACRALO: Hello everyone
01:14:33 Jonathan Zuck: Yay, Ricardo!
01:16:25 Judith Hellerstein: hi all, Javier, you are clean shaven. It is a new you
01:17:02 Javier Rúa-Jovet: LoL. Yes. I was exchanged by Russian agents.
01:17:25 Judith Hellerstein: lol 
01:19:27 Vanda Scartezini: ricardo has now the European model - all shaved!
01:20:11 Ricardo Holmquist: Jajaja, thanks Vanda
01:20:21 Sébastien Bachollet: Hand
01:22:00 Roberto: Off-topic question to Staff: There was an “At-Large Social Event” scheduled for later today. It is still there on the Wiki (https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/At-Large+Meetings+-+Thursday%2C+22+October+2020) but it seems to be cancelled when opening the page from the main calendar (https://69.schedule.icann.org/meetings/MWo5qnPRqTPwLRbsb#/?limit=10&sortByFields[0]=isPinned&sortByFields[1]=lastActivityAt&sortByOrders[0]=-1&sortByOrders[1]=-1&uid=a6ijir8iemBHYWRru). What is the situation? Thanks.
01:22:30 Natalia Filina: @Javier is not Russian agent only, became younger!-))) next gen-)
01:22:31 Jonathan Zuck: The social event was cancelled
01:22:49 Roberto: Thanks @JZ
01:22:52 Judith Hellerstein: sad, really sad
01:23:12 Amrita Choudhury: Thank you Tijani and Humberto for your contributions
01:23:12 Marita Moll (ALAC): Just curious -- was there a plan?
01:23:39 Amrita Choudhury: Welcome Sarah :) , Pari, Sindy and Greg
01:23:44 Judith Hellerstein: thank. you Tijani!! We will miss you
01:23:45 Raitme Citterio: Congrats @SarahKiden
01:23:50 Javier Rúa-Jovet: @Natalia, LOL! good to see you! By the way, awesome job on social media!!
01:24:02 Jonathan Zuck: if there's a critical mass for interest, I'm happy to throw it back together. I think with the timezones there was a question about whether folks would show up. I had planned to attempt a game of Pictionary, using Zoom
01:24:11 Dave Kissoondoyal: Thanks Tijani and Humberto and welcome to Sarah, Pari, Sindy and Greg
01:24:26 Vanda Scartezini: Tijani do not go away. I already missing you so much . keep in touch at least friendly .i will send you my whatsApp and Skype for a better private contact
01:24:41 Roberto: I wonder with which hat will Humberto and Tijani reappear :-) They cannot be away for long!
01:25:28 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Agree @Roberto!
01:25:36 Natalia Filina: thank you @Javier, nice to see you too-)
01:25:40 David Mackey: @JZ I’m interested otherwise I have to drink my beer at 10:30am alone in my house. :-(
01:25:40 Marita Moll (ALAC): @jz -- where do you get the energy? Your timezone is even more challenging than mine, and I am pretty dead
01:25:43 hadia Elminiawi: Tijani and Humberto see you around for sure - virtually of course
01:26:16 Greg Shatan: I guess you don't need one more opportunity to hear me... :-)
01:26:45 Natalia Filina: Tijani and Humberto - a lot of energy and things to do together, don`t go away please
01:26:51 hadia Elminiawi: Welcome Sara, Pari, Sindy and Greg
01:27:04 David Mackey: I miss hearing you Greg ;-)
01:27:12 Greg Shatan: I'm very excited to ascend to the ALAC and I look forward to contributing in any way that I can.
01:27:22 Maureen Hilyard: Sorry Sebastien.. you can be next because your hand it up :)
01:27:51 Natalia Filina: welcome all new leaders!
01:28:18 Dave Kissoondoyal: Proud of our AFRALO leaders
01:29:53 Vanda Scartezini: sure Sebastien!
01:30:41 Marita Moll (ALAC): +1 Seb re: OFB work. There will be a lot of work coming up and we will need all hands on deck (as usual)
01:31:07 Ricardo Holmquist: Thanks for the comment Sebastien. Yes, the idea is to have the ATRT3 recommendations as one of the priorities
01:31:45 Dave Kissoondoyal: I do agree 100% with Alan
01:31:49 Maureen Hilyard: +1 Ricardo
01:31:51 David Mackey: +1 Alan
01:32:02 Marita Moll (ALAC): That's where social events come in
01:32:11 Marita Moll (ALAC): @Alan
01:32:34 Justine Chew: +1 OCL
01:32:39 humbertocarrasco: Thanks a lot
01:32:43 Holly Raiche: Not just the social events - just actually working together
01:32:45 Amrita Choudhury: +1 OCL
01:32:48 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Grande Humberto!!!
01:32:51 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Aplausos!
01:32:55 humbertocarrasco: Thanks Olivier!!
01:33:00 Roberto: +1 OCL
01:33:01 Vanda Scartezini: Sarah it is great to have you inside !!
01:33:01 humbertocarrasco: Gracias a todos
01:33:07 Ricardo Holmquist: +1 León
01:33:10 humbertocarrasco: I will miss GEMS
01:33:14 Adrian Carballo - LACRALO: Grande Humberto!!!!
01:33:17 humbertocarrasco: And everybody
01:33:22 Roberto: We will have virtual GEMS jams
01:33:26 Vanda Scartezini: Humberto will still be with us here in LACRALO!!!
01:33:30 Dave Kissoondoyal: +1 OCL.. Both Tijani and Humberto deserve a round of applause
01:33:31 Sébastien Bachollet: Tijani, ne nous quitte pas !!!!
01:33:45 Leon Peace: I am new but would like to play guitar. :-}
01:33:49 humbertocarrasco: Thanks a lot dear friends!!
01:33:51 Ricardo Holmquist: standing ovation for Tijani
01:33:59 Greg Shatan: Humberto, you don't have to leave. I look forward to the next act!
01:34:01 humbertocarrasco: I wish you the best!!
01:34:10 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: not being together for this transition of Members is indeed a disappointment
01:34:14 Natalia Filina: +1 Olivier. Look forward to see you f2f again
01:34:14 humbertocarrasco: I hope to see you soon
01:34:18 Adrian Carballo - LACRALO: Dear Humberto. Thank you for your work!!!
01:34:19 hadia Elminiawi: @Humberto muchas gracias
01:34:26 Holly Raiche: We ALL miss GEMS
01:34:45 Amrita Choudhury: Thanks Ali
01:34:45 AK Oloyede: Humberto Thank you for all the work you did.
01:34:48 Jonathan Zuck: We need to look into this for GEMS; https://jammr.net/
01:34:51 Amrita Choudhury: Wlecome Nadira
01:34:57 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Cher Tijani, merci pour tout votre travail et votre dévouement!
01:35:03 hadia Elminiawi: @Tijani شكرا
01:35:04 Roberto: @Leon Peace - pls contact Olivier or myself for joining the band
01:35:09 Vanda Scartezini: + 1 Cheryl. have been some times through this opportunity it is a very goos sensention to have the warm from our colleagues !!
01:35:10 Amrita Choudhury: Yay to women power
01:35:15 AK Oloyede: Tijani thanks. wonderful working with you
01:35:24 Justine Chew: Poor Satish, we promise not to bully you. LOL.
01:35:24 Adrian Carballo - LACRALO: Thanks Tijani, for all the work done!
01:35:24 Amrita Choudhury: Satish the sole male among all of us :)
01:35:25 Holly Raiche: WHOOPEE ALAC
01:35:31 Judith Hellerstein: Humberto we will miss you. sending virtual hugs to you and to tijani
01:35:56 Holly Raiche: We ALL will miss Tijani and Humberto
01:36:11 Heidi Ullrich, ICANN Org: and Javier and Bastiaan, too!
01:36:28 humbertocarrasco: Gracias hermano!! Eres un grande Sergio
01:36:30 Judith Hellerstein: Alan is so correct!!. I will miss giving all of you hugs and drinks to toast you
01:36:37 Javier Rúa-Jovet: :(
01:36:58 Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong: Grand Merci à Tijani le grand baobab de la communauté et les autres membres
01:37:00 Judith Hellerstein: we are also losing Javier to the CCNSO
01:37:12 Lilian Ivette Deluque: thanks Tijani and Humberto
01:37:32 Javier Rúa-Jovet: No, I will be an At Large person at ccNSO Council.
01:37:58 Olivier Crépin-Leblond: Excellent Javier!!!
01:38:05 humbertocarrasco: Me haces llorar Sergio!!
01:38:19 Adrian Carballo - LACRALO: Thanks Humberto! and Tijani!
01:38:22 Nadira AL Araj - (APRALO): Thanks to both Tijani and Humberto for your tremendous efforts to make at-large a corner stone in ICANN.
01:38:26 Justine Chew: +1 Javier.
01:38:26 Satish Babu: Tijani and Humberto...virtual hugs to both of you...see you soon in some other capacity...
01:38:43 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: Garcia's Sergeo
01:38:53 Tijani: Thank you all for your kind words
01:38:56 Holly Raiche: @ Javier - Our loss is very much their gain (and nice to have someone on the inside of the ccNSO!)
01:38:57 Judith Hellerstein: yes, Eduardo is masquerading as chapter support
01:39:22 Tijani: It’s appreciated that people recognize your work
01:39:41 Tijani: and thank you for your friendship
01:39:56 Vrikson Acosta: Thanks Tijani
01:40:03 Javier Rúa-Jovet: @Holly, I'll be around!!!
01:40:05 humbertocarrasco: I hope to see you @tijani.
01:40:21 Sarah Kiden: Farewell and thank you to the outgoing leaders. Welcome to the new leaders!
01:40:43 Seun Ojedeji: Thanks to all the outgoing leaders and welcome to the incoming
01:40:56 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: the contributions and guidance of course don't need to stop with a formal leadership or. ALAC role
01:40:56 Vrikson Acosta: Grcias @Humberto
01:41:17 Roberto: True @CLO
01:41:29 Satish Babu: Welcome to Sarah, Pari, Sindy and Greg in their new positions...
01:42:42 humbertocarrasco: Welcome to the new ones!!
01:42:49 Vrikson Acosta: @JZ, when are you going to give us another virtual camera training?
01:42:57 Siranush Vardanyan: Thanks to Tijani and Humberto for your tremendous efforts and your continued support and guidance. A warm welcome to incoming leaders, looking forward continue working with you
01:43:48 Vrikson Acosta: @Sergio, iu can tok uachinton tu (Parodia de Open English). Come on, you speak English very well
01:44:39 Jonathan Zuck: @Vrikson, whenever you want. Happy to do it again. I'd love for the At-Large to be at the forefront of better presentations and discussions online!
01:45:52 Narayanaswamy Baluswamy: Welcome Sarah, Pari, Sindy & Greg.
01:45:54 Vanda Scartezini: thanks to Steve for so interesting addressed points
01:46:20 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Thanks Hadia! It was a great session indeed
01:46:35 Vanda Scartezini: thank you Hadia!!
01:46:57 Javier Rúa-Jovet: @Joanna has turned At-Large into a Public International Law powerhouse.
01:47:09 Gisella Gruber ICANN Org: Kindly say your names when speaking
01:47:36 David Mackey: Agreed, a very good session.
01:47:44 hadia Elminiawi: Thank you Leon, it was great having you on the session, it was a very interesting discussion
01:47:51 Dave Kissoondoyal: Yes it was a very good session
01:47:51 Vanda Scartezini: love this session beyond Budapest!! was great one. thanks to Joanna to put it together
01:48:09 Judith Hellerstein: this session was really great
01:50:09 Matthias M. Hudobnik: thxs guys ;-)!
01:50:32 David Mackey: Another very good session! Thanks OCL :-)
01:51:24 Vanda Scartezini: sorry could not attend this one OCL but will get it further
01:51:54 hadia Elminiawi: +1 beyond Budapest was a great session
01:51:58 Seun Ojedeji: Thanks as well to Hadia who served as nomcom appointee for AFRALO and will continue to serve in that role. My apologies for forgetting to mention that earlier.
01:52:16 Seun Ojedeji: from* AFRALO
01:52:41 hadia Elminiawi: Olivier your session was excellent it was packed with many speakers and different perspectives
01:53:01 hadia Elminiawi: @Seun Thank you our chair
01:53:22 Vanda Scartezini: i am glad that I will work with Nadia once more at NOMCOM!
01:53:28 Vanda Scartezini: Hadia
01:53:29 Marita Moll (ALAC): Ir is great to have a quick summary of our sessions -- they really excellent. But after all these days, it all tends to merge
01:53:42 David Mackey: +1 Marita
01:55:43 Vanda Scartezini: very good progress Yrjo!!
01:56:15 Yrjo Lansipuro: Thank you Vanda!
01:56:41 Ali AlMeshal: Great update from all
01:56:47 David Mackey: Goran’s hand is up
01:57:42 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: the @JZ and to all the session panellists and participants
01:58:05 David Mackey: btw Thanks @JZ - good summary!
01:58:48 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: @Maureen for once we will be able to wake your rooster up and not the other way around?
01:59:05 Jonathan Zuck: It was Disraeli who mentioned the "flexibility" of statistics!
01:59:10 Marita Moll (ALAC): lol @Leon
02:01:25 Holly Raiche: David Conrad’s presentation - and the data OCTO gathers - was really helpful
02:01:29 Greg Shatan: ODB might be available as an acronym....
02:01:44 Judith Hellerstein: @leon very funny
02:01:47 Maureen Hilyard: @Leon.. don't you dare... Im taking advantage of the peace and quiet at 1.25am..
02:02:05 David Mackey: Google & FB have the data lol
02:02:14 hadia Elminiawi: @Greg ODI now
02:03:39 Judith Hellerstein: we miss bumping into you in the hotel lobby
02:03:40 Javier Rúa-Jovet: LOL
02:04:03 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Any video of that dance party???
02:04:09 David Mackey: community progression is important
02:04:20 Marita Moll (ALAC): ICANN can be effective in a crazy way -- not everyone else's definition
02:04:51 Shreedeep Rayamajhi: so true community progression is very important accepting and moving on
02:05:38 Dave Kissoondoyal: For me, I admit that I have not been so productive on this meeting as I had to share my time with the new job I have taken and the meeting schedule.. Apart this, yes this has been an excellent meeting
02:05:49 DANIEL K. NANGHAKA: community progression has been happening
02:05:55 Jonathan Zuck: OH, I'll be very interested to hear about the YT bandwidth. My understanding is that Zoom is VERY inefficient, especially when a lot of cameras are on.
02:06:23 David Mackey: @Dave that’s the life of At-Large volunteers. It can be hard to create time for this
02:06:42 Judith Hellerstein: @jonathan not many camera were on so that could be why not as great reduction of bandwidth
02:06:58 Jonathan Zuck: Could be @Judith
02:07:33 Dave Kissoondoyal: Agree with with @David
02:07:56 Dave Kissoondoyal: Agree with you @David
02:08:30 David Mackey: Well done Jonathon!
02:08:37 Holly Raiche: Thanks you
02:08:53 Amrita Choudhury: Thank you Goran
02:08:54 Dave Kissoondoyal: Thanks @Goran
02:08:59 David Mackey: and all who support policy dev
02:09:00 Marita Moll (ALAC): Thanks for the recognition @Goran.
02:09:16 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Congrats Goran!!!
02:09:22 Remmy Nweke: Thanks @Goran and congratulations for your second term.
02:09:37 Holly Raiche: Big congratulation Goran
02:09:42 Jonathan Zuck: I can relate to the "stubborn" explanation for participation!
02:10:15 Vanda Scartezini: great work Goran and I am sure next term will be even better
02:10:21 Marita Moll (ALAC): Congratulations for the extension. You have to be dedicated to stay on.
02:10:23 Judith Hellerstein: @goran thanks for the recognition of all the work we are doing in At large
02:10:38 David Mackey: The community is the container. The leadership is responsible to maintain a healthy container. Individual stakeholders are responsible for maintaining a healthy and productive discussion
02:10:41 Shreedeep Rayamajhi: PDP simulation role play session in the fellowship program was really good and very praise worthy. these sort of progression helps to integrate community with the process
02:10:55 Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong: @Goran congratulations
02:10:57 Jonathan Zuck: Of course transparency is only half of accountability but why wreck the mood...?
02:11:30 Goran Marby: Transperancy leads to accountability
02:11:54 David Mackey: +1 Sébastien
02:12:06 Jonathan Zuck: +1 Seb! Fun session!
02:12:46 Marita Moll (ALAC): I am calling Seb's sessions "stakekholder speed dating" It was great,
02:13:28 Marita Moll (ALAC): We could find out where our interests intersect.
02:13:32 Vanda Scartezini: great name MArita
02:13:49 David Mackey: Maybe it was already recognized, but Amrita’s session was very good too. Thank you Amrita. :-)
02:14:14 David Mackey: lol
02:14:19 Vanda Scartezini: 106 participants is impressed!
02:14:26 Jonathan Zuck: +1 David. Great session Amrita! Hard to summarize 3 weeks worth!
02:14:57 Amrita Choudhury: Thanks David and JZ
02:15:07 Amrita Choudhury: it was pure teamwork of all involved
02:16:02 Sarah Kiden: Agree with David. Amrita’s session was great
02:17:24 Marita Moll (ALAC): Strategic planning committee .... that sounds great. We all know what is going on at the same time
02:17:57 David Mackey: “we need to do these things together” - awesome!
02:18:10 Marita Moll (ALAC): It is hard to stay up to date with all the things that are going on.
02:18:45 Vanda Scartezini: Marita- all Ralos have worked in strategies for more than 8-10 years but independently have some coordination would be very good
02:20:01 Javier Rúa-Jovet: @Natalia, you have the best background!
02:20:51 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: It was a proposal with wide support within the Board Jonathan
02:20:55 Dave Kissoondoyal: +1 JZ
02:21:43 Judith Hellerstein: yes, Jonathan we need consensus based tools
02:21:46 Shreedeep Rayamajhi: so true Jonathan that we have more opportunities for outreach and enagegment
02:21:46 Seun Ojedeji: Will be interesting to have the data on how much value it brought and how much of our community it served
02:21:58 David Mackey: +1 re: consensus building
02:22:02 Natalia Filina: @Javier -)))) can`t be better than Board and CEO-))
02:22:08 Judith Hellerstein: also networking tools to better network when we are virtual
02:22:11 Roberto: Agree @JZ
02:22:46 David Mackey: Definitely room for community progression in this area :-)
02:22:49 Marita Moll (ALAC): inter-line?
02:23:03 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: there is an in between zoom?
02:23:23 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Everyone loves Slack. I still have to become a convert for some reason.
02:23:40 David Mackey: tools … process … and culture
02:23:46 Jonathan Zuck: ITI is GREAT and we can't wait to use it for At-Large resource collection and distribution.
02:23:50 Judith Hellerstein: yes @javier me as well. i liked looming more than slack
02:23:51 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: @Javier who’s the teenager behind your camera? :P
02:24:00 Seun Ojedeji: @Javier not everyone, because there is you and i that is still trying to be converts :-)
02:24:07 DANIEL K. NANGHAKA: Does this solve the challenge of Information search?
02:24:18 Jonathan Zuck: That'
02:24:41 Jonathan Zuck: That's one of the reasons we're supportive of building a ticketing system on top of existing technology, such as Salesforce
02:24:46 Judith Hellerstein: ITI. is great but we really need and ITI for the wiki
02:24:57 DANIEL K. NANGHAKA: it becomes challenging when you look for documents / reports and you cant find them
02:24:57 Jonathan Zuck: Luckily SLACK isn't new to ICANN...
02:25:16 David Mackey: +1 Project Mgt
02:25:22 DANIEL K. NANGHAKA: we need a good Library Cataloging System
02:25:35 Judith Hellerstein: we use the wiki very much in at large and would be great to have ITI for the wiki
02:25:47 Marita Moll (ALAC): I think GNSO is already using a project management tool
02:26:04 Javier Rúa-Jovet: @Leon! yep the Apocalypse is good with me: exercise eat healthy and read books!
02:26:11 Hanan Khatib: + project management
02:26:15 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Well done @Javier!
02:26:25 Shreedeep Rayamajhi: +1 project management
02:26:48 Javier Rúa-Jovet: lost sound
02:26:52 Greg Shatan: Great to hear about the Project Management initiative! I had suggested something similar as part of the Enhancing MSM discussions. But I don't need to take credit....
02:26:53 Javier Rúa-Jovet: is it just me?
02:26:58 Javier Rúa-Jovet: back
02:27:06 Judith Hellerstein: @javier yes
02:27:12 Javier Rúa-Jovet: ok
02:27:15 Jonathan Zuck: threw a gantt chart into my profile picture!
02:27:54 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Leon, Leon, Leon, Leon!!!!!!!!!
02:28:03 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Thanks Maureen!
02:28:07 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Thanks Javier!
02:28:09 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Nuestro Leon!!!!!!
02:28:33 Vanda Scartezini: they have all support from ATLARGE
02:28:34 Lilian Ivette Deluque: sii el gran Leon!!
02:28:40 Javier Rúa-Jovet: O yeah, Disco!!!!
02:28:41 David Mackey: *Crowd starts chanting - León! León! León*
02:28:52 Adrian Carballo - LACRALO: Hi Leon Felipe!!
02:28:54 Justine Chew: @Leon, partying already??!!
02:29:27 Yesim Nazlar - ICANN Org.: Participation How-To Guide: https://icann69.pathable.co/participation-tools
Mobile App: https://urlgeni.us/ICANN-ALAC
Session Token: ICANN-ALAC
Browser Link: https://crn.interpret.world/loginlink?token=ICANN-ALAC&lang=SRC
02:29:38 Javier Rúa-Jovet: En el mas culto y alto castellano de mejico!
02:29:44 Lilian Ivette Deluque: en español
02:29:56 Lilian Ivette Deluque: jajajajaja así es Javier
02:30:07 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Gracias mi Leon.
02:30:33 Lilian Ivette Deluque: felicitaciones javier pero aquí sigues con nosotros
02:30:42 Remmy Nweke: Translation is not working pls
02:30:56 Remmy Nweke: No English translation @Staff
02:30:56 Javier Rúa-Jovet: No hay forma que Humberto se vaya. Donde lo amarramos.
02:31:10 Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong: muchas gracias
02:31:21 Lilian Ivette Deluque: siii Toca amarrarlo
02:31:53 Muhammad Altaf: how can we get translation
02:31:56 humbertocarrasco: Gracias amigos
02:31:59 humbertocarrasco: Y amigas
02:31:59 David Mackey: @Remmy non-zoom translation link available in meeting announcement
02:32:03 Ricardo Holmquist: @Remy, you mean the translation app?
02:32:10 Nadira AL Araj - (APRALO): Happy to know that my little Spanish is working and I could understand 80% from Leon's speech.
02:32:10 Roberto: no es necesario - Humberto no tiene gaña de irse… va regresar rapido
02:32:19 Vanda Scartezini: javier. Sergio que es fuerte lo hará apra garantizar que Humberto permanezca con nosotros
02:32:21 humbertocarrasco: Es un grande @Leon
02:32:37 Goran Marby: And Maureen, a real thanks for your support and your kind words regarding my extension. Being Swedish I have problems with compliments..
02:32:39 Remmy Nweke: No, I thought we have ICANN operators who usually offer translation when needed
02:32:49 Jonathan Zuck: That'
02:32:55 Jonathan Zuck: That's excellent
02:33:05 Yrjo Lansipuro: @Göran: gratulerar för återutnämningen, och önskar dej framgång under de kommande år
02:33:13 Goran Marby: Tackar
02:33:31 Ricardo Holmquist: @Remy, yes they do the translation, but is not over channels, as they usualy do, is through an app you have to dowload
02:33:57 ICANN Tech - Rafael: @Remmy - we do have interpretation available
02:33:58 David Mackey: Interpretation Service link for this meeting is found at this link https://69.schedule.icann.org/meetings/vg42qyM8L2hz6NuC4#/?limit=10&sortByFields[0]=isPinned&sortByFields[1]=lastActivityAt&sortByOrders[0]=-1&sortByOrders[1]=-1&uid=a6ijir8iemBHYWRru
02:34:05 ICANN Tech - Rafael: This session also includes interpretation. 
Languages Available: English, Français, Español 
Participation How-To Guide: https://icann69.pathable.co/participation-tools 
Mobile App: https://urlgeni.us/ICANN-ALAC 
Session Token: ICANN-ALAC 
Browser Link: https://crn.interpret.world/loginlink?token=ICANN-ALAC&lang=SRC
02:34:09 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Exacto Vanda. @Sergio, tienes un mandato soberano de LACRALO y el miembro asociado LAC de NARALO en Puerto Rico, para encarcelar a Humberto en la carcel de ICANN y evitar su salida.
02:34:47 Lilian Ivette Deluque: publíquese y cúmplase
02:36:12 Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong: felicidades to Ramanou
02:36:17 David Mackey: Yay Ramanou
02:36:25 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Congrats Ramanou!!!!!
02:36:26 humbertocarrasco: @Roberto tu tienes razón!!!
02:36:58 Vanda Scartezini: we already congratulated Ramanou but one more is not enough to him! congrats!!
02:37:01 Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong: https://www.icann.org/news/announcement-2020-10-19-en
02:37:07 Javier Rúa-Jovet: @Maarten, Go!!!!
02:37:34 Vanda Scartezini: congratulaciones LEON siempre contamos con usted y usted puede siempre contar con nosotros
02:37:42 Lilian Ivette Deluque: gracias por tu gran trabajo Leon orgullo latino
02:37:49 Greg Shatan: I must step away for another call, but I will try to return before the end of this session.
02:38:06 Javier Rúa-Jovet: En buen castellano, como corresponde.
02:38:06 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: thanks Leön
02:38:09 Ricardo Holmquist: Gracias León, felicitaciones por la re elección
02:38:49 Raitme Citterio: Felicidades León
02:39:07 Nadira AL Araj - (APRALO): Thanks Goran, Maarten and leon
02:39:24 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: great that you can join us, always a pleasure...
02:39:40 Dave Kissoondoyal: Thanks Leon, Maarten and Goran. Congrats Goran for your second term
02:39:43 Javier Rúa-Jovet: @Patricio is great. He's an encyclopedia.
02:39:47 Vanda Scartezini: great Chris!! wonderful member of this community and good friend for more than 20 years we both were in the ICANN community
02:40:21 Judith Hellerstein: yay Olivier
02:40:33 Marita Moll (ALAC): Yes, thanks to Goran, Maarten and Leon for joining us at the end of this long long meeting
02:40:42 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Congratulations OCL!
02:40:50 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Thanks all!
02:40:56 Javier Rúa-Jovet: @OCL's recognition in ICANN68 was UNANIMOUS.
02:41:07 Hadia Elminiawi: Thank you
02:41:15 Goran Marby: Thanks
02:41:16 Javier Rúa-Jovet: bye Goran, Maarten.
02:41:19 Amrita Choudhury: Thanks Goran, Maarten and Leon
02:41:20 Gisella Gruber ICANN Org: Thank you Maarten, Göran and León
02:41:27 Holly Raiche: Thanks for Goran and Maarten
02:41:36 David Mackey: Thanks Goran, Maarten
02:41:57 David Mackey: and León
02:42:06 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Thanks everyone! I will leave now to prepare for the AGM!
02:42:13 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: It’s been a pleasure!
02:42:20 Javier Rúa-Jovet: @Natalia taking Social Media to another level!!!! Love it!
02:42:46 Raitme Citterio: @Natalia Thanks for you work
02:42:49 Adrian Carballo - LACRALO: Felicitaciones Leon!!!
02:42:50 Evin Erdogdu: +1
02:43:15 Narayanaswamy Baluswamy: Thanks Mr. Maarten, Mr. Goran, Ms. Maureen, Mr. Javier, Mr, Jonathan, Mr.Adrian, Ms.Holy, Mr. Sebastian, Mr. Satish Babu,Ms. Justin & ms. Natalia .
02:43:21 Adrian Carballo - LACRALO: @Natalia Thanks for you work!!
02:43:25 Jonathan Zuck: Yay, Natalia!
02:43:38 Lilian Ivette Deluque: thanks Natalia for your great work and leadership
02:43:46 Sarah Kiden: Congrats, Natalia!
02:44:04 Lilian Ivette Deluque: was amazing team work
02:44:27 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: excellent Some prep and activities in ICANN69, well done Natalie and Team
02:44:46 Javier Rúa-Jovet: I always retweet!!!!
02:45:03 Marita Moll (ALAC): Absolutely essential work. Thanks Natalia and team
02:45:16 Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong: congratulations @Natalia I love the idea of short videos on SM
02:46:02 Amrita Choudhury: Great work Natalia and all involved
02:46:20 Narayanaswamy Baluswamy: Welldone Natalia
02:46:29 Amrita Choudhury: That's cheating Natalia - you cannot win :) :)
02:46:43 Heidi Ullrich, ICANN Org: +1 Natalia!
02:46:56 Jonathan Zuck: I'll have to get to work on the "Create Videos with PowerPoint" class!
02:47:11 Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong: congratulations
02:47:18 DANIEL K. NANGHAKA: Natalia cheated to the win but she has done awesome work on Social Media during ICANN 69
02:47:32 Lilian Ivette Deluque: congrats
02:47:35 Sarah Kiden: Congratulations to the winners!
02:47:37 Heidi Ullrich, ICANN Org: Congratulations to all the Social Media winners - and all who contributed.
02:47:38 Ali AlMeshal: well done Natalia and the team
02:47:42 Satish Babu: Great work, Natalia and Team!
02:47:49 Innocent Adriko: Congratulations 
02:47:57 DANIEL K. NANGHAKA: Congratulations SoME Team
02:48:13 Dave Kissoondoyal: Well done Natalia and team. Great Job
02:48:23 Matthias M. Hudobnik: congrats to the winners and the great work of you all ;-)!
02:48:27 Jonathan Zuck: Great job, Natalia!
02:48:28 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Ovation!!!!!!
02:48:29 Roberto: Standing ovation for the winners
02:48:33 DANIEL K. NANGHAKA: Am looking forward to the LACRALO Team
02:48:35 Matthias M. Hudobnik: including staff :-)!
02:48:38 Lilian Ivette Deluque: Big Thanks Natalia
02:48:48 Dave Kissoondoyal: Congratulations to the winners
02:48:49 Roberto: And also for the participants to the team
02:48:53 Narayanaswamy Baluswamy: Congratulations to all winners.
02:48:59 Javier Rúa-Jovet: 1 Million Dollars (like Dr. Evil)
02:49:38 David Mackey: +1 Javier lol
02:49:38 Remmy Nweke: Congratualtions to the winners
02:49:43 Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong: nos félicitations aux gagnants
02:50:01 Adrian Carballo - LACRALO: Congratualtions to the winners!!!!!!
02:50:41 Javier Rúa-Jovet: We need animated babushkas next time, @Natalia!
02:50:54 Lilian Ivette Deluque: thanks evin for your support
02:51:05 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: good heavens!
02:51:25 Natalia Filina: people will not glad @
02:51:28 Narayanaswamy Baluswamy: Congratulations JJ
02:51:39 Dave Kissoondoyal: Thanks to the team
02:51:50 Holly Raiche: The rooster is back!
02:51:50 Javier Rúa-Jovet: The @Zuck is really a sport.
02:52:08 Vanda Scartezini: great natalya
02:52:12 David Mackey: Love the rooster!
02:52:21 Jonathan Zuck: @Javier, I need to build my Twitter following! I'm all about the Insta!
02:52:33 Raitme Citterio: Congratualtions to the winners
02:52:56 Javier Rúa-Jovet: @Zuck: start paying for followers, like Trump-o.
02:53:03 Hadia Elminiawi: very energetic rooster
02:53:03 Dave Kissoondoyal: +1
02:53:30 Roberto: @Holly - the rooster is complaining about the noise :-)
02:54:03 Holly Raiche: @ Roberto - clearly interrupting his sleep!
02:54:32 Roberto: We should take this into account when scheduling calls
02:54:42 Narayanaswamy Baluswamy: Congratulations for Mr. Satish Babu
02:54:57 Vanda Scartezini: nice to have you Nadira once more…
02:55:02 Ali AlMeshal: Yes as always
02:55:18 Narayanaswamy Baluswamy: Congratulations to Ms. Nadiraj
02:55:25 Holly Raiche: @ Roberto - it’s not possible to schedule a time when he isn’t heard
02:55:48 Javier Rúa-Jovet: LOL, @Sebastien!
02:55:52 Greg Shatan: With all these GEMS members leaving ALAC, looks like I got here just in time....
02:56:05 Vanda Scartezini: welcome PARI!!!
02:56:09 Nadira AL Araj - (APRALO): Thank you Vanda and Narayanswamy and all who congratulate me earlier
02:56:25 Javier Rúa-Jovet: I'll still help out, @Greg!
02:56:50 Vanda Scartezini: sad to lose Erich
02:57:15 Holly Raiche: SSooo sad to see Humberto leaving us
02:57:33 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Humberto is NOT departing. I DECREE.
02:57:46 Vanda Scartezini: welcome Sindy!!! you re not going away Humberto
02:57:54 Holly Raiche: For you Javier - he’s not departing./
02:58:09 AK Oloyede: yes Humberto is going no where
02:58:56 Yesim Nazlar - ICANN Org.: Participation How-To Guide: https://icann69.pathable.co/participation-tools
Mobile App: https://urlgeni.us/ICANN-ALAC
Session Token: ICANN-ALAC
Browser Link: https://crn.interpret.world/loginlink?token=ICANN-ALAC&lang=SRC
02:59:48 Heidi Ullrich, ICANN Org: Chair elect - vice Presidente - Carlos Leal left earlier
02:59:53 Justine Chew: All good @Sergio
03:00:05 Javier Rúa-Jovet: yep
03:00:13 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: All good. This is similar to what they do in the NomCom
03:00:30 Holly Raiche: Welcome Vanda
03:00:33 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Vanda, Vanda, Vanda!
03:00:34 humbertocarrasco: @javier I hope to see you soon my friend and all Icann friends!!
03:00:37 Narayanaswamy Baluswamy: Congratulations Ms, Vanda
03:00:41 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: Now Tracy is chair elect in the NomCom
03:00:51 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Wow
03:00:57 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: Bravo for Marita!
03:00:59 Vanda Scartezini: thanks Holly and tracy will continue as Vice chair of NOMCOM
03:01:08 David Mackey: Congrats Marita & Greg!
03:01:15 Holly Raiche: But awe won’t REALLY lose Javier
03:01:23 Holly Raiche: (but we - sorry)
03:01:50 Tracy F. Hackshaw: Congratulations to all incoming
03:01:56 David Mackey: Yay Eduardo!
03:01:57 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: Thanks.
03:02:04 Narayanaswamy Baluswamy: Congratulations Mr. Eduardo
03:02:05 Holly Raiche: Great Ed
03:02:12 Greg Shatan: Thank you! I cannot truly replace Javier, of course.
03:02:14 Tracy F. Hackshaw: Thanks to all outgoing!
03:02:21 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Eduardo, Eduardo, Eduardo!
03:02:23 Narayanaswamy Baluswamy: Congratulations Mr. Glen
03:02:23 David Mackey: agreed, hard working always - Glenn
03:02:44 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Glenn is not human, no.
03:02:49 Natalia Filina: CONGRATULATIONS!!! Awesome persons!
03:02:57 Vanda Scartezini: indeed Glenn always does a great work…
03:03:04 Greg Shatan: Glenn is 1/2 farm machinery.
03:03:06 Vanda Scartezini: thank you Natalya!!
03:03:08 DANIEL K. NANGHAKA: Glenn is from Pluto
03:03:20 David Mackey: @Greg LOL
03:03:22 Nadira AL Araj - (APRALO): What is about Khali Kan in PTI ?
03:03:22 Lianna Galstyan: Congratulations to everyone
03:03:24 Natalia Filina: Javier, Glenn just doesn`t sleep never-)
03:03:28 DANIEL K. NANGHAKA: Just wait, you will see Glenn coming Back
03:03:48 David Mackey: Does anyone have a link to this slide?
03:03:59 Vanda Scartezini: I am sure we will!!!
03:04:02 Nadira AL Araj - (APRALO): as well as Khali Kan
03:04:04 Natalia Filina: Yes, we wait for all great members back
03:04:34 Greg Shatan: @David, the org chart should be on the At Large website...
03:04:35 Ricardo Holmquist: @Nadira, Kaili was not on the IFRT, this team is still working until next year
03:05:15 David Mackey: @Greg, that’s what I was afraid of. It might be a bit hard to find. :-)
03:05:29 Heidi Ullrich, ICANN Org: Staff are working on the transition to the new leadership team.
03:05:35 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: AGM is about to start in a few minutes... Time check
03:06:12 Heidi Ullrich, ICANN Org: The new ALAC profiles are posted: https://atlarge.icann.org/alac/explore-profiles
03:06:24 David Mackey: ty Heidi!
03:06:59 Heidi Ullrich, ICANN Org: We will be creating new Skype chats. We are adding new leaders to relevant mailing lists.
03:07:02 Eduardo Diaz - NARALO: Virtual applause to Maurren and the rest!
03:07:07 Vanda Scartezini: thank youMaureen and all hard work from all! missing you hope we can hug each other soon!!!!
03:07:13 Adrian Carballo - LACRALO: Thanks to all the Staff for constant support !!!!
03:07:19 Ricardo Holmquist: congratulations Maureen, great meeting! congratulations also for all presenters and support
03:07:47 Marita Moll (ALAC): There is a deadline for the survey -- Nov, 5?
03:07:49 Lilian Ivette Deluque: thanks maureen and all great job
03:07:51 David Mackey: +1 Eduardo THANK YOU MAUREEN and the rest of the leadership team!
03:08:01 Heidi Ullrich, ICANN Org: And posting the new organigram , etc
03:08:06 Vanda Scartezini: staff played an special role during this pandemic time and we really appreciated their hard work!!! kisses to each one !! missing you
03:08:07 Holly Raiche: Thanks to everyone
03:08:21 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: bye for now... looking forward to a productive time with ALAC/At-Large 2021
03:08:21 Sébastien Bachollet: NON only A 12 months of ICANNN meeting
03:08:31 Nadira AL Araj - (APRALO): Please think about all in Europe and African and the middle east has a working hours that many couldn't attend meeting
03:08:44 Vanda Scartezini: see you in Haia, Nederland we hope…
03:08:50 Marita Moll (ALAC): +1 -- many thanks to staff and interpreters
03:08:56 DANIEL K. NANGHAKA: I agree @Sebastien every week an ICANN meeting
03:08:57 Natalia Filina: Maureen, Thank you! and all!
03:09:00 Amrita Choudhury: Thanks all ..
03:09:05 Ali AlMeshal: Many Thanks to staff and all
03:09:11 Vanda Scartezini: interpretation and captions were so relevant for our easy work! thanks you
03:09:13 Lilian Ivette Deluque: thanks all bye
03:09:14 Gisella Gruber ICANN Org: Thank you to everyone for attending and see you all virtually soon!
03:09:15 Abdeldjalil Bachar Bong: it will be good tu translate the new organigramm in chers langues to people outside
03:09:16 Judith Hellerstein: thanks all
03:09:17 Sergio Salinas Porto LACRALO: thanks staff and interpreters!!!! palp plap plap
03:09:17 DANIEL K. NANGHAKA: Thank you all
03:09:19 Gisella Gruber ICANN Org: Get some well deserved rest
03:09:29 Yrjo Lansipuro: Thanks all!
03:09:31 Sergio Salinas Porto LACRALO: kiss and hug to all!
03:09:36 Gisella Gruber ICANN Org: Next is the AGM - please refer to the main schedule
03:09:36 Sergio Salinas Porto LACRALO: bye
03:09:38 Heidi Ullrich, ICANN Org: Thanks, All.
03:09:41 Adrian Carballo - LACRALO: Thanks to the entire translation team !!!!
03:09:50 Pari Esfandiari: thank you everyone
03:09:55 Greg Shatan: The last word is silence. Very fitting.
03:10:04 David Mackey: double mute problem?
03:10:11 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: we are overtime
03:10:17 Judith Hellerstein: yes, silence is golden
03:10:21 Satish Babu: By everyone...until the next meeting!!
03:10:22 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: AGM
03:10:26 Roberto: Bye all
03:10:27 DANIEL K. NANGHAKA: Bye all

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