01:03:12 Priyatosh Jana: Hello all
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01:06:03 Lilian Ivette Deluque: Hi everyone
01:06:58 hadia Elminiawi: Thank you Leon for being with us today
01:07:00 Chokri Ben Romdhane: Hi Hadia and all
01:08:16 hadia Elminiawi: Hi Chokri
01:08:51 Daniel Nanghaka: Hello Everyone
01:09:27 hadia Elminiawi: Hello Daniel
01:09:49 Olevie Kouami: hi everyone
01:10:31 Herman Ramos: Hello everyone. Very good topic
01:10:41 Amrita Choudhury: To some extent even WHO is also has impact on non ICANN community -end users.
01:10:45 hadia Elminiawi: Hello all - great seeing you
01:10:54 Fouad Bajwa: Hello Everyone!
01:12:05 Bill Jouris: @Amrita, and what does it say of us that we say "end users" as an example of a non-ICANN community? An innocent might think that this was what At Large was intended to represent.
01:13:16 Marita Moll: Interesting point about trade agreements @Leon. Not something we usually think about
01:14:53 Marita Moll: I suppose the ccTLDs do think about that.
01:15:21 Yrjo Lansipuro: +1 to León on the potential role of ALS´s to reach policymakers on local/national level
01:15:32 hadia Elminiawi: yes
01:15:45 Olevie Kouami: Thank you Leon
01:15:46 iPhone: yes we do hear
01:15:57 Bikram Shrestha: yes
01:16:46 Amrita Choudhury: @ Bill . At Large does represent the end users , however that does not mean all end user interests get represented especially in areas where our reach is not prevalent. There are still many communities who are yet to be represented. Representation cannot be 100% however we strive to include more and more end user representative voices
01:17:51 Bill Jouris: @Amrita, point taken
01:18:59 Olevie Kouami: @Amrita : I hope that there are complementaries works done with the gNSO-NCSG constituencies too : NCUC and NPOC
01:19:33 Daniel Nanghaka: @Amrita, are you also looking at the underserved regions?
01:21:29 Amrita Choudhury: I am sure there are complementary work which is done by other constituencies . But more definitely needs to be done
01:22:51 Amrita Choudhury: @Daniel: Underserved regions and other regions/ countries too
01:23:22 Olevie Kouami: @Amrita : the needs will grow with the contexts ie Covid-19 or other pandémies ;-)
01:24:00 Daniel Nanghaka: So if we are looking at the 6 Billion voices being represented then At-large needs an effective definition in relation to its works and impact
01:24:20 Amrita Choudhury: Olieve: yes Covid has accelerated things, but with more people coming online, there will be more help end users will need
01:24:56 Bill Jouris: Woth covid-19, anyone who was asking "Why do I care about the Internet?" now has an answer.
01:25:14 Javier Rúa-Jovet: This distributed nature of the Internet is now one of the most important cues being followed by the renewable energy industry. Central energy generation = single points of failure vis a vis Distributed energy generation microgrids = resiliency.
01:25:47 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: That’s a very interesting concept @Javier
01:26:09 Dickson Chew: Ditto Leon on Javier’s point
01:26:15 Amrita Choudhury: Daniel: definitely . Firstly it is critical to understand and accept end user interests matter and then focus on how to amplify the voices of end user representatives when decisions are taken
01:27:22 Sivasubramanian Muthusamy: <question> Is there someway by which choice of essential technologies are standardised between ISPs and others?
01:29:55 iPhone: <question> why it is allowed to block access to the domain names by end use from one region to another?
01:30:56 iPhone: follow up: access to the content by using the website address
01:31:22 Olevie Kouami: MoreDNSSEC
01:32:23 Chokri Ben Romdhane: <quetion>By following Steve intervention I've got the impression that the cordinationation between stackholder , In ICANN case, it's a technical issue and not a policy one. These some how reflects the great impact of technical studies on ICANN policy developement process, EPDP Case is a good example , do you think that these pracctices is healthy for PDP developement?</question>
01:32:29 Olevie Kouami: Reachout for more DNSSEC everywhere is a role of an ALS
01:32:53 Yoann E. A. Le Bihan: The adoption rate of DNSSEC is quite a good news!
01:33:32 Javier Rúa-Jovet: @Leon / @Dickson: similarly, as all of us Internet end-users are actually "prosumers" -we use/consume the Internet (download) but also produce/generate content. In energy it should be the same: we use energy from the central grid, but also share our excess self generated power (e.g. rooftop solar) with our neighbors. And all these distributed systems of solar panels + batteries can be coordinated via the Internet to behave just like central fossil plants. Its a brave new world!
01:35:33 Olevie Kouami: @Javier : A brave new world, Indeed. Until the day the machines will take control of human being ? Hmmmm ???
01:36:27 Justine Chew: @Olevie, goodness! I hope that day never comes.
01:36:50 Olevie Kouami: Cros fingers
01:37:04 Olevie Kouami: cross
01:39:09 Justine Chew: We are ALL superheroes! :)
01:39:34 Olevie Kouami: (Y)
01:40:31 Olevie Kouami: :)
01:41:43 Olevie Kouami: well
01:41:58 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Olevie; I recommend any of the books by Yuval Noah Harari (Sapiens; 21 Lessons, Homo Deus). Agree that cyberethics + bioethcis should be central in all our conversations.
01:42:18 Javier Rúa-Jovet: bioethics
01:43:12 Olevie Kouami: Great. Thank you @Javier
01:44:03 Olevie Kouami: Absolutely agree with you Javier
01:45:01 Javier Rúa-Jovet: welcome!!
01:45:16 Arnaud Franquinet: Recommend too the books by Yuval Noah Harari. Very inspiring
01:45:47 Olevie Kouami: It's audible too. Nice stuff
01:49:38 Javier Rúa-Jovet: yep
01:51:38 Javier Rúa-Jovet: When I grow up I want to be as crystal clear as @Steve. I can rarely explain things in one sentence.
01:52:44 Maureen Hilyard - ALAC: +1 Javier. Steve is brilliant at making the explanation of the internet seem so easy.
01:57:57 Jonathan Zuck: And then he walks away and we are once again confused!
01:58:25 Javier Rúa-Jovet: LOL
01:59:01 Maureen Hilyard - ALAC: LOL but so true! But he has provided some very helpful slides
01:59:24 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Indeed Jonathan. I wish I was as clear as Steve!
01:59:40 Javier Rúa-Jovet: yeh I want @Steve's slides!
02:00:05 Susan.Payne Valideus/ComLaude: In the UK our GAC rep Paul Blaker has a group of UK stakeholders that he meets with regularly. Recently this was a forum for him to obtain and feed in to the relevant lawmakers on FTAs the UK was considering. It is a very useful process on both sides for seeking and providing input, which others may find very valuable if it does not exist in their countries
02:00:36 Gisella Gruber - ICANN Org: Please kindly state your names when speaking.
02:00:56 hadia Elminiawi: Thank you Gisella for the reminder
02:03:04 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Hear Hear!
02:03:17 hadia Elminiawi: Thank you sebastien - we enjoy listening to your French
02:03:24 Olevie Kouami: Steve is Good
02:03:32 Marita Moll: In Canada, I am also part of a group our GAC reps. call together occasionally, and I might ask some questions about that, next time.
02:03:37 Alfredo Calderon: Steve Presentation - https://community.icann.org/download/attachments/147850222/ALAC%20Presentation%20-%20ICANN69%202020-10-19%5B1%5D%20%20-%20%20Read-Only.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1603097174000&api=v2
02:03:39 Chokri Ben Romdhane: Hi Hadia please take a look to my question
02:03:44 Chokri Ben Romdhane: <quetion>By following Steve intervention I've got the impression that the cordinationation between stackholder , In ICANN case, it's a technical issue and not a policy one. These some how reflects the great impact of technical studies on ICANN policy developement process, EPDP Case is a good example , do you think that these practices are healthy for PDP developement?</question>
02:03:50 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Gracias @Alfredo
02:03:52 Marita Moll: I was talking about the trade issues
02:10:34 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Hear hear for @IcannStaff
02:10:35 Seun Ojedeji: Thanks to staff
02:10:56 Maureen Hilyard - ALAC: +1 for the Staff
02:11:04 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Indeed. Support Staff is an essential part of what we do and how we do it. Thanks!
02:11:39 Matthias M. Hudobnik: May I ask a question Hadia?
02:12:03 Bill Jouris: +2 for staff (they earn it routinely)
02:13:28 iPhone: thank you @Steve for raising this point
02:13:34 iPhone: to ALAC
02:18:06 volker greimann: it is the whois debate all over again
02:18:25 Matthias M. Hudobnik: thank you steve!
02:20:37 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: thanks Steve
02:21:33 Chokri Ben Romdhane: Thank you Hadia
02:23:12 iPhone: unfortunately ALSes in developing countries hardly can interfere into the policies in their countries. They simply they are not allowed to participate in such policies
02:23:53 Olevie Kouami: it's sad
02:23:54 Roberto: @iPhone - this happens not only in developing countries, actually
02:24:12 Amrita Choudhury: I think it may be good to work with local GSE teams to increase representation of end user interest.
02:24:16 Roberto: But we must nevertheless try
02:24:27 Olevie Kouami: It's for a Public Mission
02:24:41 Maureen Hilyard - ALAC: It is one of the purposes of our capacity building programmes and the focus on our ICANN Learn courses as well - To ensure that we build the capacity of our ALSes and individual members
02:24:42 Amrita Choudhury: In India for example when we make representation to policy makers and government, we also inform the GSE representative
02:25:26 Olevie Kouami: +1 @Maureen Thank you
02:25:57 Yrjo Lansipuro: I realise that the situation in different in different countries. But we have to try…
02:26:40 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Agree Yrjo. It’s not easy in most countries but someone has to crack the nut
02:26:48 Olevie Kouami: Starting with capacity building
02:27:19 Amrita Choudhury: Agree Yrjo
02:27:46 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: sounds like a worthy plan
02:29:51 Roberto: The problem is that some people, for instance spammers, might be unhappy with the accuracy of information that in any case they are not entitled to get
02:30:27 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: @Hadia I will need to drop shortly
02:30:40 Nadira Alaraj: thanks Roberto, I discovered that Zoom didn’t recognize my user name as always
02:31:01 Maureen Hilyard - ALAC: Thanks so much to Hadia, Leon and Steve for this really interesting and informative session.
02:31:09 Bachollet Sebastien - Euralo: Thanks all
02:31:12 León Felipe Sánchez Ambía: Thank you all!
02:31:13 Chokri Ben Romdhane: Thank you all great session
02:31:19 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: excellent session, so sorry I hD to split my attention between thisvand GAC meeting re SubPro
02:31:23 Olevie Kouami: Merci à tous
02:31:36 Lilian Ivette Deluque: thanks great session
02:31:38 Matthias M. Hudobnik: thx to leon, steve and hadia! great one!
02:31:41 Adam Peake: Thank you
02:31:46 Justine Chew: Thank you, Steve, Leon, and Hadia for running this session.
02:31:48 Gisella Gruber - ICANN Org: Thank you all for your participation! Great session
02:31:50 Marita Moll: excellent session. thanks Leon and Steve and Hadia for organizing. yes, there is a lot to build on
02:31:51 Nadira Alaraj: +1 Hadia and to all those who raised different points
02:31:52 Olevie Kouami: ciao
02:31:52 Amrita Choudhury: Thank you Hadia, Steve and Leon for the session
02:31:53 Alberto Soto: Thanks, bye bye!!
02:31:56 Roberto: Thanks Hadia
02:31:57 Jonathan Zuck: Thanks everyone!
02:31:59 Daniel Nanghaka: Thank you
02:31:59 Cheryl Langdon-Orr: bye for now
02:32:02 Edmon Chung: thx bye
02:32:02 hadia Elminiawi: Thank you all bye
02:32:03 Daniel Nanghaka: Bye all
02:32:04 Jahangir Hossain: Thanks
02:32:06 Javier Rúa-Jovet: Ciao!
02:32:07 Tracy F. Hackshaw: Bye all. Thanks!
02:32:09 Yeşim Nazlar - ICANN Org: Thank you all, this session is now adjourned.
02:32:10 Hanan khatib: thanks

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