September 2015 – SSAC Liaison Report

(as at 22 September 15)


1.            SSAC MEETINGS.  The SSAC held its Face-to-Face Annual SSAC Workshop in Los Angeles on 15-17 September 2015.    All WPs met and reported their progress to the whole SSAC as part of the agenda. Additional topics of discussion were proposals for new WP topics, IANA Transition (ICG, CWG and CCWG aspects), and a number of internal SSAC Procedures. 

2.            SSAC WORK PARTIES.  I am currently participating in two SSAC Work Parties: 

  • New gTLDs – Mid-course correction, Collisions, Timing of next round:  Meeting cancelled on 9 September I attended a meeting of this WP on 5 August but was an apology for the meeting on 13 August. A meeting of this WP was held on 16 September during the SSAC Workshop and agreement was reached on a more achievable focus for the work.
  • Registrant Protection/Credential Management:  As this working party meets at an unfortunate time for me (0200), I was unable to attend both of the meetings on 26 August and 9 September.  However, this Work Party  held a meeting and gave a detailed update of its progress on 16 September during the SSAC Workshop in Los Angeles and is hoping to publish its report prior to ICANN54 in Dublin. 

3.          SSAC REPORTS.  No SSAC Reports have been published since SAC072 released during ICANN53 in Buenos Aires.    However, the Registrant Protection/Credential Management Work Party is hoping to publish its Report prior to ICANN54 in Dublin. 

4.          SSAC REPRESENTATION ON CCWG ACCOUNTABILITY.  As one of the SSAC representatives on the CCWG Accountability, I attended the following CCWG Meetings:

31 August CCWG Briefing to Advisors

31 August CCWG Briefing to the Board

1 September CCWG Meeting

2 September Board Response to CCWG Proposal

22 September CCWG Meeting 

I was unable to attend the CCWG Meeting on 15 September as I was on route to the SSAC Workshop in Los Angeles, and regrettably will be unable to attend or fully participate remotely in the Face-to-Face Meeting in Los Angeles on 25-26 September.  

With regard to the CCWG 2nd Draft Proposal, the SSAC did not made any statement during the public comment period, and has since been directly approached by the CCWG Co-chairs on its views.  The SSAC Chair is planning to respond formally, hopefully prior to the Face-to-Face CCWG Meeting in Los Angeles.  Discussion with SSAC Members during the Annual SSAC Workshop confirmed that the views expressed in SAC071 are still relevant to the 2nd Draft Proposal.

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