Documents and correspondence:

[SAC106]: Comments on Evolving the Governance of the Root Server System (8 August 2019) English


[SSAC2019-07] ICANN org's preparation toward implementation of a new round of gTLDs (30 August 2019) English

[SSAC2019-06] Notice of Appointment of SSAC Representative to the IANA Naming Function Review (29 August 2019) English

[SSAC2019-05] SSAC's Participation in the Customer Standing Committee (12 August 2019) English


SSAC monthly meeting 11 of July 2019
Agenda: Followup on SAC 105 and various meetings, such as ALAC, ATRT3, OCTO (DNSSEC key management, DANE), registry stakeholder group on WHOIS data reporting, Board technical committee, EPDP, GCSC

SSAC monthly meeting 15 of August
Agenda: security topics priorities, hands on the list for drafting core document for 2019. Session with Terry Manderson, the director of dns engineering at ICANN

Other ongoing topics:
Prep for SSAC workshop in September

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