[SAC103]: SSAC Response to the new gTLD Subsequent Procedures PDP WG Initial Report (3 October 2018)

[SAC102]: SSAC Comment on the Updated Plan for Continuing the Root KSK Rollover (20 August 2018)

[SAC101]: SSAC Advisory Regarding Access to Domain Name Registration Data (18 June 2018)

[SSAC2018-16]: Draft Assessment Report of the Independent Examiner (13 June 2018)

[SSAC2018-15]: Review of IDN Implementation Guidelines (11 June 2018)

Current work in progress

Name Collision Analysis Project

SSAC Organizational Review

Internet of Things WP

Emerging Security Topics (Ongoing)

DNSSEC Workshops (Ongoing)

Membership Committee (Ongoing)

Topics of interest / possible new work

Improving SSAC working processes

DNS Privacy, DNS over HTTP, DNS over TCP

Pros and cons of hyper local root / RFC 7706

DNSSEC DS key management and other registrar/registry control issues

Best practices for handling take-down procedures

Security issues specific to specialized TLDs

Studying abuse in nTLDs

Board resolutions (Oct.25):

- reappointments of SSAC members to three-year terms ( Jaap Akkerhuis, Patrik Fältström, Ondrej Filip, Jim Galvin, Robert Guerra, Julie Hammer, Ram Mohan, Doron Shikmoni, and Suzanne Woolf

- Merike Kaeo wil be a member of BTC (board technical committee) and the BRC (board risk committee)

- Ram Mohan completes 10 years of service on the ICANN board representing SSAC

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