Documents and letters:

SSAC103 "SSAC Response to the new gTLD Subsequent Procedures
Policy Development Process Working Group Initial Report", October 3
SSAC2018-26 "SSAC Participation in the ICANN Nominating Committee,13 November 2018

1. SSAC101v2: updated version for original SSAC101 "SSAC Advisory Regarding Access to domain name Registration Data" from 14 June 2018 is under development
2. Work parties development and planning for the upcoming SSAC work, including
- improving SSAC working processes
- DNS Privacy, DNS Over HTTP, DNS over TLS (DPRIVE, DOH, DOT)
 - DNSSEC DS Key Management and other registrar/registry control issues
 - Pros and cons of hyper-local root / RFC 7706
 - Best practices for handling takedown requests
 - Studying abuse in nTLDs
3. Final internal call for the updated SSAC operational procedures

Important info to take a look at
Materials of the webinar regarding public comment on draft final report SSAC2:
Replay and presentation slides available at

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