Documents and correspondence:

SSAC 105 The DNS and the Internet of Things: Opportunities, Risks, and Challenges. Published 3 June 2019, link:  English
Unlike traditional SSAC advisory documents, this one is not recommendation, but tutoral-style discussion to trigger and facilitate dialogue in the broader ICANN community

SSAC2019-02 letter to ICANN regarding anomalies it sees in Registration Data Services (a.k.a. WHOIS) Query reporting, sent 3 May 2019, link: English

SSAC2019-03 Input to Issues For Consideration Regarding Establishment of a Standing Panel for the Independent Review Process (IRP), sent 13 May 2019, link: English

SSAC2019-04 Review Feasibility Assessment and Initial Implementation Plan, sent 27 May 2019, link: English


SSAC monthly meeting 9 of May  took place with following agenda:

Presentation on email authentication at the TLD Level
Outcomes from the SSAC Admin Face-to-Face
Board Action Advice Register
Work Party Management
Skills, Diversity and Membership Committee Processes
Standing Work Parties and relationship to Skills Survey update
Strategizing Priorities
Communications Plan

SSAC monthly meeting 13 of June  took place with following agenda:

Skills, Diversity and Membership Committee Processes
Work Party Processes
Standing Work Parties

Recall from ICANN 65 meeting topics in Marrakesh:

Name collision analysis project (NCAP): July 2019 OCTO start an open RFP process to engage a contractor. Discussion Group preparing a second deliverable: definition of name collisions, to be ready for public comment after ICANN65.

SSAC organizational review: skills, diversity and membership committee processes

DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) & DNS-over-TLS (DoT): some potential deployments of DoH and DoT may impact traditional policy control points in DNS resolution. Standardization on how DoH and DoT resolvers are configured in applications and operating systems is still ongoing. For registry and registrar operators there is currently little impact from DoH and DoT. It is too early to say what the impact of DoH and DoT on users will be. The need for DNSSEC and QNAME Minimization has not changed.

SAC105: The DNS and the Internet of Things. See report.

Meetings with RSSAC, PSWG, NCSG, ALAC, RySG, ATRT3, OCTO, Board technical committee

Lightning talks: DNS transparency project, "sovereign" internet in Russia

Other ongoing topics of interest before, during and after ICANN 65

EPDP on Temp Spec for gTLD Registration Data

Root Server System

Emerging Security Topics (Ongoing)

DNSSEC Workshops (Ongoing)

Membership Committee (Ongoing)

Pros and Cons of Hyper Local Root / RFC 7706

DNSSEC DS key Management and other Registrar/Registry Control Issues

Best Practices for Handling Take-down Procedures

Studying Abuse in new gTLDs

Domain Name Hijacking Attacks

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