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As part of AFRALO's continuing efforts to raise awareness on ICANN and At-Large issues within Africa, during the ICANN 55 Meeting in Marrakech, AFRALO will be inviting 5 representatives from African NGOs to take part in the AFRALO NGO Program.

The AFRALO NGO Program will feature a series of capacity building sessions for beginners. These sessions will take place Saturday, 5 March through Thursday, 10 March 2016.

The sessions will include basic knowledge on ICANN and At-Large, including the policy development process and ICANN's unique bottom up multi-stakeholder model of decision making.

Members from the At-Large community and interested members of the African community are welcome to join the sessions.


Name of NGO RepresentativeAffiliationCountry
Fatma OumraneICT & GenderMauritania
Thierry Piette-CoudolObservatoir Africain de la Pratique des Affaires (OAPA)Cameroon
Moataz ShaarawyShaarawy Foundation for Development (SFD)Egypt
Hajer AbdelkefiOrdre National des Avocats Tunisiens (ONAT)Tunisia
Aicha AbbadAssociation de femmes d'ASkejour pour le développement et la solidaritéMorocco



Saturday, 5 March 2016

08:00 - 09:30

Room: Roseraie


  1. Welcome and Introduction to the NGO Program - Tijani Ben Jemaa and Aziz Hilali (10 minutes)
  2. Introduction of NGO Representatives - All NGO representatives (10 minutes)
  3. ICANN and the multi-stakeholder Model  - Aziz Hilali (20 minutes)
  4. AFRALO within At-Large - Tijani Ben Jemaa (20 minutes)
  5. Questions and Answers - All (30 minutes)

Sunday, 6 March 2016

08:00 - 09:30

Room: Roseraie


  1. Welcome - Tijani Ben Jemaa and Aziz Hilali (5 minutes)
  2. ICANN African and Middle East Strategies - Pierre Dandjinou, Baher Esmat and Fahd Batayneh (30 minutes)
  3. ALAC and the importance of AFRALO: the perspective of the current and past ALAC Chairs - Alan Greenberg, Olivier Crepin-Leblond and Cheryl Landgon-Orr (10 minutes each)
  4. Questions and Answers (25 minutes)

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

08:00 - 09:00

Room: Roseraie


  1. Welcome - Tijani Ben Jemaa and Aziz Hilali (5 minutes)
  2. Introduction to the Development and Public Responsibility Department - Nora Abusitta, Senior VP, Development & Public Responsibility Programs  (30 minutes) 
  3. Questions and Answers - All (25 minutes)


Wednesday, 9 March 2016

07:30 - 09:00

Room: Roseraie


  1. Welcome - Tijani Ben Jemaa and Aziz Hilali (5 minutes)
  2. Introduction to ICANN Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees -  Tijani Ben Jemaa, Aziz Hilali and Rudi Vansnick (25 minutes)
  3. Questions and Answers - All (20 minutes)


  1. Feedback from the NGO Representatives (20 minutes)
  2. Next Steps Tijani Ben Jemaa (10 minutes)
  3. Organizers' Announcement - All (10 minutes)


Each NGO representative will be mentored by one of the AFRALO members during their participation in the ICANN 55. 

Fatma ElkoryTijani BEN JEMAAFrench / English
Thierry Piette CoudolWafa DahmeniFrench / English
Moataz AbdelbakiBeran GillanEnglish
Hejer AbdelkafiAziz HilaliFrench / English
Aicha AbbadTijani BEN JEMAA

French / English

Outreach session in a Marrakech University

On Tuesday afternoon, a session with students from Rabat and Marrakech will be held in a university in Marrakech. It will be a panel with very short introduction from each panelist and the most of the time will be dedicated to the students to ask questions and give remarks. Here is the program:


Transport to the Université Cadi Ayyad of Marrakech



Arrival at the University


15:00 - 17:00

Open discussion on the Outreach and Engagement in the ICANN Multistakeholder model

Moderator: Aziz Hilali

Panelists: Tijani Ben Jemaa, Daniel Nanghaka, Olivier Crépin-Leblond, Sébastien Bachollet, Cheryl Langdon-Orr

Staff: Pierre Dandjinou, African Regional Vice President, GSE; Fahd Batayneh, Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Middle East, GSE; Yaovi Atohoun, Stakeholder Engagement & Ops Mngr - Africa;  Lauren Allison, Development and Public Responsibility Program Manager;

Gisella Gruber, At-Large Staff


Transport back to the conference center


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