July 2018 – SSAC Liaison Report

(as of 20 July 18)


1. SSAC meetings.  The SSAC has held meetings during ICANN meeting in Panama and July 18th at IETF. The main topic on July 18th was KSK rollout. Other topics, including during the ICANN meeting in Panama:

2. SSAC ongoing activities:

  • SSAC 101 - still hot topic, lot of discussion in communities

  • ICANN org request on refinement of string similarity - work meeting with ccNSO, to be continued;

  • Board’s request on KSK Roll: action items work ongoing;

  • SSAC workshop logistics: end of September

  • SSAC communications/engagement: tips to get more info out

  • EPDP volunteers announced
  • SSAC and RSSAC: cross informing agreement re: KSK

3. The following SSAC work parties activities took place:

  • Name Collision Analysis Project (NCAP) - resource planning;

  • SSAC Review Work Party - meeting with MSSI in October;

  • Whois Rate Limiting - document to be updated

  • IoT WP - checking places for outreach with similar topic among community
  • KSK roll work party: working


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