July 2014 – SSAC Liaison Report

(as at 22 Jul 14)

1.            SSAC MEETINGS. With ICANN50 held in London in late June, there has been no SSAC Monthly Meeting since May. 

2.            SSAC WORK PARTIES.  The three SSAC Work Parties in which I have been participating have all concluded during the last reporting period:


  • Identifier Abuse Metrics Work Party – It has been determined that this work party will not publish a report at this time.  Should a report be deemed appropriate in the future, the Work Party will be re-activated.  For now, the Work Party has been de-activated.
  • JAS Report Comment Work Party – The JAS Work Party was initiated at the ICANN49 Meeting in Singapore to develop comments on the JAS Report.  The Report of this Work Party was published as SAC066 on 6 June and was briefed at ICANN50 London Meeting. 
  • London Meeting Planning Work Party – After its initial two meetings on 13 and 20 May, this work Party met twice more on 27 May and 4 June to finalise the SSAC Program for the ICANN50 London Meeting.


3.            SSAC REPORTSSAC066 SSAC Comment concerning JAS Phase One Report on Mitigating the Risk of DNS Name Collisions was published on 6 June 2014.


4.            CROSS COMMUNITY WORKING GROUP TO DEVELOP AN IANA STEWARDSHIP TRANSFER PROPOSAL.  I have been appointed as the SSAC Representative on the Drafting Team to develop the Charter for this CWG.  Some preliminary discussions were held on 23 June at ICANN50 London, and to date, two teleconferences have been held by the Drafting Team on 14 and 21 July.  Because it is important that this CWG begin its work as soon as possible, we are aiming to finalise a Draft Charter by 15 August to submit to the participating constituencies for consideration and adoption. 

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