July 2012 – SSAC Liaison Report

(as at 2Aug12) 

1. SSAC MEETINGS.  No SSAC Meetings were held during the month of July.

2. DSSA WORKING GROUP MEETINGS.  Attended DSSA Working Group Meeting on 26Jul12.

3. ALAC WEBINAR ON SAC054.   SAC054, released on 11 June 2012, proposes a standards-based, structured, and extensible model for the recording of Domain Name Registration Data. (DRND).  The SSAC seeks Community feedback on its completeness and utility, and a one-page ‘scene setter’ has been posted on the ALAC wiki seeking input from the Community.  Additionally, at the request of the ALAC, Jim Galvin (Deputy Chair of SSAC) briefed At-Large Community Members on SAC054 during the Webinar on 20 July 2012 and the following points were noted during discussion:

  • It would be useful for SAC054 to be translated into other languages, in particular Spanish and French.  ALAC and SSAC Staff will progress this request with Language Services.  (If any additional languages are required, would you please indicate this in a comment on the wiki page.)
  • The data model should include elements which could be used for privacy controls. (This comment will be included in the feedback which will be forwarded to the SSAC.)

We have undertaken to provide At-Large Community feedback to the SSAC by 1 September 2012 and posting on the wiki page of additional comments for inclusion have been requested by 23 August 2012.  The wiki page can be found at At-Large Request for Community Input on SAC054 - Domain Name Registration Data Model Workspace.

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