John L and MH - Compliance with Jamie Hedlund (workshop session) (60 mins) Booked 10-11 Weds  Heidi is to invite Maguy

Daniel - O&E meeting, O&E Strategy (Joanna), Capacity Building strategy incl  (90 mins) - choose a day and time

Daniel - O&E Workshop - involving RIRs, GSE, NPOC, Stakeholder tool development? 60 mins choose a day and time

Heidi - David Kolb - Leadership Skills Development workshop (90-120min) on Saturday 9 March over lunch

MH- Keith Drazek - GNSO - to introduce himself and goals for GNSO - and respond to specific ?? from ALAC (Marita, Holly, et al) - 30mins?  Gisella to work on day and time. Questions to go to Cheryl who will work with Keith before his session. 

OCL & Tatiana - At-Large and NCSG workshop - includes Fellows etc onboarding? (60 mins)  date suggested yet ?

MH - ARIWG and ATLASIII Updates - intro to session with Goran/Cherine/Leon (60 mins) - Heidi to organise availability of ICANN team including David.

Jonathan - would like to hold workshops on policy topics - could involve experts coming in (60-90 mins each) Topics? Number of sessions? 3 sessions outlined by Heidi - 90 mins each ( (1) Balancing Privacy and Security/Stability in the coming years (2) Universal Access: Challenges and Possible at-large opportunities (3) Subsequent Procedures: What sort of applications do we want and how do we get them? Community, IDN, Underserved regions, etc.

Yrjo and Ana - GAC session (60 mins) - 45 minutes confirmed at this stage - topics?  (Weds 13 March 11.30-12.15)

Barrack and Wafa - ccNSO session (60 mins) - pencilled in on Sunday 10 March from 17:00-18:00. Topics?? - Ricardo raised a question

MH to follow up with ALAC on questions for RSSAC and SSAC to slot into the weekend sessions - total 60 minutes  Brad will get back to us, Gisella working with SSAC staff to arrange a time. Andrei can work with the team on a particular topic

(RSSAC) Fred Baker has come back with two alternatives (1) a "How it works" session introducing the RSSAC and its role i- this could be provided as part of an At-Large  capacity building session, or ALAC members can attend a special session they are holding for the community and/or (2) A full threat analysis of the Root Server System would probably be more than you bargained for, but we could in the Kobe meeting discuss the methodology and documented security benefits of Anycast, which is an operational mechanism that enables the 12 Root Server Operators to deploy over 1000 individual servers that all deliver the same IANA-specified root data, mutually backing each other up, and provides an effective DDOS mitigation. How would you like to proceed with this?

Rinalia & MH - ISOC CHAPTER member participation as ALSes  or introduce to At-Large  Rinalia  will check if she  will be available to come to an ALAC meeting to explain her new role in ISOC.

RALO Chairs - Development Session 60 or 90 min session?

ALAC meeting - feedback from Liaisons and liaisons to CSC, aTRT, etc - 90 mins

ALAC workshop - At-Large discussion about the ICANN strategic plan - 90 mins


Board - Wednesday 13 March from  08:30-09:30 (60min)

GAC - Wednesday 13 March from 11:30-12:15 (45min). NOTE a 60min session has been suggested by Ana and Yrjo. GAC will discuss in January

ccNSO - TBC - please advise on action to confirm this session. Currently pencilled in on Sunday 10 March from 17:00-18:00 (60min)

SSAC - ?


ASO - ?

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