Saturday, 09 March

  • Evin Erdogdu to create Leadership Skills Development Photo Album for ICANN64, once ICANN64 is complete.
  • Evin Erdogdu to share Becky Nash's Finance slides from At-Large Leadership Prep for ICANN64 with ALAC.

Sunday, 10 March

  • Evin Erdogduto send new Twitter and FB banner graphic to MH and Comms for approval.
  • Evin Erdogdu to create wiki workspace to continue Policy Sub Pro and Applicant Support conversation for the benefit of the CPWG & Christa Taylor, likely to be a child page of the CPWG. EE to follow up with JZ on location of this page.

  • Evin Erdogdu to circulate RDS WHOIS review team to public report (to be published within next 24 hours) to the CPWG and ALAC, regarding security and privacy data.
  • Evin Erdogdu to work with Jonathan Zuck on gathering related spam data for Kathy Kleiman's suggested AI: "we all look at these data slides together, follow up on this conversation".
  • Heidi Ullrich / Gisella Gruber / Maureen Hilyard to coordinate on continued GNSO / Keith Drazek and ALAC collaboration at ICANN meetings.

Tuesday, 12 March


  • Daniel Khauka Nanghaka to implement the following change "Some proposed Text for bullet point 4 to replace the 'term of art' "constituencies" ICANN Stakeholders (as proposed by @Dev is fine) but my text was more detailed as follows => replace "constituencies" with [stakeholders] ICANNs Advisory Committees, Support Organisations (Stakeholder Groups and Constituencies) AC/SOs (SGs and Cs)
  •  Joanna Kulesza to get in touch with Sally Costerton to develop capacity building activities

  • RALO Leadership meeting

  • Jonathan Zuck and Joanna Kuleza to draft a revised ALAC Hot Policy Topics document and review it within the CPWG before taking it to the ALAC.
  • Once the ALAC Hot  Policy Topics document is approved by the ALAC, Jonathan Zuck and Joanna Kulezato discuss it with the RALOs.
  • All RALOs to finish their respective Hot Policy Topics, if necessary selecting relevant policy topics from the ALAC Hot Policy Topics.

  • The RALOs to develop their Hot Policy Topics in a format hat is fit for purpose for their region. 

Wednesday, 13 March


  • Silvia Vivancoto send final AFRALO/AfricANN document to to the Board Chair and to the ALAC ccing the CPWG.

APRALO monthly meeting 

APRALO leadership and Maureen to revitalize the ALAC IDN WG, possibly renaming it with IDN-UA 

At-Large Leadership Wrap - Up

Conversation with Cherine Chalaby

SC O/E will continue the conversation for communication strategy with the background of the ICANN Strategic Plan.



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