ICANN Meeting 56 Helsinki June 2016 – SSAC Liaison Report

(as at 1Jul16)


1. SSAC MEETING WITH ALAC.   The SSAC and ALAC did not have a meeting on this occasion.  Usually, the SSAC updates the ALAC on SAC reports that have been issued since the last meeting and answers questions on those reports.  Since the only reports issued since Marrakech were two responses to requests for inputs on Next Generation gTLD RDS and advice relation to the 2012 New gTLD Round.  Both documents simply highlighted previously issued relevant SSAC Reports. 


2. SSAC INVOLVEMENT IN CCWG ACCOUNTABILITY.   As one of the two SSAC Representatives on the CCWG-A, I attended the scheduled Working Session from 0800-1800 on Sunday 26 June.  

The SSAC was briefed on CCWG-A Next Steps during the SSAC Private Meetings and confirmed that Lyman Chapin and I will continue serving as SSAC Members of the CCWG-A throughout Workstream 2.  With the assistance of two additional SSAC Members who have volunteered to nominate as Observers, the SSAC has nominated as “Observer” in the following Workstream 2 topics:

- Diversity (Julie Hammer)

- Human Rights (Robert Guerra)

- Jurisdiction (Russ Mundy)

- SO/AC Accountability (Russ Mundy)

- Transparency (Lyman Chapin)

The output and recommendations of the remaining Workstream 2 Topics will be monitored when they report to the CCWG-A full meeting: 

- Guidelines for Standards of Conduct

- Ombudsman

- Reviewing the Cooperative Engagement Process

- Staff Accountability 


3. SSAC MEETING WITH GAC. The SSAC held an open Meeting with the GAC on Thursday 30 June during which discussion covered the topics of IPv4 scarcity and IPv6 deployment, metrics for new gTLD Health Index, and the DNS Abuse Report.  The audio recording of this session is at: 



4. SSAC PRIVATE BRIEFING IN ANTI-PHISHING WORKING GRUP REPORT. The SSAC  was provided a private confidential briefing on the (not yet issued) APWG Quarterly Report.  While most of this information cannot yet be shared, I did receive explicit permission to share the fact that the data shows a definite link between high levels of abuse and low cost of domain names.  This link is observed for both traditional and new gTLDs.


5. MEETINGS ATTENDED IN HELSINKI.  In addition to the Meetings mentioned above, I attended the following SSAC, ALAC, and other general meetings and events:


SSAC Meetings

Monday 27 June

0915-1200: DNSSEC Workshop

Tuesday 28 June

0900-1200: SSAC Private Meetings

1330-1530: SSAC Private Meetings

Wednesday 29 June

0800-1200: SSAC Private Meetings

1330-1430: SSAC Meeting with the Board

Thursday 30 June

0800-1000: SSAC Private Meetings

1000-1030: SSAC Meeting with the GAC

1030-1130: SSAC Private Meetings

1330-1500: SSAC Private Meetings


ALAC Meetings

Monday 27 June

1230-1330: ALAC/GAC Lunch

Thursday 30 June

1130-1200: ALAC Liaison and RALO Leaders’ Reports

Friday 1 July

0800-1100: ALT Meeting


Other Sessions and Meetings

Sunday 26 June

0800-1800: CCWG-Accountability Working Session

Monday 27 June

0830-0900: Welcome and Ethos Award

1500-1630: Cross Community Session - Next Generation Directory Services

1630-1800: Cross Community Session - Review of All Rights Protection Mechanisms in All gTLDs

1830-2000: Civic Reception at Helsinki Town Hall

Tuesday 28 June

1515-1645: Cross Community Session – Charter for CCWG on Auction Proceeds

1830-1930: CEO’s Reception

Wednesday 29 June

1515-1645: Cross Community Session – Country and Other Geographic Names

1830-1900: Chairman’s Reception

1900-2030: DNS Women Reception

Thursday 30 June

1515-1645: Cross Community Session – Workload Scheduling and Management

1800-1830: Planning for ICANN57

1830-1930: Wrap-up Reception 


Interestingly, with this new format, I found that there was a much greater amount of time scheduled for SSAC Face-to-Face Meetings, all of which were valuable, but this resulted in my having very little availability to attend ALAC Meetings.

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