ICANN Meeting 53 Buenos Aires June 2015 – SSAC Liaison Report

(as at 26 Jun15)


1. SSAC MEETING WITH ALAC.   The briefing provided by Patrik Fältström, the SSAC Chair, on Sunday 21 June concentrated on providing a summary of the two most recently released SSAC Reports both available on the SSAC Reports and Advisories Webpage:

  • SAC070: SSAC Advisory on the use of Static TLD/Suffix Lists dated 29 May 2015
  • SAC071:  SSAC Comments on Cross Community Working Group Proposal on ICANN Accountability Enhancements dated 5 June 2015

SAC070 investigates the security and stability needs surrounding the growing use of Public Suffix Lists (PSLs) on the Internet.  The SSAC first calls on the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and application community to directly address fundamental design compromises by designing, standardizing and adopting alternative solutions (see Recommendation 1). Second, because use of PSLs today is prevalent, and noting the time it takes for the IETF to standardize alternative solutions and the community to deploy them, the SSAC recommends a set of near-term measures to alleviate some of the higher risk issues with the current maintenance and use of PSLs (Recommendations 2-6).

SAC071 provided SSAC Comment on the proposed Accountability Enhanced and in particular, expressed concern about the way in which the proposed new SO/AC Membership Model might affect the way in which the SSAC operates, considering its narrow focus on security and stability matters and its reluctance to become involved in issues outside that remit. The SSAC expects that the community will adopt an organizational structure that recognizes the role and importance of high–quality expert advice on security and stability.

Patrik also advised of the other current active Working Parties within SSAC:

  • New gTLDs: Mid-course correction, Collisions, Timing of next round
  • Registrant Protection/Credential Management

Both of these Work Parties are covering topics that are of interest to the ALAC.  The ALAC in particular expressed the desire to assist in publicising the Registrant Protection/Credential Management Report when issued.


2. SSAC INVOLVEMENT IN CCWG ON ACCOUNTABILITY.   During the course of ICANN53, the question arose as to why the SSAC is not a Chartering Organisation of the CCWG on Accountability.   While the SSAC does have 2 Members serving on the CWG on IANA Stewardship Transition (Jaap Akkerhuis and Robert Guerra), the SSAC is a very small group and does not have sufficient resources to participate fully in all ICANN Working Groups.  As the CCWG Charter requires all Chartering Organisations to nominate at least 2 but no more than 5 Members to the Working Group, the SSAC made the decision that it was not able to participate in the CCWG and so could not become a Chartering Organisation.  That decision does not mean that the SSAC objects to or disagrees with anything in the Charter.  After discussions with the CCWG Co-Chairs during ICANN53, the SSAC, at their invitation, is reconsidering its ability to participate in this CCWG, possibly with one or two SSAC Members acting as contact persons.


3. SSAC STATEMENT ON CWG PROPOSAL ON STEWARDSHIP TRANSITION.   During the course of ICANN53, the SSAC released its response to the CWG Stewardship Proposal dated 11 June.  This was published as:

  • SAC072:  SSAC Comment on Cross Community Working Group on Naming Related Functions Proposal dated 24 June 2015

An analysis of the CWG proposal against SAC 069 was conducted and the SSAC found that the recommendations in SAC 069 were satisfied.  The SSAC therefore provided its approval of the proposal, and recorded a number of relevant comments.


4. MEETINGS ATTENDED IN BUENOS AIRES.  As always, the schedule of SSAC and security related meetings in Buenos Aires was busy, with a continuing high degree of focus on IANA Transition issues.


SSAC Meetings

Saturday 20 June

1530-1600: SSAC Briefing to GNSO

Sunday 21 June

1315-1345: Registrant Protection WP Meeting with Registrar SG Chair

1400-1430: SSAC Meeting with the GAC

1615-1645: SSAC Briefing to ALAC

Tuesday 23 June

0800-1230: SSAC Private Meetings

1430-1800: SSAC Private Meetings

Wednesday 24 June

0800-0900: SSAC Meeting with the RSSAC

0900-1515: DNSSEC Workshop

1300-1400: SSAC Meeting with the Board

Thursday 25 June

0800-0900: SSAC Public Meeting


ALAC Meetings

Saturday 20 June

1400-1515: ALT and RALO Chairs Meeting

1600-1800: ALT Meeting

2000-2300: ALT and RALO Chairs Dinner

Sunday 21 June

0800-1700: ALAC and Regional Leadership Working Session

Tuesday 23 June

1300-1400: ALAC Working Meeting

Wednesday 24 June

0735-0755: SSAC Chair Meeting with APRALO

1830-2030: LACRALO Showcase

Thursday 25 June

0700-0800: ALAC and Regional Leadership Wrap-up Meeting

1145-1245: ALAC and Regional Leadership Wrap-up Meeting

Friday 26 June

0900-1200: ALAC Leadership Team Meeting


Other Sessions and Meetings

Sunday 21 June

1830-2000:  IANA Stewardship Transition/ICANN Accountability Info Session

Monday 22 June

0700-0830: DNS Women’s Breakfast

0830-1000: Welcome Ceremony

1030-1300: CWG Stewardship/CCWG Accountability Joint Town Hall Meeting

1515-1630: SO/AC High Interest Topic Session

1645-1800: CWG Stewardship Engagement Session

Tuesday 23 June

1900-2100: ccNSO Cocktail Party

Wednesday 24 June

1530-1700: CCWG Accountability Working Meeting

Thursday 25 June

1300-1700: Public Forum

1700-1800: ICANN Public Board Meeting

1800-2000: Farewell Cocktail Party

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