ICANN Meeting 46 Beijing April 2013 – SSAC Liaison Report

(as at 22Apr13) 

1. ROLE OF SSAC LIAISON.  My role, as I see it, is to provide a conduit whereby ALAC can provide the SSAC with input to and feedback on SSAC Reports, and suggest and influence the selection of topics that the SSAC might study.  Additionally, I seek to ensure that SSAC reports are written in a way that is understandable and meaningful to the ALAC audience.  Like all other liaisons, this role means that I not only need to keep up to date with all SSAC topics that are being worked on (whether I am a member of the Working Group or not), but also need to keep a watching eye on topics being discussed in the ALAC.  It is also the case that much of the work that SSAC is doing cannot be discussed in open forum, and so my reporting cannot usually be as detailed as other liaisons.

2. MEETINGS ATTENDED IN BEIJING.  The schedule of SSAC and security related meetings in Beijing was a full one and only allowed me to attend a limited number of ALAC Meetings and other general ICANN sessions:

SSAC Meetings

Sunday, 07 April

1550-1630: SSAC Update to the ALAC— Function 6

Monday, 08 April

1230: SSAC Update to the ccNSO — Function 2A/B

1330-1500: LEA/SSAC Meeting — Rainbow

Tuesday 09 April

0800-1800: SSAC Private Meetings at ICANN Meeting — Moon

1045-1015: SSAC Update to Registry Stakeholder Group — Function 8A/B

1405-1430: SSAC Update to the ISP Constituency — Function 5B/C

1500-1800: SSAC Full Committee Meeting — Moon

Wednesday 10 April

8:30 am to 2:45 pm -- DNSSEC Workshop at ICANN Meeting — Rainbow

Thursday, 11 April

8:00-9:00: SSAC Public Meeting at ICANN Meeting — Auditorium

ALAC Meetings

Sunday, 07 April

8:00-18:00: ALAC and Regional Leadership Meeting—Function Room 6 

Monday, 08 April

1700-1900: APRALO Multistakeholder Policy Roundtable — Function 6

Friday, 12 April

9:00-12:00: ALAC ExCom Meeting — Function Room 11

9:00-10:00: Reports from ALAC Liaisons

Other Sessions and Meetings

Monday, 08 April

9:00-10:30: Welcome Ceremony and President's Open Session— Grand Hall A

1500-1630: New gTLD SSR Update — Grand Hall A

Thursday, 11 April

1000-1100: DNS Risk Management Framework Update — Function 9

11:00 am-12:30: DNS Security and Stability Analysis Working Group (DSSA-WG) — Function 9

Board Meeting

Open Forum

3. SSAC MEETING WITH ALAC.   The briefing provided by Patrik Fältström, the SSAC Chair, on Sunday 7th April provided an update on the recently released SSAC Report:

SAC057   SSAC Advisory on Internal Name Certificates

This topic generated many questions and much discussion, so much so that there was insufficient time to brief on the other recently released SSAC Report:

SAC058  SSAC Report on Domain Name Registration Data Validation

Patrik also advised of the current active Working Parties within SSAC:

Identifier Abuse Metrics Work Party

Root Key Rollover Work Party

New gTLD Success Metrics Work Party

Abuse of the DNS Work Party

MDNS, Complexity/Challenges in the DNS Work Party

Follow-up discussion subsequent to the meeting affirmed that more time was needed to fully discuss all items of interest and so planning should allow a full hour with the SSAC in Durban.

4. NEW GTLD SSR UPDATE.  This session (1500-1630 Monday 8Apr2013) provided lively discussion and I have summarized it as a separate report.



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