ALAC/At-Large will be leading the activities at the ICANN80 Engagement Booth each day of ICANN80 during the lunch time (12:15-13:45). 

Bukola Oronti, AFRALO ALAC Member and Social Media Working Group Regional Lead, will be leading the activities. 

DateActivities Volunteers Materials Needed Outcome 
Monday, 10 June
  • Showcasing updates on meetings proceedings and upcoming events. including the DNS women meeting, At-Large statements, At-Large welcoming package, Campaign Playbook, Fellows/NextGen session
  • Photo Frame
  • Video: What At-large means to you? (Adebunmi)
  • Colour the picture
  • Encourage participation through our giveaways and contest prizes
Send out an email with that includes the available time slots for volunteers to signup 
  • A Screen
  • A laptop 
  • A photo frame (photo booth)
  • Video recording 
  • A picture to colour

Tuesday, 11 JuneGUEST SPEAKER: Natalia to speak about At-Large welcoming package

Wednesday, 12 JuneGUEST SPEAKER: 

Thursday, 13 JuneGUEST SPEAKER: Jonathan to speak about the Campaign Playbook and the Phishing deck. 

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