Tuesday, June 27

ALAC & Regional Leaders Working Session Part 4

  • In the feasibility assessment and implementation plan, Ariel Liang to add a second line prior to 'high/low/medium priority' to indicate whether At-Large agrees with the recommendations or not
  • Ariel Liang to give admin access to At-Large Review WP members, ALAC members, ALAC Liaisons, and RALO leaders to the google doc.

  • Ariel Liang to distribute the first slide of this session's powerpoint, which indicates the timeline of the next step regarding the review related work. 

  • Silvia Vivanco to coordinate with RALO leaders to include At-Large Review in their monthly meeting agenda. 

Outreach and Engagement Sub committee

  • O/E to capture metrics (i.e; persons reached, contacts gotten and Report form for persons to report on outreach events) for engagement across all RALOs.
  • O/E to hold calls with the ALS attending IGF 2017 in order to coordinate outreach activities.

At-Large Regional Leaders Meeting

  • Silvia Vivanco and Heidi Ullrich to provide update on facilitation program  (new program)
  • APRALO to prepare APRALO hot topic document during APRALO GA at ICANN 60.
  • Satish Babu to lead group on discussing how best to create a durable depository archive for At-Large activities/documentation.
  • Heidi Ullrich to speak to Ariel Liang regarding system to document errors on the At-Large wiki.

Wednesday, 28 June

At-Large Public Interest Working Group

  • The WG to consider reviewing founding documents of ICANN for references to the Public Interest .
  • Members to send summaries of their comments that were made during the meeting to the Public Interest WG list
  • Staff to set up a 90 minute call of the Public Interest WG in August.
  • The Public Interest WG to be open to all communities during ICANN 60.

At-Large Technology Task Force Working Group

Thursday 29 June

At-Large Capacity Building Working Group

  • Tijani Ben Jemaa to work with Gisella Gruber to organize a webinar or face to face meeting at ICANN 60 with IT to discuss access for low bandwidth users.
  • Alan Greenberg to coordinate the discussion on criteria for Individual members to be considered for travel funding to attend the ATLAS III.

ALAC and Regional Leaders Wrap Up Part 2

  • Ariel Liang to set up an ALAC vote on whether to ratify the ICANN Fundamental Bylaws Change; ratification will require ⅔ yes votes (10 out of 15 ALAC members)
  • Alan Greenberg to coordinate with RALO Chairs and ask a volunteer from each RALO to work with him and come up the criteria of selecting additional attendee(s) for the ICANN60 meeting. Silvia Vivanco to draft a call for volunteers note.
  • Alan Greenberg to consolidate and distribute the data related to the registrants to the At-Large Community once the metrics have been received. 
  • Ariel Liang to remind Christopher to produce the final draft https://community.icann.org/x/MgjfAw, consolidating comments from At-Large, and put this on the wiki for review and comments. Ratification would take place electronically as usual.
  • APRALO Leadership Team (Satish Babu) to provide ALAC with information on the candidates for the ALAC NomCom Delegate position. 

ALAC Leadership Team Meeting

  • Maureen Hilyard to produce a sample survey to distribute among the ALSes: tell us about your organization, etc. Using the Salesforce software to produce the survey and collect the metrics
  • Potential Interview video to be produced that explains the criteria/metrics of ALS representatives to participate in ATLAS III
  • Heidi Ullrich to follow up with Policy Team leaders on holding a public webinar on each (or selected) public comment to introduce the topic
  • Gisella Gruber to schedule ALT meetings one week before ALAC Monthly meetings

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