ALAC & Regional Leaders Working Session Part 1

  • Holly Raiche  to review what the ALAC response is and let take out the “emotional part”  and have an objective contribution.
  • Ariel Liang to add the link to the RALOs document to the At-Large Workspace

ALAC & Regional Leaders Working Session Part 2

  • Humberto Carrasco and Maritza Yesenia Aguero Minano to include in the next LACRALO meeting the discussion of outreach activities and events done by ALSs previously and without support from ICANN in order to coordinate future activities more efficiently

ALAC & Regional Leaders Working Session Part 3

ALAC & Regional Leaders Working Session Part 4

  • Gisella Gruber to send the calendar invite to Alan Greenberg and Ariel Liang to present in the At-Large Capacity Building Webinar on
  • Wolf Ludwig to send an email to the WG mailing list with his summary of the Public Interest WG session including the two elements content and format and a plan for the future and ask for feedback.


ALAC & Regional Leaders Working Session Part 5

  • ALAC to consider asking the ICANN Board why they have the final say about the At-Large Review recommendations 
  • ICANN Evolution working group (Olivier Crepin-Leblond) to focus on public comment proceedings related to the CCWG-Accountability WS2 when setting meeting agenda 
  • Alan GreenbergHeidi Ullrich to find another slot in ICANN58 to continue the discussion on the CCWG-Accountability WS2



At-Large Regional Leadership Meeting

  • Olivier Crepin-Leblond to change the RALO comments on ITEMS recommendations Google doc to “edit mode”, a small team will be polishing the report for the next 48 hrs and receiving feedback. The final document will be sent to all of the RALOs for approval.
  • RALO leaders to work together on a database with Best practices on how to organize a RALO General Assembly.
  • RALO leaders to follow up on the Document Development Pilot Project (DP) at next RALO Secretariats teleconference



ALAC & ICANN Board Joint Meeting

  • Silvia Vivanco to post the Individual membership form in the APRALO wiki page to received comments by APRALO members
  • APRALO General Assembly organization to start. Silvia Vivanco to create tables and wikis for the Subcommittees: Program, Organizing, Finance and Outreach

At-Large Review Working Party Meeting

  • At-Large Review WP Members to send email to ariel.liang@icann.org by 8:15pm tomorrow () on editorial suggestions; Ariel Liang to email the list to remind members this methodology. 

ALAC & Regional Leaders Working Session Part 10

EURALO General Assembly

  • Silvia Vivanco to work with Olivier Crepin-Leblond and Dan O’Neil on developing primers on the issues outlined in the EURALO Hot Topics document.
  • The EURALO Board to discuss the issue on how to divide the tasks/work among themselves during their next call. The EURALO Board is to then report back to EURALO.
  • EURALO ALSes to send a brief summary and a photo of outreach and engagement activies to At-Large Staff and the EURALO Chair. At-Large staff to post this information on a wiki and/or webpage.

ALAC and Regional Leaders Wrap Up Session

  • Alan Greenberg to reach out to Mohamed (Mo) Elbashir to file the liaison report about the CSC; Heidi Ullrich to incorporate the report on the liaison report wiki page 
  • Alan Greenberg to reference the charter of the GNSO Selection Standing Committee and see what can be leveraged for the ALAC Appointee Selection Committee 
  • As per Tijani Ben Jemaa's suggestion, Alan Greenberg / Holly Raiche / Maureen Hilyard / Cheryl Langdon-Orr / Olivier Crepin-Leblond / Sarah Kiden to include in the beginning of the report ALAC's agreement or disagreement with the analysis related to each recommendation 
  • Maureen Hilyard to confirm when to send out the revised version of the ALAC response to the At-Large Review Draft Report on   for comments to the alac-internal mailing list. After incorporating comments, drafting team distribute the clean and redline semi-final version, which includes a completed executive summary, by  to the same mailing list. ALAC members, liaisons, and RALO leaders to raise any red flag no later than  (24-36 hours). Presuming no significant red flags, submit the Statement and ratify it via a formal vote after the fact. 
  • Alan Greenberg / Heidi Ullrich to record the input on the future scheduling: 
    • Reduce RALO monthly meetings during ICANN meetings 
    • Brief At-Large members on the cross community session topics before the sessions start 
    • Avoid scheduling meetings in the same time slots that ALAC members/ RALO leaders that need to present
    • Make sure all sessions are on the official ICANN meeting agenda 
    • Have more interactive dialogues rather than one-way presentation from guest speakers 
    • Be mindful that the ICANN59 will take place at the end of Ramadan 2017, there may be flight/hotel/restaurant reservation issues 
    • Rename the session names something else rather than the "ALAC and Regional Leadership Working Session" to encourage more to attend 
    • NRO is willing to meet with the ALAC in future ICANN meetings
    • Reduce the number of internal policy discussions and engage with other groups on policy development. For example, make sure the At-Large members are in the public meetings of PDP WGs. 
    • Not to start sessions until 9am 
  • Alan GreenbergHeidi Ullrich to continue incorporating the discussion of the F2F At-Large session planning in future ALAC teleconference agendas 
  • Alan Greenberg to draft a motion regarding the the IDN ccTLD deployment vs. user confusion issue and start a consensus call on this in the coming days. Draft language to include/reword the following points: 
    • The ALAC has strong concern about user confusion

    • The ALAC has strong desire to see IDN TLDs to be deployed

    • It seems that there is a way forward to avoid user confusion while factoring in the mitigation risks related to IDN ccTLDs deployment. 

    • The ALAC rescinds its previous comment (link) 


ALAC Leadership Team Meeting 

  • Ariel Liang to send out the ALAC response to the At-Large Review Draft Report on , including clean PDF version and link to the google doc. Comment ends on Monday, 20 March at 23:59 UTC. 
  • Heidi Ullrich to discuss with Alan Greenberg on note taking issues in F2F meetings (besides capturing the action items) 
  • Heidi Ullrich to add the ALAC members to the SO/AC/SG/C mailing list and other relevant mailing lists so they are in the loop (AG: Should be ALT)
  • Heidi UllrichSilvia VivancoAriel Liang to speak with Robert Hoggarth about using DDPPP to produce backgrounder / primers on ICANN policy issues 
  • Olivier Crepin-Leblond to liaise with next Gen students to come up with an At-Large sticker design and coordinate with Heidi Ullrich / Comms dept on producing these stickers


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